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Metal Gear Mistake

Dear MGO, you have become the typical money sucking, online community supporting, system that so many other games have been reduced to. With the meme expansion pack soon to come out, i cant quite judge it completely yet and dont plan to buy it. So ill save it for last. First off, the scheme of purchasing characters is ridiculous and uneccisary. The game's glitches were purposly never fixed because they want people to get reported and have their account suspended. Thereby making them purchase a new character for like 10 bucks. They know you havent a choice because youre obsessed with the game and thats why you started glitching in the first place.(and no i have never glithced to gain an edge in a seroius match or had my account suspended) But thats not enough. With the release of the gene expansion pack, a whole nother beast is unleashed. the concept of reward points are released, survival. now people are forced to play survival to get their only source of reward points. and let me tell you, people really want theese points. fri-sun, 9-1am est. the only times you can play survival. so really you leave the glitchers no choice but to bring their tricks into survival and start making people really angry. i personally have reported half a dozen people to konami with a detailed message of how the were doing it. some people take pictures and video. as for the rest of the expansion pack, the grade system and the reward shop are just other ways to keep people painfully interested. the grade system is harsh and frusterating and people are so concered with their gade that they will leave a survial match at the first sign of defeat to avoid the loss of points. the reward shop will release some little piece of clothing about once a week that has already been created and put into single player mode. as a result of all this, mgo is filled with generally angry people. Now with the meme expansion pack is soon to be avaliable, for another 10 bucks or so, the players are loosing interest fast. and foolish konami has failed to build up hype and annouce the expansion pack when you sign on.(messages often appear for upcoming events and maintainence) do they not realize that other games that will destroy them are just around the corner? do they care? even the fanboys are growing tired. so the game will pretty much be dead to the general population of gamers by the time the christmas line-up of games come out. maybe people will still remember Metal Gear when a new one comes out in a few years on ps4.

*disclaimer* yes i realize that this post is almost certaintly filled with incorect spelling and ussage of gramar. and that my thoughts are not well formed into a clear cut piece of writting. i am not and dont plan to be a proffesional writer. so SAVE IT!!! and lemme hear some constructive comments with your opinions.

Warriors! Come Out to Plaay!

After completely playing The Warriors for the psp, I have no doubt that it is not only the best ported game to the psp, but is simply a great, long, and fun game. There are over 300 unlockable skins for multiplayer and the story has around 15 levels in which some of them are long missions. The combat in this game is grusome, amazing, unpredictable, and has a crazy feeling to it. The enviroment around you is full of weapons such a bats, knives, bottles, push brooms, bricks, cement blocks, crutches, gutars, trash cans, sledge hammers, shovels, crow bars, chairs, machettes, molotov cocktails, and even drum sticks! One cool feature is with a bottle you can smash it over someone's head then stab them with it. You can put someone in a lock and your gang member can beat them up and opposite. There are some seriously crazy moves that make you shiver too. Of course they are kill moves. The story line takes place before for the movie and during the movie at the end. The story line is great and sometimes funny. One of the best parts is that it's only 20 bucks brand new. I just wanted to share with you a great game that you should check out if you have not already!

In and unrelated matter, I wanted to provide a link to an amazing game. It is called the impossible quiz. If you have not heard of it, you need to try it. some of the stuff makes sense, some does not. It takes Time to load!

Take the Quiz!

I would also like feed back on that quiz to see if what you think of it or if you completed it like me!

Multi Media Machine

What you see here is my ultimate portable gaming system. it does not get much credit form people and is not used to its full potential by most people. that is why i want to share with you some information about my PSP and my rant about how people should use it.

1. people should not rely on the psp as purley a gaming machine

Ex. i have every catagorie  on the psp with files on it(even word documents and power points; like a pen drive)

2. no one puts videos on their psp.(or at least any of the people i know(which is a lot of peeps with PSPs))

Ex. i have videos on mine. i currently only have O.K. GO with the tredmils but i change them out all the time.

3. many people sold their PSP or use them as paper weights because they use the excuse "there are no good games out" not true

Ex. MGS, VCS, LCS, The Warriors, Kill Zone, Tekken, that pirate game which i played briefly, sports games which allow you to port your seasons back and forth from PSP to PS3 or PS2.

4. "there is no one to play online with" ok try to buy games with friends or plan it better, this way you will both have the game.

Ex. i went to best buy with my neighbor and bought Splinter Cell essentials.

5. "i cant play online because i dont have wifi" allmost every mall in america is gaurenteed to have a store with wifi.

Ex. my mall has wifi from a tmobile kiosk and from an American Eagle store.


thats all i got for now, if i think of more ill edit it, or if you think of more let me know by sending me a message (im always signed on too)

Whats Up! 2/1/06

going snowboarding in a few weeks. very exited. nothing much going on, but the "new blog post" button caught my eye.(to your right, that is) waiting on my Steve Nash Jersey, my vacation, my new cell phone, and star wars: empire at war. Hope you enjoyed this lovely edition to my blog collection! ADD COMMENTS IF YOU FIND YOURSELF L ~oo~KING AT THIS.(not that you should!)


8/29/05 wow first snow! its only october. despite the fact that ive been a member since june 05 ive never gotten around to one of these crazy blogs (and i probally will never really use it more than 5 times)! but oh well, just another feature wasted by gamespot users. in fact i will most likely be the only person to ever see this! im not an avid gamer but ill probally play video games around every other day. well thats really all ive got to say (dont expect much more ok). im outie