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Happy New Year!!!

Hey, just making a quick entry to wish everybody a great 2011!
Happy New Year!
Hope you've enjoyed your holidays and had some time to rest.

I just made a new account on YouTube and I'm gonna use it for covers. I haven't uploaded anything yet, but I will soon. If I do, I'll tell you guys.

Happy New Year :)

Currently inactive.

Hey guys.

I haven't really been active on GameSpot for a while. Mostly because of school. There's just been so much stuff to do at school this year. 9th grade matters the most, at least here in Estonia.

I've also been playing a lot of guitar lately and I'm planning to cover a song somewhere in November. If I do I'll post it on Gamespot.

I'm really sorry I haven't been reading your blogs lately, I've just been super busy. I'll try to get on GS once in a while though. And hopefully it will get a bit easier after Christmas.

This blog isn't gonna be very long though, not much to write about. If you have any questions, just ask.

Oh, and also, I just noticed that this is my 80th blog post :)

Feel free to comment.

Pictures from Finland.

Couldn't upload them yesterday so I'm gonna do it now. (You can only see 2/3 of the picture on my main page so please click on the blog to see them bigger.)

That place is huge.

I didn't know what it was until I went insde... Turned out to be a curch.

There was another one a five minute walk away.


This was right in front of the curch, I randomly took a picture, tried to get the seagull on with a really slow 7 MP camera.


Here are some pictures from Sea World, I took a lot of pictures there but most of them didn't come out good. They didn't let anyone take pictures with the flash and it was pretty dark in there. Some of them were okay though.




After that we had the time to get the guitar, eat something and get back on the ship.

Back from Helsinki, a picture of Tallinn.

Helsinki, Tallinn

And a sunset.

Helsinki, Tallinn

This is what I got from Finland.(Sorry for the bad quality)

And here are the pictures of my Stratocaster.

Fender Standard American Stratocaster

Fender Standard American Stratocaster

Fender Standard American Stratocaster

Fender Standard American Stratocaster

Fender Standard American Stratocaster

That's it, hope you liked the pictures.

Feel free to comment, as always.

The trip to Finland.

I just didn't have time to make it yesterday, was too busy playing my new guitar :)

I woke up at 6, started packing for the trip. After packing everything we went on a bus to drive downtown.
Suddely we noticed that the tickets were at home. But we didn't have enough time to get them so we called my grandparents, they started driving there. We needed to take another tram to get to the port.
The boat left at 8 and we were at the harbor at 7 30, without the tickets. They arrived at about 7 40.
We needed to stand in the line for the check-in. We were finally on the boat at 7 55, even though there was a sign on the wall that everyone needs to be on the boat 15 minutes before it's leaving, we made it. We were really close to missing it.

When we arrived to Finland I felt the need to go to the guitar store before doing anything else. We took a map and started walking towards the store. The streets were clean, the transport was great. There were a lot of tourists. Probably about about 50% of the people in that part of Helsinki were tourists, since all the ports were located in that part. The streets just looked really nice and old. But the old houses had been renovated and everything looked great. I also made some pictures but they aren't in my computer yet, I'll probably post them tomorrow.

After 15 minutes of walking we made it to the store. It was a small store, made by some local guitarists.
But it had a great choice of Fenders, Gibsons, and all the good guitars. I started out trying the Mexican guitars that cost around 750 Euros. They sounded great compared to my old guitar, but I tried some more. I tried an used 2002 Fender Standard American Stratocaster and it was just amazing. The sound was so clean and it really sounded a bit like an old school guitar. The price of that one was 650 Euros. Then I tried another guitar that was made in America. It was the 50th Anniversary Stratocaster and it sounded pretty much as the Mexican ones. Just cost twice as much... The Fender Standard American Stratocaster had the best sound. Price doesn't matter at all, you can get better things for less money if you keep your eyes open... After that I tried a blue 1966 American Fender. That's a real Vintage guitar and the sound was just awesome. The price was 6000 Euros, which really isn't expensive for a 1966 Fender that's in great shape.
I decided to buy the Standard American Strat so I booked it. What we didn't know was that the guitar had been booked until last Friday, the guy who had booked it didn't come to buy it. So we just booked it, didn't pay anything and went to see Helsinki.

We also went to see Sea-World, which was also pretty cool :)

We went back to the guitar store to buy the guitar. Turns out that we were really lucky, because the guy who had booked it on Friday came there only an hour after we had been there to book it. If we would have gone there an hour later the guitar would have been bought. Really close call again... If you go to Finland and have any interest in music, not particularly guitars, they have a great choice and they could help you out quite a bit. The store is called Kitarapaja.

We still had about 2 hours left in Finland so we just walked around. It was pretty cool, pretty quiet for a big city.
After walking around for an hour we went to the port to come back to Estonia. I couldn't have been happier. We got lucky twice that day :)

I still can't believe that the best guitar(out of the ones that were reasonably priced, not the vintage ones..) was the cheapest. It's whit and it has aged a bit. So the color looks a bit yellowish, which is pretty sweet.

I'll post the pictures tomorrow, still haven't put them in my computer.

Thanks for reading.

Going to Finland!

It is 6 20 in the morning as I write this blog. This is gonna be short.

I'm going to Helsinki today. Hopefully gonna buy a Fender Standard American Stratocaster.

Staying there for a day, coming back 8 pm...

Fender Standard American Stratocaster

After that I'll do a little sightseeing too.

See you tomorrow.

It's August already?!?!

Hey guys.

I just noticed that my last blog was written in June. Not much to write about actually, just been enjoying the summer, taking a break.

Football was actually pretty interesting and unpredictible this year, guess everybody's getting old, Germany was so good cause they had some new blood in the team.

It's been so hot in here lately. It's been 30-36 since somewhere middle in July, sometimes it drops down to 20-25 and then it gets hot again. It's never been so hot in here before. The forest fires in Russia are all over the news, Moscow is filled with smoke, everyone needs to wear masks.. Living like that would really suck though. Even though 36 is really hot, I've kinda gotten used to it and now I enjoy it when it's really hot.

There hasn't been much going on in the summer, just trying to get a good rest to get ready for school again.
I've also been playing a lot of guitar lately, planning on getting the Strat soon.

Are there any people from Finland(Or people who know stores in Finland) that know any guitar stores in Helsinki?
I'm planning on going there next week, because guitars are a bit cheaper then here. A $1000 guitar costs $1700+ in Estonia so that's pretty screwed up in my opinion. In Finland it's quite expensive too but it's still cheaper then here, probably $1200-$1400.

Hopefully I'll get a chance to buy the guitar on the first trip so we wouldn't have to go there twice.
And then I could hopefully start posting covers on Youtube.

That's it I guess. I haven't been active on GameSpot lately as you can tell but I'm gonna try to be more active from now on.

If you read this, please answer my questions :)

How hot is it where you live, how have you been enjoying the summer?

I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

World Cup June 13-16

June 13.

Algeria vs Slovenia 0:1

The game was okay, nothing special.

Serbia vs Ghana 0:1

Serbia was so close on so many times but they messed up. One of clearly hit the ball with his hand so Ghana got a penalty and scored. The goalie of Ghana was way better.

Germany vs Australia 4:0

Germany was clearly better. Australia wasn't bad either but the match wasn't equal.

June 14

Netherlands vs Denmark 2:0

Poulsen(NL) scored his own goal but he made it even, he kicked the ball away when it was just inches away from the line. It would have gotten in for sure.

Japan vs Cameroon 1:0

Both of them played well but Japan got the goal.

Italy vs Paraguay 1:1

Just a great and equal game.

June 15

New Zealand vs Slovakia 1:1

After Slovakia had scored New Zealand just kept trying and trying. Eventually they scored, just 30 seconds before the end of the game.

Côte d'Ivoire vs Portugal 0:0

Would have expected more from Portugal. Or maybe Côte d'Ivoire is a strong team.

Brazil vs Korea DPR 2:1

Brazil had a lot of dangerous shots from far away. Actually this match just shows how great the Korean team was. Maybe the score would have been 1:1 in the end but Maicon's shot was just perfect. The Korean goal was just a surprise, 1 minute before the end.

June 16

Honduras vs Chile 0:1

The goal was great but maybe Honduras wasn't the right team to play against.

Spain vs Switzerland 0:1

Really nice game. I expected more from Spain though.

South Africa vs Uruguay 0:3

Uruguay was just great, all of the goals were awesome, especially the first one.

The competition is definitely starting to heat up.

Yesterday's games.

It's day two in the World Cup and there were 3 games yesterday. South Korea vs Greece, Argentina vs Nigeria, England vs United States.

1) South Korea vs Greece 2-0
This game was really fun to watch. I didn't know what to expect from South Korea so at first I was pretty sure that Greece was gonna win.
But the Koreans were so fast, they could give really good passes from really far away and they were accurate and also good in defence. They were just running past the Greece so easily. The Greece team also had some good chances but they didn't use them. In my opinion this has been the best game so far.

2)Argentina vs Nigeria 1-0
It was a pretty good game. The goal by Argentina happened on the 6th or 7th minute if I'm correct. Nothing else happened on the first halftime.
On the second halftime Nigeria just kept trying and trying. Messi also had some good attempts but the goalie of the Nigerian team was just amazing.

3)England vs United States 1-1
England scored pretty much in the beginning. Both of them had many good chances but the goalie of England messed up big time. It was a really weak shot but the ball just slipped out of his hands.
I don't know who would have won because the United States team also had some really good attempts but the defence of England was strong.

I'm off to watch Algeria vs Slovenia. It's still 0-0.

Edit: (30 seconds after finishing the blog) Slovenia just scored!

World Cup 2010!

The World Cup started yesterday and it's gonna be great!
The song is awesome too.

Yesterday's games:

1)The Republic of South Africa VS. Mexico 1-1

Nothing really happened on the first halftime but the second one was great!
The opening goal was made by Africa. After the goal they started dancing.
The African team was just amazing.
One moment like all of them are defending and they have a goal.

World, Cup, 2010, Africa, Mexico

After that Mexico got a goal and the game ended with a tie. It was really fun to watch :)

2)France VS Uruguay 0-0

This one was actually really really boring. Nothing interesting happened...

I don't know yet but maybe I'll post a blog about the World Cup every day.
Did you watch world cup yesterday? What did you think of both of the games?

Anyway, I'm off to watch South Korea VS Greece. It's already 1-0 but I didn't see the goal :(


It's finally summer. Actually the summer brake started on Monday but I've been too tired to get on Gamespot.
Even though its summer, it's still cold. The wind is just crazy..

My grades were great so I guess I'll get a Fender American Standard Strat.
I'm still tired and I can't wake up before 11. I haven't been doing anything really. Just enjoying the vacation and taking a rest.

I guess that's it. Nothing else to talk about.

What are your plans for summer?