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MY LP sig

simple image maipulation ... what do u think !

here is the original ... not soooo much a diff ... just 2 - 3 filters overlayed !

Well i am back....

i am glad to inform you guys i am back from some school work i had, and now i am free to come and be online with you guys more often ....

i really missed u guys and GS alot ,and i intend to fill that void ..... 

GS liked my avatars

Avatar in a bottle!

Sailing the seas of artistry.
This person helped others spice up their forum posts by designing avatars for GameSpot's community. No matter which bottle ye open, there's a treasure in every one!


yay :) they liked my avatars !!! 

a very nice action flick !

watch "HEAT" a very nce action flick directed by Micheal Mann , also known for The Insider and Collateral !
i liked it becoz it had Al Pacino and De Niro- Both are my favourites !!! the good old Godfather days :)

Pin-up Girl ??

"All hands on deck!
For those who participated in the Battlestations: Midway Xbox 360 demo premiere."

i just received this new emblem ... woooo hoooo ! 19 in total :P

My soccer Final

Wish me luck guys, today is my final against the organizing senior team !
we are undefeated till now, and hope to beat them with a huge score ... :)