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PSN is down....

I was wondering maybe it might just be my internet connection, but then i realized, hey i can still surf the web on my playstaion but i can't use the PSN services. So i did my research to find that hackers are toying with Sony? Big mistake. I honestly hope that if the hackers intent is to anger the company, they are angering the gamers and customers more than ever.

Playstation 3

So i've had a PS3 now for about a year and Dang, I must say i'm so glad I got rid of my 360. This was the best amount of money I have ever spent. I love the PS3, it can do everything!!! I can't wait to play some more exclusives for it, such as killzone 2, 3 and all the uncharted games

Call of Duty 5 World At War

For those of you who have played the new Call of Duty 5, you know of the new gameplay mode called Nazi Zombies. Now i'm one of those people who have always enjoyed the Call of Duty series and I think that Nazi zombies is a great addition to the game. For those people who get tired of always just playing you know team deathmatch and all those you get a chance to play Zombies online or offline even with a friend. I mean defending a building from waves of zombies and making money to buy your guns is just pure fun and addictive. It gets quite addictive when you start getting into the higher waves like wave 15-20 because there are so many of them and a lot of them are fast. Then there is the mystery box. You open it and it chooses a random weapon from the whole game. Some of the best ones are probably the MG-42, the Flamethrower, but if you ever get them you want to save them until you get completly overun. But all in all, Nazi zombies is just a great new addition for a greatly expanding game.