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That's been discussed quite a lot on the official forums. The general consensus is that the AI plays aggressively to win, which is very human-like but doesn't necessarily lead to the best experience for a single player game. I have no idea what Stardock plans to do about it, if anything.
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You gambled on a 30% shot and are upset that you missed? You need to remember that the under-the-hood math and what is represented on the screen aren't necessarily in sync. It might appear you have a clear shot, but if the under-the-hood number crunching is telling you otherwise then trust the numbers.
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Cant believe they charge the full price for a beta that is more like a crappy alpha.Crush_Project

You posted on October 16 when the game was still in public beta, so I'm not sure if you're a troll or a moron.

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I agree.  I really liked the original Elemental, though I readily admit that it had some significant shortcomings.  This game is a significant improvement and tons of fun.  Anybody who has lamented about the "dumbed down" strategy games of late really needs to give this one a look.

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Go sit for a shot and save.

Take the shot and note if its a hit or a miss. Load the save and t ake like 50 shots.

After like 50 times you could argue if its really a 70% chance or just bullocks. If its rigged like some say, then you are going to get either 50 hits or 50 misses.


Except the random seed is saved with the game so that people can't "save scum" -- that is continuously reload a game until even a 1% chance results in a hit.  That's why I said you'd have to keep track of multiple shots throughout several battles.

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My memory of the games is primarily one of luck mattering more than unit stats or tactics, or anything else short of weight of numbers, maybe. In these games I had zero luck, even my entire army could not dislodge Italian regulars from Sidi Barani, despite my technological and statistical superiority.jpnelson82

You know what they say: luck favors those with a good plan.  If your entire game plan is being undone by a few turns of "bad luck", then I think it's safe to say that you didn't have a very good game plan in the first place.

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As the saying goes, random is random. Missing four 90% shots in a row is entirely possible when we're dealing with random numbers.

Part of the problem, I think, is that people have a tendancy to remember the high percentage shots that missed rather than the majority of ones that hit. In order to test the accuracy of percentages, you'd need to keep track of every single shot throughout several battles -- the more the better -- and then see how the numbers add up.

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The only bad thing about it is that it reminds how much time I've wasted in my life by showing hours played per game (seriously, can I reset this?)ZakMcKracken
It's slightly depressing, isn't it? However, I find it more depressing that some people think a large hours-played figure is worth bragging about.
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I'm all for a lengthy, detailed review. I just found the "Angry Joe" persona intensely annoying.
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I watched an Angry Joe video once. I am determined to never repeat that mistake.