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Its unique but not worth buying. I have played much better RTS than this. Starcraft II is coming out, i'd suggest you buy that insted of RUSE.

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Piracy is concerning laws, the only people who can catch those who pirate are law enforcements.

Why Crytek is doing nothing to stop pirating? Bro, trust me, every freaking game developer is looking for ways to stop people from pirating games. They have used numerous copy protections in recent years. All those protections were hacked and decrypted by those pirating groups like Razor1911 and deviance. They even have been able to pirate games that were only on Steam like counter-strike. I agree it is hard to pirate steam-only games, but it is still possible.

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4 hard drives 320 each. still about 1TB left. I know, im wasting space.