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by on has really changed from when i used to use it a couple of years back. its all quiet like if nobodys around. now i remeber why i left lol. oh well ill have to tuff it up and make new friends


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Life is mysterious, even though some times it gives u good moments and remarkable memories it always ends up putting you through depression, despair, anger, resent, and revenge. It seems no matter how good of a time u have had, life seems to find a way to but u back down. No matter what i have done to better myself i always seem to just get worse. Well thats life for u, u just end up getting used to all the crap u get put through that in the end u just care about anything.

Im back

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Sorry i havent been on this for like a year. I just recently came upon the site and remembered about it. Yeah i hope all the people i talked to are still here.

Hey everyone

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For the people who want to know me my name is Eric. Im 16 years old . My birthday is may 28. My hobbies are playing pool, skateboarding, swimming, basketball, and last but not least girls.

If you want to know me more just ask and ill answer the best to my capability.

eatalotofcookies out 8)

Hey Guys!!

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I t's been a long time since i've talked to you guys sorry though kinda busy but enough about that how have you been


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I wonder what every one else is doing right now. man im tired btw its 1:06 am were im at right now to bad there is no one to talk right now :cry: cause im bored well good night every body or good morning or whatever time it is for you right now.:D Talk to you in a couple hours.

Eatalotacookies out 8)

What happened

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Almost everbody i remember talking to is either gone, doesnt long on, or they dont write blogs any more oh well i guess its time to make new friends

so if you really want know me or be my friend here is where to start

Hey Everybody

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Long time no see ... so hows every body been ... i know that i havent logged in in a long time but ill try to get on as often as i can :D


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