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My Reasons for Leaving Nintendo and Never Going Back

I use to love Nintendo back in the day with the NES and SNES including the N64. I use to be a huge fan of Nintendo.....until now. As a kid growing up, I always loved playing Mario along with other platformers on their consoles. Nintendo use to be original back in the days, but now, they lack something what made them, the hardcore gamer. By going casual, Nintendo has lost it with me. What's funny is that Reggie Fils-Aime use to say was that Nintendo will only make hardcore games if it wants to. Which doesn't sound really perceived by the gamer on how they did abandon the hardcore. Now since the Wii U is coming out, they are trying to oappeal towards the hardcore gamer after abandoning them for a little over 10 years. Why buy a Nintendo console now when I've been wanting them to stay hardcore for over a while. PlayStation and PC are my main 2 and honestly, there are some games that are tempting to buy on the Wii, but not enough.

Problems with Nintendo and their fans (Lems included too)

Nintendo is known for their franchises such as Mario and Zelda for example. The 3DS is an ok handheld since I've played both that and the PS Vita side to side and to be honest, the 3DS feels cheap. Sheep are always going on record saying that the 3DS is outselling the PS Vita worldwide. Well, not in Europe. There was a topic on SW and a great guy by the name of charizard posted that the 3DS slaughtering the Vita iin France. Funny how he didn't include how the Vita outsold the 3DS in the rest of Europe. Sony said it themselves that they slashed the shipments in France due to the economy. Sheep think that Nintendo has the most "hardcore" fans and they think they're number 1. Really?:roll: Because an intelligent gamer knows that most of their fanbase is the casual crowd. They bring up how the DS destroyed the PSP. Well if you look at the games, theirs nothing but a crap pile of shovelware. Nintendo milks their games every gen. Expect a Mario Kart for the Wii U, expect another Smash Bros. title for the Wii U, another Zelda, another Mario game, more Mario Party. The same thing ALL THE TIME!!!! (shocking, no?:o) As I'm almost done ranting about the sheep, the PS Vita will be a success against the 3DS once a price drop happens and their AAA titles hit the handheld because the Vita is already worth it at $250 with its incredible launch games. Sony's E3 this year will be EPIC!!!:D

Now onto the lems (360 fanboys). I know some of them are the worst out there on SW, but one that stands the most is phonemug. He is always in an anti-Sony thread and posting some stupid comments on how he thinks Sony is doomed. Sony isn't doomed. They may have some financial problems with their tv division, but they're still making it. M$ on the other hand has lost more money on the 360 this gen than both Sony and Nintendo combined. :o The RROD issue is the one to blame and plus all their stupid business practices of "buying" the competition instead of making more games. The 360 isn't nothing but a multiplat console and the only thing M$ pours money into is in for "timed" DLC, "Bribing" developers that have an exclusive for the PS3 and making it multiplat, and their horrible Kinect marketing with "false advertising" saying, "Better with Kinect" ummmm....... no it's not. I'm not buying a 360 and using Kinect to yell at my HDTV and looking like an idiot in front of my friends. Phonemug hates Sony.... no lie, but everytime there is positive news on Sony, he's the one to bring the party down. He has a dark cloud over his head. Literally.

Sales of a game don't matter, it's the sole purpose of enjoying that game. Sheep and lems have problems thinking their game sells more than a PS3 exclusive while Sony continues to support the hardcore while their supported consoles having nothing, but casual entertainment. Hows it feel getting left out?

Sony Domination!!!

Reasons why I don't own a Wii and a 360

If anyone is reading this, it's not because I'm a fanboy or anything, it's because of how I was treated by the companies before. Last gen, I owned a PS2, Xbox, and had a decent PC gaming rig. Wasn't interested in the Gamecube back then. MS was good to me back then, but this gen, they really dropped the bomb. I don't like how they screwed me over my xbl subscription and wouldn't decide to give me my other months since my console was defected. The Wii on the other hand, never caught my attention because I knew it was casual and is a fad for people that just wanna play Wii Fit and other games like that. Nintendo abandoned the core gamers and are appeasing the core with the Wii U coming out next year. Oh the irony. Over the summer of 2009, I was close to buying a 360 elite because the library was getting a little decent and the price dropped, but I wondered if I would ever play it a lot like my PS3 since most of the multiplatform games are on the PS3 as well. Wasn't interested in Halo since the game is now overrated and the franchise is being milked to death. Gears of War is ok, but it gets repititious and tedious most of the time. There are some games that are like that, but Gears seems a little shallow to me for some reason. I started to think that why would I own a 360 when it has barely exclusives that interest me and is recognized more as a multiplatform machine. That's why I roll with the PS3 because not only do I get multiplat games, but a whole lot of exclusives from Sony's internal studios pumping them out left and right. Sony has screwed up on certain things, but at least they made it up to me to keep coming back to the PlayStation brand.

Next gen might be different, but the clear winner for me this gen is the PS3. Although it had a rough launch, I knew it would be the mighy console this gen compared to the Wii and 360 because Sony knows how to cater towards their fans and consumers. :cool:

Thinking about how my life goes on in the future.

Since I'm graduating next month from a community college and transferring to a University next semester, I wonder how my life will turn out. Sometimes life tends to be getting to you and you realize that time flies when you're having fun. Life is too short for anyone. We all have goals to reach and I hope that ppl reach their goals, but sometimes I realize what life would be without money and things we always wanted. Since I'm taking marketing and advertising as my major, I have big goals ahead of me and want to accomplish those goals. Is marriage really important in my distant future? Am I gonna live to see that day if it comes? Only time can tell. I've always been looking for the right female to occupy time with and have fun by cherishing those great moments. Maybe she might appear to me at the university I'm transferring to, but maybe she might not. I just hope my 23 years living on earth so far are going to be great to me in the near future and hope that I accomplish my goals while being with my soon to be gf in the future.

Makes you wonder sometimes.:shock:

Thinking About Being a DJ

I love music from genres such as hip-hop (not commercialized), rock, r&b, some blues, and some pop along with some techno. I always had the dream to be a DJ and mix my own styles from many genres together to create something so illusive with great tempo and instrumentals. I just saw an awesome DJ set at Best Buy for around $200, but at my local store, it had it for around $150 which is pretty good. It's a Numark brand DJ set which is really good with an iPod dock built into it. Here's the pic of what it looks like:

The more I see this beauty, the more I'm tempted to be ready to start scratching mixes with this thing. Also what tempted me to be a DJ was playing DJ Hero. :lol: I know, but the songs from that game really wanted me to push myself into doing something like this. As soon as I get paid from my job, I'm going out and buying this thing and have all sorts of songs loaded on my laptop and mix the heck out of it.

Having trouble with my sig

I'm trying to put a sig on the forums and share them with everybody. I have already read the stickies, but they are old and don't really help me. Does anyone know how I can post them? Friends?

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