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1st person shooters!

any body know of any good 1st  person shooters plz message me i want to know if there is some good 1st person shooters for me to buy.

Battlefield 2

hey if any of u guys have xboxlive and Battlefield 2 plz message me i need to get some freinds who will play with me on the game.:)

new union

hey i made a new union so the people i asked to join to start the union plz accept!:D

younger brothers(or sisters)!

dont younger brothers(sisters) anoy u to death!there like little devils!:twisted: i hate it when they dont listen and when they tell on u! plus just the fact that there going to be older soon. mines 10 monthes younger than me! its insane we have to be the same age for 2 monthes! im pulling my hair out!:roll:


hey if any of u know of any free game sites?im going crazy i  need some games to play!:roll: if u could i would realy apreatiate it!8)

sorry people!

sorry people i have'nt realy been on lately. i well have'nt realy had time to get on b-days, partys, chores.. ya

i got the new game... well not new but the newer version of battlefield 2 modern combat for xbox 360.

i went fishing the last few weeks and i have'nt realy cot anything i realy dont think im using the right bait. :evil:

well cya:D8):)


i cant wait till halo 3 comes out! im pissed that they held it back:evil: it was sopose to come out nov. 2005 and now its the day the sony ps3 comse out and i dont like that:( 

xbox 360

i know this is a little late but i got my xbox 360 the day it came out. but i got  to play it the day of christmas, so i was pissed off.i got four games for the console PGR 3, CALL OF DUTY 2, QUAKE 4, AND PERFECT DARK ZERO. i havent played pgr in a wile so im only on the first place.in call of duty, ive beaten the game on normal and easy im on the first amarican levl  on hardend. quake 4 im pretty far i cant remeber ive ben playing call of duty to much i havent got to play any others. on perfect dark zero im on the second mission. i dont play that often.well im glad :D that i got the xbox 360 for christmas.8)