About Edward-Snowden

Hello, my name is Edward Snowden. You might know me well as a whistle-blower or the person who revealed many secrets of the NSA to the whole world. I am doing this to reveal to you all about all of the inhumane crimes and human-right violations they committed for the last 10 years. I was a former CIA employee and a former contractor for the NSA themselves. As a result of doing these actions, the American government has been trying to track me down, arrest me as a criminal, and possibly execute me for breaking their law. Fortunately, I have already escaped and first flew to Hong Kong before going to Russia and seek "refugee" there. After that incident last year, I have been appearing in many news networks in many different countries around the world, especially the United-States, China, Russia, and Germany for revealing the secrets of various American government agencies. I am still in Moscow, Russia and I am not dead .. yet, in case any of you think I am (laughs) but I cannot give out my exact location since the US is still tracking me down and will be doing so for at least the next 10 years. I have also revealed more of their secrets at other conferences, and with the help of the Guardian, my appearances have been notified to everybody around the world yet again. Although I enjoy this new life in Russia, I still miss my family, friends, and even my girlfriend that I unfortunately left behind to escape prosecution from the American government at that time. I hope that things change in the near future and that the US government orders the government agencies to stop and repent their crimes and human right violations. This is Eddie, signing out!