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Things keep changing around here dont they?

Everything accept my level....... I've been level 20 for over a year now! Maybe if I logged on more than once a year it would help huh?

Hello to all of my friends & or anyone who reads this!

The Latest & Greatest from Vegas

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Hello from crazy land to all of my friends still hangin out @ GameSpot!

It's been way too long since I was here last & I'm not even sure if anyone remembers me......or if anyone I know is still here for that matter! LOL! It looks like they've changed a lot here but the servers are still slow as molases in a winter storm:D Anyway I just wanted to say hi to everyone & I hope you're all doing well! My little girl is 1 1/2 years old now & she's a little angel

(at least so far!)

I'm still workin my booty off & I got another promotion. We're lookin at homes now....... We think it's time to buy a bigger one than we are in now. I can't wait cuz I'll finally have the game room I've always wanted;) That doesn't mean pool tables or air hockey tables or anything. It's gonna be a "True Gamer's" game room, all consoles, computers, surround sound, & flat screens baby!!!!

Ok I'm done boring you all, Much Love to all of my Gamer Buddies here at GameSpot! I miss you guys! Talk to yall soon!!

So Much To Do, & So Little Time!

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Hello all:D I'm just kickin this out to make a showing here:lol: Anyway does anyone else feel like there isn't enough time in the day? Man I've been so busy lately, I can't even keep up with myself:D Along with our new BEAUTIFUL baby taking up some of what used to be my spare time, I've been working 60+ hours a week:P I'm going nuts!:P I have to work mad overtime because I have to come up with almost $6000 by the 10th of Aug. & believe me, I work for a living so this is no easy task:?  $2000 for the down payment on the truck, $680 for the 1st payment, $600 for registration, $175 for insurance, $1200 for the co-pays on Atheyna's medical bills, & $1300 for the house payment (Whew):cry: I wish I was wealthy :lol: Oh well enough yammering:P I hope you all are doing well & as I've said before I'll be able to contribute more to all of the unions I'm involved with as soon as we get settled:D *When ever that may be*:lol: Be safe everyone!

Atheyna Has Arrived!

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Our angel has arived:D 12:11am PST Thursda morning to be exact:D 6lbs 11oz 19inches:D She's beautiful too:D New borns usually aren't because of all the mucos ect...... all over them but SHE was perfect from the get go:D They have to stay in the hospital until sunday sometime so I'll be spending a lot of time there too:D Now I can start planning for retirement :lol: Anyway I hope everyone is doing well, & I'll be posting, & visiting your blogs as I get time to. Oh by the way Here's our new truck:D

I Really have a lot of money I need to make now so I'll see you all later:D Talk to you soon:D:P

She'll Be Here Anytime Now!

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Hey everyone:D I just wanted to post this because my appearances here have gotten pretty sporadic & I just wanted to give all of my friends a heads up as to why this is:D My wife is in the last days of her 3rd trimester & My daughter will be coming into this world any day now:D So needless to say I've been preparing for her arrival:D So I hope everyone looks out for all the unions I'm involved in:lol::P I'm not going anywhere but I'm sure I'll continue to be coming on GS sporadicaly for a little while until we get things settled:D Thanx guys:D I still love ya but real life is more important sometimes:P

Dragon Quest VIII A Good Game?

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Why yes it is:D I'm impressed with Square Enix. I didn't think anything would be comparable to the Final Fantasy series, but I was wrong. I had been looking for a good RPG for quite some time, to hold me over till FFXII gets released. Everyone is talking about Kingdom Hearts & I know it must be good becuase it's a really hard game to come by but I obviously didn't go that route:D I'd recommend DQVIII for any of you RPG fans out there. If you guys know of any other good RPG's with substance, let me know:D I'd like everyone's input. RPG's are good because you get your money's worth in the extent of the game play. Usually they're not the kind of games that you can complete in a week or 2 *(Unless you're playing them 24 hours straight, for days on end;) )* So let's hear it from all the RPG fans out there. Share your opinions with me:D 

I'm Finally a Friggin Leader.

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Tagger Leader
Awarded to those who've extensively used the tagging system, enabling themselves and others to make it considerably easier to find certain content.:D:P Yes it's official, I'm a Tagger Leader. It's about time too:D I've been trying to get this for quite some time now. I actually found out that when I went back to things that I'd tagged before, they weren't saved for some reason. (about 50% didn't save) So I figured out that sometimes, using the copy/paste method, doesn't work:P So I just started to number them, & I haven't had a problem since:D Next I'm goin for the "King" emblem:D I really don't know why. It doesn't make a difference what emblems you have & I don't think anyone else uses any tags other than their own:lol: I guess I just get really bored sometimes, or maybe I need to get a life:lol:  

A New Emblem

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 E3 Monster
For consuming every little piece of E3 content in sight. :DThe only reason that I can figure out why I recieved this, is because I've read almost every piece of news from E3 that is available:D Not EVERYTHING but almost. I guess I'm an E3 freak If My posting number was as high as the number of posts that I've read, it would be close to 100 thousand:DKnowledge is power:D;):P

New news from E3 on PS3

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http://www.gamespot.com/e3/e3story.html?sid=6149470 They've already got this link up & I just watched it on E3. They've anounced the PS3 launch dates & prices. It will basically be launched, world wide (except for Japan) on Nov 17th. It will cost $500 US with a 20GB hard drive & $600 US with a 60GB hard drive. If you didn't see it & you're a Sony fan I have to say you missed out. They showed a lot of previews like Final Fantasy XIII, Ridge Racer 7, A new Brothers In Arms, Need For Speed, Madden NFL 2007, Tekken 6, Gran Turismo HD & a really awesome looking game called Heavenly Sword which looks a lot like God Of War but it's supposed to be a ninja game, oh & don't let me forget Metal Gear Solid 4:D They showed a lot of others too but I can't remember them all. They also showed a new "kinetic" controler that actually will move things on screen as you move the controller around:D It's hard to explain but it will have 6 degrees of movement, so all you oldschool gamers if you remember Super Mario Bros. & how you used to move your hands to try to make a jump or avoid an enemy, I hope you've gotten out of that habit because your hand movement may just cause your demise now:lol: Anyway I'm so excited, I feel like a puppy just ready to pee on myself & it's still 6 months away!:D:P  

I'm a Maker?

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Tagger Maker
Awarded to those who've used the tagging system a good deal, enabling themselves and others to make it easier to find certain content. I guess now I'm a Maker:D I have no clue how many tags it took to get this far but any of you are more than welcome to count them if you want:D If you do, let me know how many there are:lol::P TAG THE PLANNET!
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