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My First 2014 Blog

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So, after many many months I finally decided it's time to make a blog! So get ready because there's a few things I'm going to talk about and probably a lot of awkward sentences since I'm not the best at transitioning paragraphs!

First off I want to rant about the new Gamespot. I freakin' hate it!!!! Why did they change the site again? I mean I'm hardly ever here now because of how terrible the new design is. There's the home page which is just a cluster f*** of crap that just makes me want to leave the site right when I get on, and to make things worse GS made it sooooo much harder to connect with friends, it's like impossible to find my friends blogs now because of the new profile/user/friend system thing. Thanks gamespot I always wanted to never find my friends blogs, and never see the comments I had on my previous blogs you're such a "good" website I "totally" don't want to only use youtube to find my reviews/previews from many different youtubers (that don't include gamespot or ign).

OK now that the GS rant is out of my system, on to my life. First, last University semester was pretty awesome! I was living in the dorms again and there are actually cool people here this year! So I made some great friends in the dorms, as well as some awesome friends in my classes. I also got 2 A's last semester (Intro to LGBT Studies and Psychopathology. In Psychopathology I got 100% on the final, which was pretty awesome and 92% on an extra credit paper. Intro to LGBT Studies was just super easy). I got C's in the other two classes, which I'm fine with since I thought I might have failed one of those classes and gotten a D in the other.

For games I've played it's mostly been Pokemon Y (OMG this game is so amazing get it now if you have a 3DS! It's my 2nd or 3rd favorite pokemon game). I've also been playing Metal Gear Rising which is another amazing game and surprisingly works well with my laptop (so far I haven't had to use a mouse!)

And now for the more serious/emotional stuff, sadly I don't know when I came out as asexual otherwise I'd probably post this blog the same day/month that I posted that one since it's similar but oh well. Anyways, lately I've been feeling the need to come out to people and you guys are always awesome, although I'm still a little scared telling you all but with GS's new blog/user crap it's a little easier saying this stuff. Now to carry this thing on longer (because that's what I seem to do lol)..... OK, so serious time now, I'm trans yep I'm multiple trolly's, wait that's trams. But seriously, I'm basically a girl who was born with a male body (damn you mother nature I see why people don't like you, well you also cause tornadoes and hurricanes and such too), I kinda knew forever but I never really started accepting it until my last year/semester at Community College but I've been kinda scared to tell most people. I ended up living in the LGBT dorms the second semester of my first year at University and started being more out (mostly because there's a cool trans guy living here), and now I'm out to everyone in the hall this year! Sadly because of how scared I am (since I always think of the worst case scenario) I haven't really told any of my older friends or my family yet. Although I've given my mom soooo many hints that I would be surprised if she isn't suspecting I'm trans lol I'm also super slow at transitioning so I still haven't seen a real therapist yet (last year I saw a counselor at my school but of course she couldn't really do anything). Anyways I could talk on and on about this like pronoun usage (fyi I'm not on hormones and since I have my own rule about not forcing/yelling at people to use female pronouns I don't care much about what pronouns you use, but I don't think it really matters that much anyways for a site like this lol) but I think I'm just going to let you ask questions in the comments if you want to know something. Oh I also just realized that almost all of my friends are either gay guys, trans guys (ppl born female but who are actually male), or girls. I hardly have any straight guy friends lol

So, now that I've got that out of the way I can talk about Halloween. So for Halloween I dressed up as Harley Quinn, and it was actually pretty awesome! Apparently quite a few people thought that I was a biological girl from my costume ;P I also wore my costume to my last class and a girl kinda asked me out because of it lol That was pretty awesome although I am so confused because I have no idea if she really wants to date me or just wants to be friends (damn my assexual awkwardness lol), I'd love to go out with her but since I am who I am, I'm waiting for her to make an obvious move (which will probably not happen since if she likes me she is probably waiting for me to make the first move lol). I'm also going to hopefully be going to a convention this year with a few friends and I'm totally going as Harley Quinn again!

So, that's how I've been, here's some random music.

The Misfits - Skulls

Gary Numan - Are 'Friends' Electric?

Inkubus Sukkubus - Witches

Sex Gang Children - Dieche

Johnny Hollow - A Little Bit Closer

Nekta - Better Be You

The Cardigans - My Favorite Game

Yep that's about it, have a great day! Also, how have you guys been?

Fun Times and E3 Opinions

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OK, so E3 kind of happened this week, and I guess it was ok. But before I talk about I want to talk about a few things that have happened between last blog and this blog.

First, I found out that I could order two of the "limited edition" Skinny Puppy CD's on the label's website (it's run by one of the members of Skinny Puppy lol. It seems like they aren't exactly limited editions as much as they have a certain number of pressings, then they press them again. Somehow they still have enough pressings of the 2003 and 2008 ones, maybe their website is just that obscure? :lol: ), so I got both the "Back and Forth Volume 6" and "Back and Forth Volume 7". I ordered those a couple weeks ago and it said that they shipped from California, and I didn't get them yet. So I was wondering why it was taking so long, and I got an email saying that they basically ship once every month around the middle of the month, which is kind of crazy :lol: Anyways I think I'll get them this week or next week, I'm kinda excited since I love both of the CD's and it'll help my CD collection (I'm basically trying to get all of the Skinny Puppy CD's that I like, which excludes "The Greater Wrong of Right" "MythMaker" and "hanDover", I'm not a fan of the more understandable Skinny Puppy songs :lol: ).


If you don't care about boring music news you may or may not like this. I went to my first 21+ concert and bar last week! I really would not have gone to a bar at all but that was where the concert was :lol: Anyway there were 3 bands playing but I only remember 2 of them because I love both of those bands :lol: Ayria was the 2nd band to play and they were awesome! They played some great songs and they were full of energy! However, one bad thing happened during their show, the computer they were using or something broke down so they had to use their backup :lol: Anyway they ended up selling stuff after the show and I got the lead singer to sign their newest CD I bought there! It was pretty awesome (I even wore the shirt I got on their website to show support, it was funny because one of the band members didn't remember the shirt at all, and it was cool how the lead singer was happy about seeing someone wearing it, I feel kinda bad that I wasn't able to talk to her all that much, she seemed pretty awesome but the loudness after the concert was over made it hard to hear and talk :( ). The last band, and the one that most people ended up seeing, was Project Pitchfork! They were pretty awesome, they were pretty entergetic and seemed like they were having tons of fun and enjoying themselves (Peter Spilles, the lead singer [and one of my favorite people in any band], seemed to constantly be smiling it was so cool and loving it there). It's weird because I'll put some songs they sung down in the description, but it doesn't actually do it justice, this is one of the very few bands I saw that you had to be there to experience the epicness :lol: They were really really awesome and apparently this was their first time in Denver, which was pretty cool! I also ended up dancing to both of those bands (a lot moreso to Project Pitchfork), which was pretty fun. I only ever danced to the bands when it was a concert I went to by myself so maybe to have a ton of fun I have to go to concerts by myself? :lol: Anyways it was funny, there were two girls in front of me who were also dancing and the guy next to me kinda danced too, but looking around it seemed like that was like the dancing group kinda place because everyone else didn't seem to dance :lol: Lastly, the bar/club place said that the people from Project Pitchfork were talking about coming  back next year, which would be so awesome!


Also in random game news a local department store that sells used games,cd's, books and more had a sale for 50% off used games. So I ended up getting BlazBlue Continuum Shift Extended for $12.50, which is pretty fun. I also got Metroid Other M for $2.50, which is an ok game I guess. The main problem I have with it is the problem I have with all Wii games, it's so hard to keep the cursor on the screen! Thank god the Wii U kinda fixed that problem!


OK so finally on to the E3 stuffs

Personally for games I think E3 went like this (best to worst): Nintendo > Microsoft > Sony, however including talks about consoles and stuff I think it went like: Nintendo > Sony > Microsoft. I say this because Nintendo showed off some awesome games for their consoles at their E3 Nintendo Direct (The new Donkey Kong, 2 new Zelda's, Bayonetta 2, Mario Kart 8, Super Smash Bros, Pokemon X/Y, Project X, Sonic Lost World, and 2 new Yoshi games all looked awesome!), on the other hand Sony only had one exclusive that I was excited for (Beyond: Two Souls) but I could have skipped one or two other awesome exclusives? Microsoft showed some interesting games like: Sunset Overdrive (why did insomniac have to stop making Sony games, why? :lol: ), Panzer Dragoon Crimson Dragon, and D4 (might be total crap if it does require the kinect but it's from the guy who made Deadly Preminition and it might actually be the fourth D game!). Of course with their console being crap, at least when it first releases these games shouldn't help that much to raise sales :lol:

The best news was probably Mirror's Edge 2 though, I mean it wasn't really a huge surprise especially since the whole series is supposed to be a trilogy and that there were already ME2 leaks, but it was still awesome to see (and they still have awesome music!) :D

Sadly it seems like the handhelds got basically no love :( Idk why Sony is constantly doing this since they need good exclusive games on the Vita or the system will continue to do poorly (the only good game I saw was the Final Fantasy X and X2 remaster edition which I'll probably pick up, but the vita needs original games!)

The worst news however, was that now playing online with the PS4 will now cost money! I knew this would happen when they first started with Playstation Plus but I guess they wanted to wait until a new home console was released to start it. I really wish I wasn't correct though, it's such a ripoff paying to play online, and this is why I will most likely play games (that I'd like to play multiplayer) on the PC next gen.

So that's about it, what do all of you think about this years E3?



Ayria - Missed the Mark

Ayria - Analog Trash

Ayria - Friends and Enemies

Project Pitchfork - An End

Project Pitchfork - The Queen of Time and Space

Project Pitchfork - En Garde

Project Pitchfork - Endless Infinity

Project Pitchfork - Timekiller

Project Pitchfork - Fire and Ice


That's about it, have a great day!

The Xbox One.... LOL

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OK, so the Xbox One got announced, and it was a pretty bad announcement :lol: I usually don't like bashing a console (I love getting all of them, and using on to play most of my games while the others are for exclusives), but wow the new Xbox seems so terrible! 

What are the new features? TV! :lol: Ok, so really the xbox one is about:


A focus on TV/entertainment

I admit the halo tv series on M$'s channel on the Xbox One seems like it could be cool, but really how many people still watch TV nowadays? I hardly ever watch it since I can just watch everything online now. There has also been studies that show that less and less people are actually watching TV, so for a majority of people the Xbox One having TV options is not something important to gamers and not as important to people that it could have been before.


Oh and before I forget, this TV thing will only be for North America when it launches, it's like they forgot that the rest of the world exists (way to conform to the stereotypes of Americans M$!) So if you live in Europe you may be happen with the exclusive Futbol and other sports stuff (that I could care less about) but it seems like the TV portion of the Xbox One (the mian portion) won't be avalible for you for a while.


The xbox is always on? / The Kinect is always on?

OK, so I'm still kind of confused about this, is the xbox always on? If so it's a total waste of electricity and will be annoying since I always unplug my consoles every couple weeks/months when I want to play a different console. But besides this the worst thing is that the Kinect is most likely always on! So, you're telling me a divice that has a camera to look in on me and a microphone to hear what I say is going to be always on? How could this go wrong? :lol: Seriously you have to be someone who doesn't care at all about privacy for this to make any sense. M$ might not use it on spying in on you or trying to see what kinds of things you have in your house so that they can have ads that are more relevent to you. However, people can hack the system/xbox live and before you know it, you are all over the internet. The Kinect being always on reminds me of the old "it's thinking" commercials from the Dreamcast http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=28odbzXcDYg


The Kinect has to be connected for the Xbox One to work, Kinect can control the console.

So, this is just stupid. Most people don't want to buy $100 worth of junk that most likely they will never use, plus if the Kinect breaks down the console is useless untill you buy a new one (and you know how great M$ is in making reliable things, *cough* red ring of death *cough* not to mention it can fall off the tv). Also, saying things will make the Kinect do things on the xbox like turn it on (from possibly a sleep mode?), so if you are fighting with someone using words what will the xbox do? What happens if kids fight over it?


The Xbox One has to be online/needs to be connected at least every 24 hours.

Such a stupid idea. One, there are tons of people who do not have internet access (like people in the army, marines, living on a farm, etc). Two, people have to have a good relyable internet connection, AND wireless internet or a modem that let's more than one cable hook up to it. Guess what, there are people out there that don't have these! Three, what if I don't use my Xbox One every day? I usually only play game consoles a few times a week I don't use them every day! How about the people who go on vacation and aren't married to their Xbox One so they leave it at home? What will happen when it won't be connected? Of course this is where being always on would help, but if you have a huge poweroutage that lasts more than 24 hours what will happen then?


Doesn't support Indie Games.

Well it is true that the new xbox will let indie games come out for their console, indie developers will have to pay a company like EA or Microsoft to publish their games. This is kind of against the idea of what an indie game is. Although hearing from many indie developers, Microsoft isn't the greatest platform to come out on, so I guess this might be a good thing? Personally I like indie games (I have been enjoying them much more than AAA titles that have come out recently), so I guess I'll have to get my indie games on my PC, PS4, and maybe Wii U. It's an interesting twist because M$ did support indie development with the 360 and the PS3 weren't as indie friendly but now that's all different lol.

Also there is no more XBLA for the Xbox One. Way to go! *sarcasm*


No games were announced!


This is basically because of E3 being so close, but it's another fail on M$'s part. Most of the people who were watching the announcement were looking for why they wanted a new GAMING console not a new entertainment center (which most people already have). Also, most people watching already have an xbox 360 which they use for gaming, so they want to see games! Way to alienate your fanbase M$


The system specs are worse than the PS4

No surprise here, seeing as M$ seems to be focusing more on the social media/tv kind of market and are straying away from gamers. But in reality I could care less, I mean the games are what matters, not the graphics :lol:


Xbox Live still costs waaaaay too much.

Why pay money to play games online when all the other consoles offer it for free? And no, the Xbox does not have the best online experience, the PC has the best.


Used games can be played, but fee is required!

So, this is stupid. But from all the evidence and dodging around the question that M$ has done it seems very likely there will be a fee (especially after an interview that I saw where M$ said that a friend has to pay a fee, as much as the game costs, unless they sign in as your profile)... Great move M$ if Sony doesn't do the same thing (which, most likely they will not) a majority of gamers won't buy your console!


Early DLC

Not sure if I'm in the minority but I'm not a huge fan of DLC, especially not since DLC has been more of a thing that is being developed along with the game but released separately as a money grab by the company instead of the game having that DLC in it (how hard is it to develop a huge game and then once you see how many people like it you develop DLC for it, Look at the Wrath of the Lamb DLC for The Binding of Isaac THAT IS HOW DLC SHOULD BE DONE!). But no, most companies don't do that and now they do things like make you pay $5 for a difficulty mode that is the mode that the game was supposed to be played it (way to go Metro Last Light *sarcasm*)


Lastly, A New Controller Design!

I'm not going to lie, this is probably the only thing I really liked about the announcement, the controler got redesigned and the new look seems pretty cool!


So, that's about it for this blog what do you guys think of the new Xbox?


Music time:

Leaether Strip - I Love The Sound of Acid Rain

KMFDM - No News

KMFDM - Professional Killer

Utah Saints - Something Good


That's about it! Have a great day!


Oh and if you want an article with someone sucking up to M$ here you go http://tay.kotaku.com/everything-you-hate-about-the-xbox-one-and-why-you-re-509249274

OMG New Blog?

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Yes, that is all.....


OK, fine, I'll actually write a real blog :lol: So, first off, does anyone else think that the reviews on GS are going downhill? I started noticing this with the Slender: The Arrival review, then the Evoland one, then Dead Island: Riptide, and Surgeon Simulator 2013 (a fun game but god is it awful lol). So yeah, I'm done with caring about GS reviews now as they seem to be as credible as ign. I can get my 'reviews' on youtube and actually see gameplay and better coverage!

Next, Nintendo seems to be trying to get money off of reviews, walkthroughs, lets plays and such on youtube. I think this is pretty stupid, especially since they aren't going after gaming websites such as GS or ign, it shows how much they care about the customers, and their fans who want to show their favorite games. It also makes you wonder if Nintendo is starting to have money troubles. However, even though I hate this I'm glad that Nintendo isn't super terrible as they won't be taking down content, they'll just be getting money from people's commentary/reviews and such. So, I think I'll stop doing LP's of Nintendo games for now, and instead I'll make LP's of non nintendo games. Thinking about Paranotical Activity since the people making that game want people to play their game (they made a statement on their official website)!


On non-gaming news I can now drink alcohol (although I'm not a huge fan of it though, the only kind I found that was actually pretty good was something like a Mango Mai Tai lol) I also got a few games for my birthday (Deadly Preminition Directers Cut, and Luigi's Mansion 2, ok so that may have been kinda gaming news lol) as well as $100 in spending money (I hope lol).

I'm also done with school for the semester, not sure what grades I got but I am glad I'm done. My first year away at a Univeristy was OK I guess, it was kind of depressing but at the same time it was also liberating. I am so glad I changed dorms halfway though the semester because I was getting really depressed and mad at my roommate (well techniqually my roommate's idiotic, immature, egotistical, self-indulgent, [insert many many insults here], friend who was probably the worst person I ever met at University). At my new dorm I still was kind of depressed, but it was so much better than my previous dorm. My new roommate ended up being gay, which was interesting and for some reason he might have actually more preferable than a straight guy (at least one going after girls every chance he got) since I was never jealous about him getting with someone since I'm attracted to girls and I'm not really attracted to guys :lol: He also prefered to be with guys at their place, so that was pretty good :lol: For me I didn't exactly find anyone I was really attracted to, I mean there were maybe 3 girls I liked although the one I really liked ended up changing Universities and the other 2 girls didn't end up going anywhere :lol:  At my new dorm I did become friends with a pretty cool guy who was also asexual, that was pretty cool!

It was interesting coming back though, I forgot how conservative my parents are, which could be ok depending on what they say and stuff, but since they are all pretty uninformed (my dad is the only one who watches politics and he only watches fox news. I think we all know how credible that show is :lol: )and shove their political beliefs down my throat it's not great and it kind of makes me miss school :lol: It's also very interesting to see how much my brother has changed. Now he's a total gun nut more of a macho kind of person, and I'm not exactly a fan of those kinds of people :lol:


So I think that's about it, University went ok, I recently turned 21, Nintendo is going crazy on youtube (and I'm thinking they will probably stop with the ad thing sometime soon), and GS reviews have been getting worse and worse. Now some music!

Tegan and Sara - Northshore

Tegan and Sara - Living Room

Tegan and Sara - Hell

Berlin - Metro

Faderhead - Dancers

Stan Ridgway - Calling Out To Carol

Stan Ridgway - Drive, She Said

Vitalic - Stamina

How are you all doing? I hope all of you have been doing well! Have a great day!

Why I'm done with GS (for now)

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OK, so Gamespot has been pi$$ing me off lately because in the comment section of GS it would always have a sign in button even though the top of the page said I was signed in, so I click it to comment on a story/review/whatever and it takes me to the top of the page.... that's it. WTF GS? My computer is all up to date with things like firefox, windows updates, and java updates and yet you still can't sign me in to comment. This never even happened until GS "updated" their website (which the users didn't even want in the first place). This pi$$ed me off even more when I ended up not even being able to comment on one of my friends blogs.

So, instead of getting super mad every time I go on GS I'm deciding to stop going on here for a bit, there's really no reason I need to be on here anyway, the only things I liked to do was comment on stories, reviews, and friends blogs, and write blogs, and I can't do most of those things now. Way to go GS

Random music (on and GS continues to be stupid by not letting these links open in new windows, they really don't know how to update something do they? It just keeps on getting more and more problems, maybe they should follow the advice of "if it's not broken don't fix it"?)

Gothsicles - Balls

Far East Movement - 2gether (mostly because it samples the B52's Love Shack lol)

Don Omar - Danza Kuduro (wait there's a k in a spanish song? Lol)


That's about it, have a great day!


What A New Blog?

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So apparently GS actually fixed their update system! This means I decided to make a new blog just to celebrate lol

Anyway there's a few things that have happened from the start of school until now so here are some updates.

I won a guitar at some welcome to university thing, which was kinda cool so I've been learning how to play it.

So, real school stuff. Classes have been going well for the most part (I have no clue on my grade for cognitive psych though). However, living in the dorms isn't the best, it's actually kind of bad since most of the guys are the loser/jock/frat kind of guys (with like maybe 2 or 3 + myself not being like them) which kind of makes me not want to do anything with most of the people on my floor. My roommate actually isn't that bad by himself, but when his annoying, arrogant, horrible friend comes over he gets a little worse, but his friend is terrible. Actually his friend is probably the worst person I have met on the campus, he's loud, obnoxious, arrogant, a jackass, and he has baically 0 respect for women so yeah, he's a pretty horrible person. The bathroom situation is also disgusting since almost everyone here has a problem with flushing the toilet and/or washing their hands.

I also ended up getting kinda depressed about some personal things which doesn't really help the whole University experience too much :lol:

So anyway, in my normal life I started watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer (ended up watching a few episodes of it after reading one of Superironic's blog) but hulu only had season 1 for free, which kind of ended up in me getting netflix to continue watching the show :lol: I also got a Sega Genesis with a few good games for it. I got some games on steam, and on black friday I ended up getting an Ipod Touch, and a Sony Vita (and later I got Persona 4: Golden for it).

Wow, for not making a blog in a while I guess I didn't really have that much to say at all :lol: Now for some random music that you will hopefully like!

LM.C - Oh My Juliet

Dick Dynamite and the Doppelgangers - Devient

Santa Hates You - The Monster In The Maze

Wall of Voodoo - Mexican Radio

That's about it, have a great day!

GS Is It Game Over?

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I don't know, but GS seems to be heading downhill and gaining speed. Between some of their reviews becoming worse than they ever were (well besides that one horrible Skyward Sword review, although I'm not that disapointed with the RE6 review, even though I would have given it about a 6 but that's just me), and the tons of glitches I have encountered here (it always says I have 6 updates, but when I click the update link the most recent one is from 4 weeks ago, I'm pretty sure the games I'm following have more recent news than that, heck it didn't even tell me GS had the Dishonored review up! Not to mention now I can't even see how many comments I have on my blogs unless I click on them, the background is all white which may or may not be a glitch, but it looks terrible! Now GS seems to think that when you click "edit Message" in the blog options of a blog you actually mean "view comments" WTF? The new GS is a totally huge downgrade from any other version!).

I really have no idea why websites think it's a great idea to change everything, that always results in glitches and usually makes the users mad :(

Sorry that's about all I'm going to say in this blog, when GS gets around to fixing all the glitches I'll put up a real blog talking about college, the awesome new stuff I got, and what I've been doing (hint, I'm trying to do the Die Antwoord remix thing they made a video of recently), and something cool that happened to me up here.

Random music time!

Grimes -Genesis -

ASP - Imbeile Anthem

Metric - Gold Gun Girls

Tornado Classic - Bach Mix

That's about it, have a great day, and may GS finally fix their tons of problems with their site :lol:

The Last Day

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So, it's my last day that I'm staying at home since I have to move into my dorm tomorrow (classes start on Monday), so I thought I might as well make a blog.I'm a little excited but nervous about living at school I'm hoping my roommate will be cool but Idk I never got an email back from him so who knows, the guy they said is my roommate might not even be attenting my university this year :lol: The good thing is that I won't have to deal with my brothers messiness in my dorm :lol:

So, what have I done this summer?

I saw Permetheis and The Expendables 2. I thought Permetheis was decent, but I thought The Expendables 2 wasn't the best, it was basically a mindless action movie lol. I also saw soem other movies like The Hunger Games which I thought was good.

I finished my Math class with a B (I'm pretty sure, could be an A but doubtful :lol: ) I was a little worried about the final and about what I would miss on my vacation to Michigan but luckily I didn't miss a whole lot and I got an 88 on the final.

I got quite a few CDs. I got Birthday and Sophia both by The Cruxshadows and The Bomb by Neuroticfish for only $0.99 which was pretty cool, I also got the new Cruxshadows CD as well as If deluxe edition of Mindless self indulgence, 2 project pitchfork CD's (View from a Throne and Trialog),Phish's Junta CD, and a few others.

I visited my relatives in Michigan (not my cousins though), went to the University of Michigan to check out Ann Harbor and for my parents to remember how their college experience was lol. I didn't really do that much there though.

Oh and continuing my mini-rant from my previous blog, I heard they're planning on making a 50 shades of grey movie. WTF? I bet the movie is going to be extremely bland with grey everywhere and lame characters just like the book :lol: But it will be kind of interesting to see if the movie gets released in theaters or not since what I've heard about the book is that it's basically porn (thank god I never read that far lol). So will it come out with an NC-17 rating or just be released in like an Adult movie theater or what? I mean it's so bad that there shouldn't be a movie about it but I guess if Twilight can be made into a movie than I guess this book can too :(

Well I guess that's about it for now so here's some music to enjoy before school starts!

Project Pitchfork - View From a Throne

Bingo Players - Cry (Just a Little)

Sasha Lopez - Weekend

Loona - Vamos a la Playa

Jose De Rico - Rayos De Sol

Edward Maya and Vika Jigulina - Stereo Love

ItaloBrothers - My Life Is A Party

Mirami Sexualna ft. Vova Zi Lvova (lol)

That's kind of a lot of music :lol: Anyways have a great day!

I'm Back, with E3 Thoughts

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So right now I'm making a new blog on GS (I know that's crazy right? :lol: ) It's strange how GS has changed though, now they have a like button on comments (which I actually do like),they updated their front page so now it looks more cluttered, , they have a glitch where they do not show there are any comments on some blogs in my feed stuff, and they also seemed to take out the smilies in comments so when I do :lol: it looks like : lol : :( Oh well, it seems like there are hardly any blogs I comment on anymore anyway :lol:

Anyway, not a whole bunch has happened since I last blogged, I thought I didn't blog about my trip to Florida but I did :lol: So, I guess I can say I ended up being friends with someone who was in both my Mythology and Chemistry cla$$ it was fun because we both were in Japanese cla$$s together so we ended up writing our names in Japanese in Chemistry and in the end the professor learned some Japanese :lol: I also ended up getting 2 A's a B and an S/A or some strange grade in my Math cla$$ (but I'm still able to take the math 121 cla$$ I need so I'm guessing that's just a complete grade or something :lol: ), so it was a decent semester. I'm now taking that math 121 cla$$ for a summer course and I just got done with a two week abnormal psychology course, which I got an A in and was actually one of the top students :D I actually got 100% on the final paper! It was pretty awesome :D (I sound like a total nerd :lol: ) That course was actually pretty great since it was only 2 weeks, I had it when my brother still had to go to school, and the teacher was awesome!

One more piece of school news, I did walk at graduation after the spring semester got out, even though I still needed two cla$$es this was the only time they had a graduation ceremony so they let me walk. I guess it pays to help out at the health fair and know some people at school :lol:

Oh yeah, I ended up helping out at my school's health fair thing, it was pretty easy since all I was doing was signing forms as a witness and making sure the forms were filled out correctly, and it actually wasn't that bad (although I did have to wake up at 5 am).

I also got accepted into CU in Boulder (OMG now you know where I'm going to be so you can stalk me all you want, noooooooo :lol: ), I was either thinking of going there or CSU but I think CU has a better social environment even though CSU has a nicer campus. I also found out who my roommate is and sent him a message on facebook but so far I haven't heard back from him.

Other than School news there hasn't been much happening. I finally found the CD I've been searching for since like a year or two, "Some Girls Wonder By Mistake" by the Sisters of Mercy. This CD has been so hard to find I almost couldn't find it at the used CD store I went to the other day, but luckily I found the CD hidden behind a placeholder tag thing for another band. So that was awesome!

I heard about how horrible this one book was. It's entitled fifty shades of grey and I decided to look it up on amazon and read a bit. Wow, I have no idea how it got published because it is soooooo poorly written, I think I may have actually gotten stupider after reading some of it, it's just amazing how a book so poorly written could be a best seller.

I also am having a great time with the new Binding of Isaac DLC, there are still some glitches but the new items and levels are still a blast to play through. I am now really close to completing the game 100%! It's funny because the guy who made this game said that the new DLC would make the game a lot harder but so far I'm finding it to be the opposite since I seem to have a higher winning ratio than before :lol:

Oh and I'm doing a lot better than I was last blog, it's like I hardly have any depression at all right now :D

Now for the E3 Press Conferences, this will be pretty short. I thought they all kind of sucked, nothing really interesting from Nintendo (all I found out was that the 3DS games I want are going to come out at the end of the year :( ), Microsoft seems to think that people are either too stupid or too lazy to use their TV or their TV remote, and Sony loves to copy from Nintendo (first with the Move and now with their Super Smash Brothers Rippoff which I would have thought would look a little different than SSB but it really didn't :lol: ). I guess Halo 4 looked kind of interesting (mostly because the environment was cool), Zombi U might be ok, and Beyond Two Souls and the Last of Us looked kind of promising. The only game that looked really cool was Watch Dogs.

One of the most disappointing things was that Beyond Good and Evil 2 wasn't there (unless I missed it somehow), and they didn't show off a new Syphon Filter game :( Oh, and I'm still waiting to see good Vita exclusive games :lol:

So that's about it, here are some random songs to check out if you have any spare time!

New Days Delay - Idealize (quite an interesting song, it kind sounds like surf rock)

Sisters of Mercy - The Damage Done (one of my favorite SoM songs right now)

Lindsey Stirling - Shadows (yay for violin :lol: )

Wow only 3 songs this time, I must be going crazy :lol: Anyways have a great day!

Ed's favorite games of 2011

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Well, 2 weeks ago my last (or 2nd to last) semester started, so far it's not that bad since I have some pretty good classes: Mythology, Chemestry (not the best class but I have a pretty cool friend in it so that's always good), and Psychology of Gender. However, I do have one bad class, Math (why are math classes the most boring classes you could ever take?). Anyway I haven't done much else besides that, I mean I guess I can say I do have depression (kinda, it comes and goes) so I'm in the depression club with some of my friends here on gamespot :lol: But seriously it's not that fun when it happens. So, now that the small intro is done, here ismy short list of my favorite games of 2011 which won't have many games since I forgot a lot of what came out in 2011 :lol:

1. The Binding of Isaac (PC) - Aroguelike shooter based on the dungeon structure of the NES Zelda game.

This is by far my favorite game of 2011, with 100 hours of play time so far (and it not becoming boring so far) as well as the small $5.00 price this is definately a great deal and an amazing game.

2. Mario Kart 7 ( 3DS) - The newest installment in the fan-favorite Mario Kart franchise, brings Mushroom Kingdom racing fun into glorious 3D.

This game is pretty fun, with the inclusion of rally **** races, as well as online play (sadly I haven't tried that yet) and some really cool tracks, this is by far my favorite portable racing game and one of my favorite ones I've played to date.

3. Uncharted 3 (PS3) -a unique third-person action adventure game exclusively on the PlayStation 3 that incorporates the mechanics of a shooter and platformer-****gameplay.

I haven't gotten to play a whole lot of this game since my PS3 broke down about a month or two ago (sent it in to get fixed since it's still under warrenty ) but from what I've played it's pretty fun. It's similar to the other Uncharted games and those were great!

4. L.A. Noire (360, PS3, PC) -a single-player detective game from Rockstar Games set on the infamous streets and in the smoke-filled backrooms of postwar Los Angeles.

A game where you're a detective and you have to find clues to catch criminals. This is probably my favorite Rockstar game that I've played, it's fun and interesting.

5. Dungeons of Dredmor (PC) -A comic fantasy roguelike dungeon crawler game

This game is pretty fun, it's like a turn based rpg that does get kind of hard after the first floor (I think there are 14 floors you go down until you beat the game)

6. Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time 3D (3DS) -a completely re-mastered version of an epic entry in the beloved Legend of Zelda game series

I'm pretty sure many people know what this game is, it's like the original Ocarina of Time with the extra Master Quest, as well as updated graphics and 3D. Oh and I dare you to get through the fire temple without the red tunic, it's a fun, hard challange.

7. Star Fox 64 3D (3DS) -Fox McCloud and his fearless squadron of fighters in a 3D remake.

This game is like an on-rails shooter with better graphics than the original, as well as a save system so you can take a break after beating a planet instead of having to beat the whole game in one go. It also has an option to play whatever level you want to. The only downside is that the voice acting is horrible, I wish they would have stuck with the original voices. Oh, and since the voice actors are different you would think that they fixed Slippy's voice so he sounds like a guy but no, he still sounds like a girl :lol:

8. Terraria (PC) - This gameoffers players a chance to be an action gamer, master builder, a collector, and even an explorer.

This game is like Minecraft but (in my opinion) more fun. It's a 2D Side scroller and it has bosses as well as free updates that happen every couple months (I think). To be honest this game is just ok, but I got it for $2.50 and it was definately worth the money since I have played 43 hours of it so far.

9. Serious Sam 3 (PC, for now) -a first-person shooter game that is a prequel to the original game, Serious Sam: The First Encounter.

The main reason this game is on the list is because it brings back the FPS games that took skill, you have to pick up armor and health packs in this game, you can't recharge your health at all (which I love), it's kind of what like Duke Nukem Forever should have been like.

10. Deus Ex Human Revolution (PC, 360, PS3) - This gamebrings back the award-winning franchise that blends the best of action and role-playing.

Sadly I only got to play a little bit of this game because I got it for the computer and it turns out that my horrible desktop computer can't run it very well :( However, what I played of it was pretty fun.

Oh and if you're wondering, all the little blerbs/summaries about the games are from Game Spot (except Dungeons of Dredmor, that one is from their website)

That's about it, Here are some songs that I hope you'll enjoy

Sasha Lopez, Andrea D & Broono - All My People(This actually really reminds me of Miami :lol: I'd love to be on a sunny beach right now instead of here with the snow everywhere)

The Cruxshadows - Citadel(The cool thing about this band is that they make lots of songs about mythology, oh and I finally found out how to make drums in fl studio sound like the ones in this song :D Yeah, that was kind of random :lol: )

Psychostick - Beer! (It's a funny song, plus it reminds me of Homer Simpson :lol: )

Hopefully you liked one of those songs, have a great day.