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Castlevania RAWKS!!!!!!

Ok, this is my first blog EVER! Other than maybe FB or Twitter, but that is more social networking than blogging. I have been a fan of GameSpot for many years and decided to get more involved recently to be able to connect with other gamers and discuss gaming (mainly Castlevania). Anyway, Castlevania in my opinion is THE BEST running game series ever made. Mario has been another one that has been a really good series as well, but I am hooked hardcore on Castlevania. I think it is truly the first series I feel I could play through multiple times and never get tired of it. Konami has done a wonderful job in keeping the same feel and format, but adding and changing the elements of the game just enough to make the next one different and great! There are many things I like from each game so it is hard to say which one would be my favorite.....