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Piracy in Philippines Came From In/Outside The Country


I've been a fan of PlayStation since their first console. I was a late bloomer when I bought PSOne when pirated games spread the local market here in Philippines. Eventually it faded out coz we already have a law against piracy.

PlayStation 2 came out and I instantly bought my own console when a close friend of mine went to US for a short vacation. There were some consoles can be bought locally but they are already modified for pirated games. I have no problem with that, all I care was I had a console and I know I can afford to buy games I like.

PlayStation 3 came in after few years and I really got excited to get my own. Sadly it was pretty expensive to buy locally. So I waited few years for the price to drop down. I heard PS3 Slim was coming out very cheap and after couple of years I finally got my own.

I instantly bought couple of games and I was satisfied of what I have found. Especially when I bought HDMI cable for my LCD TV. It was awesome. (I heard XBox 360 has a better graphics so no argue with that!)

So, when I registered in PSN via PS3 there was no PHILIPPINES in their country list...still up to today, no Philippines in their list. So I have to use US based address just to complete my registration. I was done, I was happy that I have completed my registration, I can now play multiplayer games. Sadly, I cannot buy games using a credit card.

Okay, I read some forum threads about piracy here in Philippines is very overwhelming. Like you can see them on the sidewalks and street. Who buy them? People who are cheap. Coz life here in Philippines is very hard. Where these pirated copies of DVDs and "BluRay" (coz they're not really BRDs just DVD9s)? I'm sure they came outside the country and inside. Who are making these CDs? Mostly Chinese nationals or from Hong Kong/China.

We can say it's really bad especially for those who are film makers/producers. For me too. Coz only few of us here buy original DVD/BRD. There are stores that sells original copies, trust me. Especially if you're looking for PS3/PSP/XBox games. It's just sad when you cannot get rid of piracy when there are people who still buy pirated copies.

I just wish PlayStation Network will give us Filipinos a chance to register using our country instead of using others, so we can buy non-disc base video games. There are still people who support the original copies. TRUST ME. :)

Note: I have more than a dozen PS3 and few PS2 games, all ORIGINAL!

Fat to Slim

It's been a while since I played most of my PS2 games coz I had my console messing up when it reads the discs. I have all original games and it's frustrating not be able to play them.

I decided few weeks ago to go to Sony Service Center hoping that my console will be fixed. I was surprised when the lady attendant told me they were not familiar with the console. Maybe she's new and young until the older employees said they accept old consoles like PS2 Fat. Well, later after figuring out what's the problem with my console, they said I should not expect good about it since it's an old unit and no spare parts will be available. After a week they called up and it won't be fixed.

There are some service centers that I know can fix my console, but I've decided to just get new PS2 Slim. Oh, I can't wait to play my old games and get some other games that I haven't bought ever since.

EdsPERIENCE The Game Blog

Hey, guys! Welcome to my little blog about my video games experience. This blog will be up soon hopefully. This is not a review about any games I played. The entries I will post here are just my opinions and nothing else. I just want to share my game experiences with you guys and what I thought of them.

Meanwhile, JOYSTIKO.COM interviewed me on my game experience. Here's an excerpt of the interview:

Edgar Tadeo is best known as an inker for Marvel comics, an indie comic creator, and a well-rounded freelance artist but there's another side to him. Unbeknown to the majority of Earth's population, Edgar is also an avid video gamer When he's not chained on his inking chores he can be tinkering with his gaming consoles.

Joystiko: First of all Ed, tell us how many consoles you own and/or have ever owed?
Ed: Let me see...I had the first Game Boy, PlayStation [PSX], PlayStation2, PlayStation3, PSP; so they're five. If you include Atari that would be six.

Joystiko: Which console do you liked the most? Played the most?
Ed: Right now, coz it's the best console so far, it's the PS3. It's just cool playing games in high definition.

Joystiko: What type of game (genre) do you usually play?
Ed: I really like action adventure games, especially third person shooters. Kinda like Tomb Raider or Metal Gear Solid type of games. I also like fighting games like Street Fighter or Tekken. Racing is also on my list, even though I don't drive and never dream to have muscle cars, I still like driving them even if it's just in video games. I also like first person shooters. I never tried playing Counter Strike on PC but I thought those sort of games were fun. So I tried them even though I get motion sickness. So far with Modern Warfare 2 I don't get that kind of sickness. I enjoyed playing it on the PS3.

Joystiko: Tell us about your most loved/memorable video game?
Ed: Metal Gear Solid - even though I didn't know they had the first one in Game Boy, I still like playing the first game on Play Station One. It's so simple, graphics are low like they're Pepakura (paper craft). I became
happier when the first MGS environment and mecha were remade for MGS4. It is more fun to play with now that it is in HD.

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