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Post E3 2010 Thoughts and Booth Babe Science

So, we are now about 2 weeks out from E3 being over this year. Was this year excellent or what!? For me Nintendo took the stage and everyones breath away with the announcements they had. Confirming and presenting the Nintendo 3DS was enough for me, but the other titles like Donkey Kong and Kid Icarus was extremely exciting. These are two very iconic characters that have not recieved any sort of spotlight for a very long time. :)

Of course I loved the Konami press conference and thought it was excellent too, but man do the japanese producers get into their games. I think they live, love, and breathe their titles. It's not a bad thing, but they can act awefully strange at times and it's funny because some of the press that was there really didn't know what to do. There would be these moments of silence and then random laughter after some of the comments the producers would make. :lol:

For Microsoft and Sony, they focused way too much on peripherals this year and not enough on games or new technology they could be working on besides Kinect and Move.... I don't really have much more to say for them, I was not impressed by either one at all and I am still very skeptical about the whole Kinect thing and how well it will be integrated with "normal" games and not only the ones designed specifically for it. :?

So, overall E3 this year was aweseome as far as the games that were premiered and more or less told us as gamers to get ready to spend a lot of money this year. We haven't had this good of a gaming year in a loooooooooooong time! :D


Here is an article on the science behind booth babes and gives a slightly different outlook on those pretty ladies we all get to gawk at every year. :lol: