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Safari > blank page, IE > error here.

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Same here, only since about week ago or so..

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Oh, thank you so much, I knew it wasn't on my side. Strange thing is that it worked all the time before even with zoomed pages and it started only recently - like 1 week or so. Strange indeed, but thanks anyway.

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Hello, recently I started to have problems as you see on image, when I browse user reviews of any game ratings next to headlines are not shown. If I select some of reviews then its fine - inside. I used IE8 before and had no problem, recently I switched to Safari and was ok, then later started this. I tried IE8 again and same problem. I tried to disable web-cache(Squid) on server that am connected through to internet and still bad. I also tried to clear all browser data and cache and no help. Therefore I believe it could be on GS side. Did admins changed some code? Did it happened before? Please advice, thanks in advance.

user ratings not showing