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Duo - Trio

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Just finished "The Testament of Sherlock Holmes" and some days before finished too "Call of Duty: Black Ops II" & two or three weeks before "Battlefield 3" Battlefield 3 was just phenomenal! I don't need to add anything, there are already enough specialized articles about it. Call of Duty: Black Ops on the other hand, the very start, i found little stupid to be honest. Kind of the gameplay was just way beyond Battlefield 3, which gives u, i can say, a feel of realism & with the graphics the sound it was just...great! Anything more said will be unnecessary. So ... what was my point? As i said i was little dissapointed, but believe me! As deeper i went into the game the story, the locations the actions in the game are just PHENOMENAL. I mean, the story is twice better than B3 the locations are too, the whole actions that are ongoing and different like moving in a plane in a tank giving u perspective from commanding from stealth plane and in the same time synchronizing as would give u much better picture of what is happening in the very moments of the action, the story itself its just great! I will make u seat on the chair in front of the PC for a long time if u enter these parts of the game. About The Testament of Sherlock Holmes, it might appear as stupid for some but i really like the games in which u need to turn on ur brain and have a little more brainstorming too in order to solve some mystery. The way of story development is great. If i was about to rate the game the rate would be 100% above 8.5 If u want that kind of games this is one you must not miss! And now ... i just downloaded Black Ops II and i am going to see how it looks like ...


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Hi, i just wrote something about Batman the game Arkham City, nothing important :) i just shared my opinion about the game. Here on a short i just wanna tell you, for those who doesnt know, about a simulator platform named rFactor which is very easy to download and have many mods for it. So you can drive from Yugo up to F1 cars. You can drive in a rally on whatever track you like around the world. Its not like Toca or something like that, its more like a game where you only add your skills and almost for real - you drive! The game is not about racing in single player career etc its more for online. You can find many things about that driving simulator platform on the site On google though you can type Download rFactor and links will be availible for you very easy. You need rFactor v1255 which is about 1gb large, not much at all, compared to Max Payne 3, 30gb which is a HELL OF A GAME!!!! Speaking about it i was little kid and saw just the first few games that were released for Xbox :D i said to myself "wow what a game! (payne was sliding aside in slow motion on a TV games review ) when i will be able to play such things?" And here i am :D i did all of them, but then i was only 8-9 years. Today i am 23 :) almost 24 and i barely have time to play some games, to separate enough time so i can concentrate on her ... i just play it for fun in spare time i have around home, playing mostly online with friends. So ... most of the times i do that is about F1 driving. Important about the rFactor is that you need to have steering wheel so you can drive it actually, because without it its very hard and you wont get good laptimes. In the world of F1 particulary parts of the seconds last forever...if you got my point, so u need steering wheel and pedals. More about the game you can search on youtube Type the words like "maduav rFactor" just like i did and you will see my videos of the game and my drivings. And also you can find on my channel some driving online too. Even my driving around local kart track in Skopje :P BYE BYE! Friends are awaiting me, we are going to play PES13 ... i need to teach them a lesson ;) HALA MADRID! :D

Batman: Arkham City

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Batman Arkham City by my opinion is just one of the best games ever, the story the graphics in the game the movements the running style of Batman itself and everything else around the town is just by my opinion, putting this game very high on the all time games produced. There are many many games around, i have too played many, since a kid i have played Silent Hill and all its parts of the story, with my cousin to play me as helper (i was small and scared from such games xD ) i remember great stories and missions or puzzles we have been through. Just EPIC! Like a movie. Resident Evil? To find the path scheme so u can survive and everything else with it...zombies chasing on your back, and you don't just fight back, but you need to find the way to escape! Next is Gothic, an old old game with relative POOR graphics but still the map the sites in that world and all that was offered there is just ... in my head and i remember that game as one of my best ever. But there is something about Batman, he was my childhood best hero, considering Spiderman Superman and all the others, he is just like the BEST FIGURE of all, no killing, that rightful man who had hard childhood and parents killed become Gothams Dark Knight, phenomenal story. Plus added Rachel to that. Of course Batman like its today on the movies wasnt presented back in 95 when i was only 5 years but still the mask the robe he has the whole costume is just...i love it. And the game just makes me feel like i am in it. I dont know if u get my point but the game, when you play it you have free options to fly to run to make different tricks while in battle to search for vigilanties and everything else. The story about Ra's Al Ghul the League of the Shadows about the Joker cure and everything else, the Pinquin is great definitly! I love the game! From always i thought, Game with Child Heroes?! You gotta be kidding me! That game cannot be popular, we all know whats all about! But no, i was wrong, even he was as i said my FAV character i was pessimistic about the game, but when i played and finished, i was amazed. Even today i still have it even i have turned around on the second level. So much i have written. Thats my opinion about the game which i love, at least the game that was recently released. Within a year perhaps, i am not sure, nevermind.