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BioWare Rocks!

I just have to say that BioWare has the most impressive game history as a developer! I've played Neverwinter Nights, Knights of the Old Republic, and Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords from beginning to end, and they're three of the most impressive games I've seen. I own Mass Effect, but my PC is too outdated to run it. Thus, the earlier blog post about getting an upgrade. I've seen it played, as well as having seen or played every one of their games at friend's houses. They've put out something like 18 games on several platforms...I think 32 SKUs in total if GameSpot has the count correct. I have 8 games on my "Wish List" here on GameSpot, and 3 of them are from BioWare. Maybe you have to be into RPGs, like I am...but this company just plain rocks! The graphics and animation in their games is of a higher caliber. Their rendering in-game always blows the panties off the "girlie men" of the game industry. And storytelling...don't even get me started! Stories in their games are so compelling that I frequently find myself saying, "holy crap, I've been gaming for 5 hours straight!" Finally, they make games that have more replay value than any other games I've played. The level of balance, character and ability choices, and alignments in their games make them playable again and again. There are not many companies out there with a track record like BioWare. In fact, there might not be ANY with as good of a record as they've had. Okay, well maybe there's one.... Blizzard. I'll have to write a post about them as well.