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Just curious whether this somewhat minor issue is just me or if others had a similar experience.  Just started playing MP3 on PC....coupla chapters in.   (good gaming PC and high settings were auto-chosen by the game...DX11)  Anyway, so one thing I immediately notice is the cutscenes graphics seem quite mediocre to me, almost distractingly so.   I don't know, they just really don't seem all that good to me at all.  The physics and body movements look fine, but the overall visuals seem dated.  However, once you exit the cutscenes and take control of Max everything looks great.  

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Dark Messiah? Indie?
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Civilization IV

(m&b is awesome)

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Finally broke down and bought 3 just to finish this trilogy once and for all. (Very leery of how it might end based on all the fuss)

I find the combat to be quite clunky in 3 vs. prior versions, although it has been a while now. Combat has never been the srong suit of this game, but I really don't like the feel of it in 3. And the companions are all bugged out. They rarely move where I tell them and often I can't even see or find them on the battle field - when they should be right next to me.

If I'm wrong, what should know?

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You know, 'dumbed down' is the worst term people can use in gaming. Just because it's wrong 97,34% of times. Like this one.

Civ V is just a smarter game. Making you focus on more interesting things, like combat.


I stand by my statement 100% as do a lot of diehard CIV fans. IMO it's their opinion that matters.

CIV V improved a bit with G&K but it still has many issues that can never be fixed do to its model. It will never achieve the depth of complexity of prior CIV entries.

"focus on combat" ...hmmm...never heard that before with discussing a "smarter" game

Most new games nowadays are "dumbed down" so I know the term is more than fitting.

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I would hold out on V, as I'm sure it will be a daily or flash deal during the sale. Probably dropping to like 75% off. If you wait for that, then you should be able to great deals on both IV and V.

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As I diehard CIV fan, I would recommend CIV IV. CIV IV:BTS is one of the greatest games ever. CIV V is a very waterdown version of the Civilization Series. A large portion of the CIV community do not like the game, including myself.

Still, there are certainly folks who seem to enjoy the game. CIV V did invited a lot of newer players to CIV simply due to the fact that it is a dumb down version of CIV.

So I guess it boils down to how intense a strategy gamer your are. CIV V is Civ Light. CIV IV is the best game in the series and one of the best all time. It's going to require you to think more.

Of course, you could just simply get both.

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bump (get this a bit more attention)

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Didn't this happen a few months ago? You're right though - the game is awesome, with one of the best turn-based combat systems around. Definitely a must-have for fans of JA or XCOM. Planeforger

I believe GOG added a few months ago based on the forum there, but I just realized it now because of the new sale. Still I felt it worth mentioning since the game still gets so little attention, although it is getting a lot of love over on GOG.

I hoped by posting this here I would introduce a lot of new players to a great game that can be had for pennies.

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Wasn't this engine used in Heroes 5 but without the awesome physics?


Well, Hereos 5 is indeed a Nival game as well. Released a few years after. I played it, but did not really think or notice that it was the same engine. Other than being TBS, it really is a very different game. Maybe it is the same engine or updated version of it, but I'm not savvy enough to tell.

I tried the demo of the new XCOM, but it felt just like some of the other newer shiny games we see today. All flash/no substance. I'm not sure I'll ever get this game.

Silent Storm is a game I can see folks always coming back to and the engine wil always look good and be playable, even if not flashy by todays standards.

This game is better than the new XCOM btw.Baranga

Glad to see there's another SS fan here.:)