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Look who it is...

Well, if anybody still remembers me, then hello to you! Seeing as I haven't posted any blogs in over a year, I think it's time to get back in the habit. With E3 being a big influence on my decision to return to GS, I will try to keep up with all the news and updates going on around here, but I can't promise I'll be able to. :P

As for what's been going on for me lately, there's LOTS. Let's start with something I should've mentioned a while ago: I've now been a member here for more than 6 YEARS! :O Also, School just got out for me yesterday, officially bringing about the start of my final year in High School. I are happeh. =D But also this summer I'll be looking for jobs, taking my license test (yeah, I never even took my permit test). Also in the to-do list is recording and editing gaming montages, as well as keeping up with my PTC accounts, trying to earn a little extra dough on the side. 8) BTW, if you want me to refer you to any of these sites, just send me a PM and I'll hook you up. =D

Looks like I'll have to recruit new members to my tracker army, seeing as most are either banned or left the site years ago...

Anyway, if you want to play with me while I record on MW2, hit me up on my current XBL GT: EaszT. See you there!

P.S: The biological warfare emblem is no longer avaliable, and if you're asking now, you're a couple years late. :P

Better than last year at least...

Yep, E3. I happened to see the Nintendo Press Conference, and I definitely liked it slightly better than last year's conference. Super Mario Galaxy 2 and Metroid: Other M. I'll probably never play them, but they looked nice and were a welcome difference from all the grandparent-friendly crap they wanted to highlight...

Those were my thoughts. BRB, gotta see Sony nao...

I Feel Accomplished...

Wow. I can't believe it! I've finally been a registered user on Gamespot for 5 whole years. Wow. 1 of those years out of the 5 had a premium membership, but that faded when it was time for the next payment to come and there was an error in charging the credit card. Anyway, I've really been going to the site for more than five years, since I originally registered in order to download game demos.

This anniversary is a little bit late, but nevertheless it reminds me of just how much of my life has been spent around computers. I'm now 16, and I remember being on computers very often even when I was 5 or 6. This is a fitting past, as I'm going into a career of graphic designing/video editing/programming. Speaking of editing, I'll be making many more montages for myself and being paid to make them for other gamers. If you'd like to subscribe, I'd greatly appreciate it, and you can do so by going to my page at http://www.youtube.com/user/east3ast . I hate for this section to sound like an advertisement, but it basically is. :P

Although I have a 15-page paper to start and complete before Wednesday, I haven't been on my 360 in a few days, so I'm more likely to come on here or youtube while I'm not working. :) I know I've made that promise many times, and although I can't always assure, I do hope I can follow through with it this time, possibly even into the summertime (school gets out on the 11th).

Thank you for your time. =)

It's Been Too Long...

First off, I would like to say sorry to everyone and anyone who cared that I've been gone from GS for so long. I probably won't be coming back to the site with the same kind of activity that I once had. I am still away being a professional gamer, designer and video editor, and it takes up the majority of my time. I feel really bad about not keeping in touch with all my past friends, and the arrival of today has rekindled my need to talk to my beloved GSers. I do have an account on Giantbomb, but my activity there is about half of what it is here.

I wish I could have more GS friends on my XBL friends list, but I honestly don't have the room (until they update from 100 to 250 or so) between having no scoping friends who play exclusively CoD games, and also my friends from school. I do have a few remaining GSers on my friends list, but the vast majority have been unfortunately deleted.

I have too many memories from this website to just let them go, and I least want to hang on the my place here until my 5 year anniversary, which just happens to be in about a month and a half. Oh, and it's my birthday today. :)

So, I hope all my friends read this and know that they haven't been forgotten.

Montage Numero Dos is Done!

That's right! I had to skip a few days of school in order to get it out before the next Call of Duty game comes out, but it was worth it! I found a way to make the quality of my video better, and it doesn't take up too much space on the hard drive. Unfortunately, my odd video editor created the new video file in a way that make the video centered, but it doesn't take up the whole screen. Confused? You'll see what I mean when you watch it.

It's been out for about 8-10 hours now, and it already has 31 views! :D Here is the link to my Youtube channel, and you can get to the video from there. It is titled "East East East's 2nd CoD4 Montage".

My Montage Is Complete!

YES! After working on it for more than 2 whole months, my montage is done. I've uploaded it to Youtube already and I might put it here as well. I also uploaded it to MapMonkeys.com, but so far it hasn't been viewed by a moderator, so it's not on the site yet.

I'm glad it's over with, but now I feel like doing another one, using only knifes and explosives. Yep, once my current free 1-month account runs out, I'll make another one to film with, called Xx KNiFEYBOOM. If I could get even a trial of a better editor, like Sony Vegas, I would be completely sure that my next montage will be a success.

Oh, and here it is on YouTube. It's not the best quality, even though I did upload it as an .flv file. I'm not sure which part of the process made it look so bad, whether it was my editor, the Capture Card, or maybe it's just the site itself.

Now THAT's Dedication...

There was a guild in Final Fantasy XI Online that recently attempted to face the hardest boss in the game. No one has ever successfully killed the monster, most likely because he goes through more than 30 transformations, each one harder than the last. The guild, "Beyond the Limitation", gathered up as many supplies, potions, and items as they could before they started to fight.

After more than 18 HOURS of straight, non-stop gaming, the guild was forced to stop when they were close to ending the battle. Why were they forced to stop? Well, some members of the guild actually got physically ill, and some of them even passed out! I've had some long gaming marathons, but never anything like that...

On an unrelated note, I have another picture "scavenger hunt". Last time the picture was a neo-nazi curbstomping a black gman, and it was from the movie "American History X". Now, this one is much more gruesome. Really, if you have a weak stomach, don't look at it. It looks like it would be from a movie, since it looks too good to be from a crime scene. So, can anybody tell what it's from, or is it just another sick picture on the web?

I'm still working on the montage, but it's coming along...

Montage Almost Done...

I've taken all the good clips I need, I have good music, and all I could really add at this point would just be for show. I hope to finish it in about a week, though it may be done sooner. The songs I have right now (I might add another if I get "filler" stuff) are Bullet With a Name by Nonpoint, and Well Enough Alone by Chevelle.

On an unrelated note, Could anybody tell me where this came from? I've seen other parts of a video featuring this still image on photobucket, but I've never seen the entire thing. If you do actually know anything about this particular video, I'd like to hear it. Was the guy killed? Was he really a nazi or was that tattoo fake? Was any of it real? I don't exactly enjoy watching these things, but, like with shock sites, I love to research and investigate them. The day may come when I write a speech about some of the lesser known things the internet offers, and if that day comes, I'll be more than ready...

Bye for now.

I'm a Monkey Upstart

I've been working on a montage for Call of Duty 4 lately, and I plan to upload it to Youtube, mapmonkeys.com, and possibly Gamespot. The only problem with my montage is that I can't record anything right now, so I'll have to wait to add more to it in about a week or so. As for now, I might put up a trailer for it. I've got some really good music for it, but I'd like some suggestions for some songs I could use. Right now, I'm considering using:

  • So Cold by Breaking Benjamin

  • I Get It by Chevelle

  • Land Of Confusion by Disturbed

  • Weapon Of Choice by Fatboy Slim

  • Sonne by Rammstein

  • MakeDamnSure by Taking Back Sunday

  • Hammerhead by The Offspring

  • You're Gonna Go Far, Kid by The Offspring

  • Bullet With A Name by Nonpoint

  • Cochise by Audioslave

I know Tish has some good ideas, I can just feel it. :P

Aside from my montage, I now have CSI and Alone In The Dark being sent to me from Gamefly. I got somewhere around 800 points out of Guitar Hero Aerosmith, and all 1000 out of Avatar. Yes, Gearhead, I am an achievement whore.

Well, that's about it for today. Toodles. :|

A Big Surprise?

I went through the entire E3 experience without talking about it to a single person who cared. Is that really a good thing? No. So, I thought I'd make a blog with my impressions, just like every single blogger did last week. >_>

360. I have one, and I'm glad I do. Microsoft's conference had a lot of what many people were looking for at E3; good games. There were so many good games that I couldn't even keep track of them all. One game that has potential is called "The Wheelman", and it shares the name with a movie coming out around the same time as the game. However, it doesn't look like a typical movie-game-tie-in. Aside from underlooked games, there was, of course, Gears 2, Fallout 3, GH World Tour, Rock Band 2, and the Halo game that Microsoft cut out of their Conference for time concerns. Oh, and yeah, Final Fantasy 13. Let me list some games and my opinion of them, it'll be cleaner than a whole big paragraph that way.

  • Gears of War 2: I wasn't a big fan of the first game, but I would at least like to try out the sequel.
  • Fallout 3: I've never played a Fallout game before, but after the showing at the press conference and on X-Play later that night, I'm likely to by it, especially because of the "bloody mess" perk. :P
  • Lips: I CAN sing, but I don't necessarily do so in front of people. If I do find myself needing a party-compatible game, I might try it.
  • Final Fantasy XIII: I've never been big into RPG games, but with the well-known franchise, how could I fail? I mean, I enjoyed the demos for Blue Dragon and Eternal Sonata. That counts for something, right?
  • Fable 2: Pretty much my same opinion as what I feel for FF 13.
  • Soul Caliber IV: I LOVE Soul Caliber. It is the ONLY fighting game I'll play (we'll see about that when Mortal Kombat and DC combine...). I had the 2nd until I traded it in to Gamestop to get The Orange Box, and I can't wait for the 4th. :D
  • Halo Wars: The only RTS's I've ever enjoyed have been made by Lionhead Studios (i.e: The Movies, Black and White...), so I'm kind of uninterested in Halo Wars. I like the franchise as a whole, but this one in particular probably won't get me to pre-order it.
  • Guitar Hero World Tour: HELL YES. I am getting this, no matter what. Creating your own songs? I've already got masterpieces in my mind. I don't know about getting the drum set, though. I like how it has the cymbals raised like the should be, but I'd rather have the Special Edition ION set for the pricier version of Rock Band 2. That one has ecellent pads, multiple cymbals, and it was pegged as the best option for "true afficionados" by OXM, and since I'm a drummer and gamer, I have to get it. Oh, and it can be used as a real Midi-type electronic drum set that you can hook up to your computer. Me and my friend have been talking about me joining his band, so if I do, it'll be perfect.
  • SW: The Force Unleashed: It brings some thoughts of Xbox games utilizing Pshycokenisis as the main tool. I liked those, and I like lightsabers, but I don't like Star Wars. That's right, I said it. Hopefully, they benefits will outweigh the story, but I'll have to find that out when it's released.
  • Resident Evil 5: Sure. Aside from the Gamecube version of the 4th, which I played at Gamestop, I've never played any of the games. /but, it looks good.
  • Mercenaries 2: I'd love to get this. I enjoyed the first, and the sequel looks just as good.
  • Mirror's Edge: I love Parkour, and if I could do it, I'd love it even more. The whole idea of using your feet instead of weapons to get through enemies to your goal sounds like a lot of fun. I like other games with free-running in them (Assassin's Creed), so why shouldn't I like this?
  • Saints Row 2: Liked the first, I'll like the 2nd.
  • Left 4 Dead: One of my favorite parts of Half-Life 2 is the Ravenholm level with all the zombies, so a whole game like that level (minus the Grav Gun) should be very enjoyable. I like the co-op feature, and there's been promise of a damn-near-impossible difficulty setting, and that should be a fun challenge. :D
  • Far Cry 2: It looks so beautiful, how could you not want it?
  • Dead Space: Cool. Scary game, outer space. Awesome.
  • Ghostbusters: I like the physics engine, and I like the Movies, but I'm just not quite sure about this one...
  • Quantum of Solace: No thanks. At least, not yet. I don't really like Bond movies or games, aside from the unbelievably fun Goldeneye 64. If I want gadgets and stealth, I'll head on over to Splinter Cell.

There are so many more that I would like to talk about, but I think that would get boring after a while.

PS3. I do not have one, but if I had enough money, it would be my 2nd next-gen console. There are some games that I know would blow me away if I had them, and there are some coming up that I might buy a PS3 because of them. Here is another list of games with my opinions of them.

  • God of War 3: I like the ultra-violence of it, but it's not the type of game that would sell a console to me. I'd probably not even be able to get it. :P
  • Killzone 2: It was originally called the Halo-killer, and with Halo 3 being a little less than what was expected, Killzone 2 might finally live up to its name. It has a look that's better than anything else, thanks to the PS3's processor. I'd like to get it.
  • LittleBigPlanet: I love this game! If you can make a presentation for Sony interesting, you can make anything possible. If I ever do get a console, this is one of the games I absolutely can't miss.
  • inFAMOUS: Sucker Punch is a good developer, but can a game that is completely different from what they're used to making still be good? I say yes. I'd enjoy trying out all the electric-based powersThis is another game that I'd like to get.
  • Heavy Rain: The facial features shown off in the trailers are so in-depth that I don't really even care what the game is all about, as long as I can marvel at how realistic the faces look.
  • Legendary: The main character seems kind of like the protagonist in inFAMOUS, but with different enemies and powers. I'd rather get this game than inFAMOUS, but it can't hurt to get both and compare them.
  • The Agency: I REALLY like the concept here. An MMOFPS? Count me in! I don't know exactly what the point is for you to do, but if it's anything like the little-played game "The Ship", I bet it'll be fun.
  • Damnation: Sure. It's an FPS. With a Priest. I guess it'll be good...
  • MAG: I love online multiplayer games, and the more the merrier. So, how merry is a single game of 256 people? Pretty damn merry.

One other game that got barely any attention, but looks fantastic is "They". Developed by a German company, you can kill unknown enemies, and you use an all-in-one gun to do it. It's a shotgun, machine gun, assualt rifle, and rocket launcher in one package. Even better, you can choose the coloer of your gun, and even put a logo on it. :P

Wii. The Nintendo Press Conference was, well, bad. This comic pretty much hits the nail right on the head. It's got some "inappropriate language", though. I almost got a Wii once, and I'm glad that I didn't end up getting it. How? Here's how.

Around November, when a new shipment of Wii consoles was coming to my local Best Buy, there was a line forming to pick them up. My Mom still hadn't gotten a "big" present for that year's Christmas, and she thought that since I was a gamer, I'd like one. Wrong. So, she stood in line for a few hours to buy me one. Eventually, she got to the head of the line, paid $200, and walked away feeling that "Christmas shopping is now over" feeling. A few days later, she started asking me about the Wii. Some questions like "What good games are there for it?", "Is there an online service for it?", and finally"Did you want one?". That last question really stood out at me, and when I said no, I instantly saw her facial expression change, and then I knew exactly why she was asking me questions. So, I said nothing after that, and walked downstairs. The next day, she returned the Wii and got me a Flip camera, which I unwrapped at Christmas.

So, here are some Wii games that I might find bearable.

  • Dead Rising: Yep, zombie slaying on Wii. I liked the 360 version, and I guess that using the Wiimote to kill might be fun.
  • Wii Music: I'm just a sucker for music games. There is no doubt that I would instantly try out the drum set, but seeing how glitchy it was in the conference, I'm not sure. If my cousin gets it, I'll probably still play it.
  • Samba de Amigo: I love the original concept, and using the Wiimote would add some more enjoyment to it.

Yep, only 3 truly caught my interest this year.

Aside from games, now. My beard is gone. I shaved it ALL last night. It was about 3 inches long, now there's none of it left. Just thought I'd add that.

I'm thinking about changing my gamertag. I have come to love East East East, but it's been mocked a lot, and something more forceful or intimidating online might be better. Here are some of my possible names:

  • Chuckles The Clown
  • East East
  • SW easteast
  • Mr Hamburgler
  • Major McCheese
  • Lord Drummington
  • Cake In The Rain

The reason I can't just do easteast is because somebody took that name and tried to make it look like it was me. Imitation is the best form of flattery, though...

I took some pictures recently that would go well with some older ones I'd like to show, so if I ever find the USB cable that goes with my camera, I'll show you all.

I am now done with Assassin's Creed, and after getting most of the achievements, I got 835 points from it. Not bad, seeing as the only other achievements were for collecting all the flags, and for getting 50 combo kills, which are really hard to accomplish in battle.

I have now reached and exceeded my goal of getting to a gamerscore of 10K by the end of this summer, so I might get back to recording gameplay for my CoD4 montage. It'll take a while, but after it's all done, it'll be worth it. I need to clear up space on my hard drive, so cutting out the clips I like and deleting everything else will clear up a lot.

I just spent 2 hours writing this blog, so try to read at least most of it. :P