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E3 2009 Press Conferences.... Who's the big dog now?

So, here are the press conferences from E3 2009 and there is so much good info that was brought to us from each company it's hard to determine who won our hearts over last year. In the end, I feel that Sony was the big dog of E3 2009. Everyone seems to be extremely hyped up for this years E3 event. It all boils down to this.... Who will be the big dog this year?

Last year Microsoft brought many things to the table for us. things like Facebook, Twitter, Netflix, Project Natal, and many new games. They are always in the race to stay slightly ahead of the game, keep us on the edge and wanting what they have to offer. As a company Microsoft came in late to the gaming industry, but has slowly taken huge shares of the market and became something that many of us enjoy and beautiful graphics to boot. Here, check out last years video and see what your predictions for this year are going to be.


Nintendo's press conference was quiet interesting and they . They are the best at keeping things secret until E3, aside from the occasional leak here and there. They seemed to be focused mainly on praising the widespread crowd they attract, from kids at home to professionals in the work place. They also showed many of the new peripherals that were coming out for the Wii at the time. Of course they hyped up Mario quiet a bit for all his infamy. I hope this year they will bring more info for us, especially info on the 3DS Project. Check this out and see if you can possibly guess what we have in store this year from Nintendo.


Sony had a lot to offer at last years press conference, as always. They have been the ones who set the landmarks that next-gen systems have to compete with. Every console from Sony has been a smash hit. They premiered over 300 games at last years E3, that is A LOT of games. Although, they did premier the PSPGo which thus far is not doing so well. To be realistic us gamers like having out hard media, not digital copies. They did a really good job covering all of their platforms and providing info for the systems and games alike. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and Sony has that for sure. Watch and see what you think, I was impressed.