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School's up.

I am dangerously close to beginning high school. No more primary school, I am going to college, but I still want to think of it as a high school. Nevermind, it will be a while until I get used with the schedule, the transport (because I will have to change several buses till there), the teachers. After that while, I suppose everything will be fine. Now, since I haven't updated my blog in a while and I've been absent from GS from a long time, I want to keep you up to date (if you are interested). The framerate problems with my HD 5770 are fixed, due to some modded drivers. I also bought a camera, a Lovecraft book, and Call of Duty Black Ops, all of them off Amazon. The problem is that Black Ops still runs incredibly crappy, even after the latest patches and config changes I have done after some guides. It's playable, but I suffer from intense stuttering and sometimes the game even freezes, considering I paid 100 dollars for it.


Interesting story.

A lot have happened since I have not blogged, you won't believe it. First of all, I told you that I went to the seaside for 6 days or so, and guess what, when I get back home everything is a huge mess. My mo-bo and PSU were completely burnt because of a violent thunderstorm that has occured two weeks ago. I went to change those two faulty pieces: I paid 100 dollars for both ( but they were not the same models, nor replacements). Not to mentioned that my internet modem got burnt too and I had to wait another 6 days, WITHOUT INTERNET. That is outrageous, sirs. Believe it or not, the thunderstorm was something good. It seemed that my ex-PSU still could not handle the HD 5770, and the one that I recently bought takes it just fine. Also my new motherborad seems to be really good, it has won several awards. But I am quite dissapoined with my HD 5770, sadly. For some reason, even after a clean reinstall of windows 7, the nvidia drivers from my ex-card still pop up in driver sweeper, and I am afraid that is what has been causing some bad framerates, even at low resolutions like 1280x720. Especially the COD series are running crappy as hell. Some games are running very satisfactory, like Twin Sector or Velvet Assassin, but I was expecting more.... ;___;

I ordered an HD 5770!

Off of It seems that mturk has finally proved itself worth the time. It costed about 200$ with shipping taxes included. It will ship between 29th of June - 1st of July. And I am nervous because I am going to the seaside in july for one week, and I'll see my card only after that time ;(. Anyway, I am thrilled!


I have finished with the exams. Now I can FINALLY enjoy my summer. The results will be posted on Friday, I'll make sure to share you my happiness! Cheers ! ^^

1 finished. 1 to go.

I have just come back home from my first exam. It was easy as 1-2-3 haha, and I hope the mark will be outstanding. The maths exam is in 2 days starting from now, hope it will be as easy as this. I am semi-happy.


"That" time has come for me too. Well, I do not intend to over react but, on these exams, pretty much, depends my future, my career. I have to sustain two exams: one at my maternal language and one at maths. Everybody tells me I shouldn't be worried, but I am tormented, and I won't find my rest until I am not done with them. Yet, I still had some cheerful events today, I finished The Witcher Enhanced Edition, and well, wow, whata splendid game it was. One of the best RPGs ever !

The exams start on:

20th of June: Maternal Language

22th of June: Maths

Wish me luck, and, I'll post the results when I'll have them :D.


yer scurvy lubber mate.

Bought The Witcher 2. Unplayable.

It seems that my PC simply can't handle this, which is downright stupid, I could played Dirt 2 which had better graphics perfectly, I could even play Crysis, but this game on the LOWEST possible settings still refuses to work smoothly. Kind of expected this... that's it, until I buy a more juicy video card I'll stick to the The Witcher Enhanced Edition, and they'd better release one for this seqeul too.

Witcher 2 is out!

And I am freaking out like a kid in the candy store. I simply can't put in words how awesome the first game was, and sadly I had to reinstall Windows when I was Chapter 5/7. Even though I stored the savegames on a DVD, they simply refuse to work. I put them in the right folder, I play something like for 4-5 minutes (inventory is all right and so on) and then it simply crashes to the desktop without a clue. I would have enjoyed to finish the first game and then start the second one.. but meh. I am so gonna buy this game, I spent days in a row playing The Witcher 1 so I am freaking out for this game. I applaud CD Projekt.


I haven't blogged for something like 4 months so I felt like I shared something with you. Haven't bought any games; yeah, I am just stuck with MW2 and MW1, that's all I play for now, oh and Amnesia: The Dark Descent, which literally passed out for. My heartbeat was so high that I had to take pills, seriously, and I still dare to play it because it's so damn good. Also, since the 12th of April I started working on mturk! For those of you who doesn't know what mturk means, well it's basically crowdworking. Mturk was designed to do things a computer can't do even with its complex algorithms; for instance a computer can't do an article for some website; the computer simply doesn't rationalize so... So far I've made *checks mturk account* 34.63 dollars, but I've barely covered the transport tax... my next "toy" is HD 5770 which is only 115 dollars so I need to gathere something around 160 dollars; not so much considering a friend of mine made 280 dollars in one month! D: So what's up with you? Have you played Amnesia? What's your mturk account status?