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Console ownage?

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Alright, I've gotten a few messages lately from various people wondering what console I think is better than the other... There's really something everyone must understand about me. I am NOT a biased gamer. I have a pretty varied amount of games on different systems, and to ask me which console dominates is.. I dunno.. immature? Sorry if that offends, but I'm really sick of this topic. However, I will give out a perspective of the consoles:

Playstation 3:

I actually bought a PS3 before my 360. At the time I was still kind of on the poor side, and I had a regular X-box, so I still played the regular ****cs. This system to me is amazing. Simply because I can really do whatever I want with it. Surf the internet? Done.. Play blu-rays? Done.. Voice chat instead of phone calling my buds and wasting minutes? Done.. Not wanting to fork up online fees? thank you God.. It's true when they say the hardware that goes into this machine is stunning, because it really is. The PS3 was a great investment purchase for me because simply put I can use it as a computer if need be.

X-Box 360:

Is a great gaming machine. Though not as versitle as the PS3.. this thing is very good at what it does.. and that is play great games. I totally get the ease aspect of making games for it. It's cheap.. mass quantities of games.. very flexible networking for Live. And it's American... *shrug*Do I think the 360 has a future of competing with the PS3's hardware?.. well yes and no. The 360 has a great virtual memory capacity.. more-so than the PS3. However.. everything else about the hardware is a step below. True most port games have recently looked better on the 360, but I believe in time the ATI graphics card used in the machine will become apparent as outdated once developers get a grasp on how to use the PS3's hardware to it's full potential. In the meantime, I will continue to play and have a great time.


Simply put.. i hate this machine.. any time I play it I actually have to do a friggin workout just to beat a level.. Gaming to me is all about sitting your lazy ass on a couch, and munchin on chips while playing.

True this console is geared more towards kids.. and the.. ADD crowd.. :/ but overall I can't stand it.

Sounds kinda sketchy cause I said I'm not biased.. and I'm not.. because some games are cool for the Wii.. I just don't feel like playing them if it requires me to sweat.

and there you have it.. my opinion on all the machines. I hope you're happy...