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First Platinum

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So I have not been here much

Updated Got my first Platinum awhile back playing Mass Effect 2 (total game play to get it 215 hours).
Yes that is a lot of time however I was not even going for the 100% until after my 3 play or so when I was able to get the insane trophy.

Next game to got Platinum was Dragon Age 2. Took about 190 hours

Started playing Final Fantasy XIII again about 1 week ago completed the game (13 chapter ) story part in about 53 hours beat my old time of over 63 hours. Still need a few trophies currently at 71%.

Mass Effect 2

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So got Mass Effect 2 on a friends recommendation. Loving the game. Beat the game twice already, working on 3rd play through.

Game has a Few glitches/bugs, some of which are very bad if they occur, like a complete corruption of all your save data. Sometimes you get stuck in a place you can't move back out from, only way out is to reload a previous auto-save.

Have had 3-4 total freezes in game play so far (total time played about 100 hours)

As long as you reboot game once ever 1-2 hours it should avoid lock up until they patch the game.

Tron Evolution

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Ok so got this game. Was so looking forward to it and pre-ordered the CE version, that was not as good as I had hoped. Not worth $130.

on screen help is very useless , they should provide tutorials like other games like Final Fantasy.

Hoping I learn to play it well before the movie comes out


Update, finally getting the hang of it, the moving around part that is...

Final Fantasy XIII

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OK so I bought this game last week Tuesday,

Had no idea I would get hooked. been playing it for hours each day.

1. Did an all nighter Friday (9pm til 5:30am)

2. All day Saturday for about 12 hours (10am- 10pm)

Total game time as per the program timer 30 hours

MechWarrior 2: 31st Century Combat

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Link to Wiki Site : MechWarrior 2

This was the first game on the PC platform that I was very intertested in and play it alot

1. MechWarrior 2: 31st Century Combat

2. MechWarrior 2: Ghost Bear's Legacy

3. MechWarrior 2: Mercenaries

I have not played them in such a long time. Not even sure if they would run under any of the new Windows operating systems.

I recently purchased "Front Mission Evolved" (came out this week) which is similar. However on the PS3 the graphics are way better naturally.