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Come Read This Blog and I'll Give You Free Cake!!

Hello one and all, it's been quite a while now since I've blogged about anything personal and since it's almost midnight where I am I decided that now is the perfect time to write a blog that practically nobody will read. :D

And for all of you out there saying "Alright, I'm here. Now where the hell is my free cake?" I'm afraid I must inform you that the cake is a lie. :P

You have to admit you kind of walked right into that one.

*Ducks as various objects are thrown at him*

Alright then, now that you're all here you might as well stick around for the rest, right?

*Everyone walks out of the room*

....Well I kind of walked right into that one too....


So I recently joined a scanlation group called Trinity BAKumA as a translator. So far we've only done Fairy Tail and Beelzebub but I think we're doing a good job considering that there's only three of us in the group. Now I don't know how many of you will find this fascinating, since a majority of people who read my blogs are in the Fairy Tail Union and already know about the group.

So school's just as enjoyable as ever...which isn't saying much.

I've got two midterms next week that I still haven't studied for, I have to read Hamlet and write a paper about it in about two weeks, and a bunch of other miscellaneous redundant tasks that a trained monkey could accomplish and yet for some reason college students are still required to do in order to pass a cl@ss

Doing these random task's for cl@ss credit almost makes me feel like Pavlov's dog.

This weekend I have to go to my sister's wedding, and for some reason that I still have yet to comprehend she wants me to be one of the groomsmen. I have to rent an uncomfortable tux which I will only wear for one day while I'm standing in front of a large group of people without doing much of anything (which, once again, a trained monkey could do).

After that I have to spend many hours with my sister and her friends as they go around to random bars getting drunk off their @sses.

Oh yeah, this weekend is goings to be great. :roll:

The one silver lining in the whole mess is that I convinced them to let me bring a friend along with me.

Well as much as I complain I am glad to see my sister get married to a decent guy and I hope they have a very happy life together somewhere that is very, very, far away from me. Though I do wonder sometimes why they decided to get married. :|


And now for something completely different!

Next week I have my Fall break so I'll have two extra days off of school. My friends are going to be staying with me at my house and we're going to be spending the weekend doing whatever the hell we feel like which I'm really looking forward to.

Well I'm all our of witty banter and complaints....for now. So I suppose this marks the end of today's blog.

Good night everybody!

The Fairy Tail Union!

Hello my friends its been quite a while hasn't it? :D

So I'm here today to offer you guys an amazing opportunity. A chance to join the exclusive Fairy Tail Union!

Alright so we're not so much an exclusive club as we are lacking members. :P

The Fairy Tail Union is a union here on gamespot that is dedicated to the increasingly popular series Fairy Tail created by Hiro Mashima, the creator of the also popular Rave Master. You may or may not have seen the review I wrote about it waaaaaay back last year.

We just celebrated our one year anniversary and we're looking to bring in more members.

And what better way to do that then with blatant advertising? :D

So if you are interested in joining (and who wouldn't be?) then leave a comment and I'll send you an invitation. I hope to see you guys around soon!

Also here's a link in case you're curious.

(Happy now Nic? :P )

Dusk's Art Gallery

Hello my friends. So, as those of you on the Fairy Tail union know I've been drawing lately. Mostly Soul Eater characters.But anyways I thought I'd show off my artistic skills. So here we go:

Let's start off with something simple:

Shinigami-sama! My first attempt at drawing.

Next we move up in difficulty:

Medusa, also from Soul Eater. This is her new look from the latest chapter that I just felt like drawing. I think it turned out pretty good.

Next we have what I think is my best one yet:

Maka, the main character of Soul Eater. This is from one of the latest chapters. I put a lot of work into this one.


Death the Kid, I wasn't as satisfied with this one. I think I kind of screwed up on the head.

Finally my latest work, a non-Soul Eater character for a change and my first request:

Buggy from One Piece. I think it went pretty well.

So let me know what you think. Like it? Love it? Hate it?

Give me some opinions. But remember, my feelings get hurt very easily.

I can't make any promises but if you want to make requests for characters for me to draw then I wouldn't mind doing it in my spare time.

See you later.

The Stress of a College Student


Oh, hey there guys.


What? So I'm not my energetic self like usual. But if you went through the same week that I've been going through then you would be mentally exhausted too.

Oh the woes of the college student. Far be it from me to complain (note: sarcasm) but this week has beaten the will to live right out of me.

I'm sure my fellow college goers out there can relate.

WARNING: If you wish to skip my rant (which I highly recommend) then please skip over this next section:


Let us recap my week so far:

I had to write two papers for the same class both due within a class period of each other and my professor had only informed us of them a week prior to when they were due. In addition I also have a test in that class as well which my professor was also kind enough to inform us about five days before it was due. So now I had to read three chapters in the book that we only briefly covered in class.

But wait there's more!

In another class, I had to write a major paper (a rough draft mind you) that I pretty much didn't put any effort into before turning it in so I expect a bad grade on that. I now have to peer review two other papers, in addition to my own, for the final draft by Tuesday and finish the final draft by Thursday.

Time for another source of stress!

I had yet another test in another class last week that required me to read five chapters in a short period of time. The test was brutal and it's a personal relief that it's over.

In my Japanese class, we have daily vocab quizzes that really aren't that bad. But coupled with the rest of my workload and it's starting to become taxing. I also need to finish about another six hours in the foreign language lab before the end of the semester and finish the first few chapters of exercises in my workbook.

Finally I have a project to do in statistics that requires me to use a new statistical program called SPSS (think MicrosoftExcel only retarded) which I only just figured out how to use (sort of). And that's all due by tomorrow.

So that's it for classes but I have more stress to deal with such as:

Completeing my required community service hours for this semester, picking out my classes for next semester, finding a roommate for next semester, finidng a job for summer break, keeping up with my studying, and preparing for finals next month.



Ok rant over, if you skipped it then let me give you a brief summary:

I've had a lot of crap to do.

By the end of this week I was like this:

Kind of graphic but otherwise pretty accurate.

So yeah, I just felt like ranting so feel free to ignore this blog if you want. Don't want to sound like whiner or anything.

That's all, hope you guys are having a better time then I am! See you later.

Review Time! With A Twist!

Hey there loyal fans, I'm back with yet another review. Only this time I not reviewing or anime/manga. Well I sort of am.

This reviews subject is:

That's right, Dragonball Evolution.

I tracked down a bootleg of it online, the entire thing was low quality and a few chunks of seconds were cut out of various scenes but I got the overall jist of it.

Now before you freak out and go into pure hatred mode, let me say this. I fully intend to give this movie the same chance as I have every other anime/movie/manga/book/etc. that I have ever watched or read.

Now without further ado:

Dragonball Evolution

2000 years ago the dark lord Picollo and the giant ape Oozaru battled and as a result of their conflict, the entire human race was almost wiped out. Seven monks managed to seal away Picollo at the cost of their own lives.

Back to modern day, we meet a young Goku. A high school student with superhuman abilities that lives with his grandfather Gohan. He's an awkward kid who doesn't fit in at school and doesn't have any friends. On his birthday, his grandfather gives him the four-star dragonball and tells him the legend. There are seven dragonballs scattered across the world and if you gather them all you are granted one perfect with.

Meanwhile, Picollo has broken free from the seal that held him somehow and is now hunting for the dragonballs around the world and eliminating anyone who gets in his way. He eventually comes to Gohan in search of the four-star ball but when he discovers that it isn't there he kills Gohan. Goku, who had been at a party, rushes back home in time to be with his grandfather in the last few seconds of his life.

What follows is a journey to search for the dragonballs and to defeat Piccolo. Along the way, Goku gains allies such as Bulma, the daughter of the Capsule Corporation CEO. Master Roshi, who trains Goku. And Yamcha, a goofy thief.

Together they mus......

You know what? No!

I tried, I really did but that sentence is where my patience ran out. This movie SUCKS! S-U-C-K-S!

I can forgive them for not making Bulma's hair blue. I can forgive them for turning Piccolo yellow. I can even forgive them for getting rid of Krillin.

But I can not forgive them for turning Goku into some whiny, awkward, social outcast high school student that no one seems to understand!:evil:

This is not Dragonball, this is Hollywood's latest attempt to churn a buck out of a popular franchise at the expense of the fans.

The scenes have absolutely no flow. The entire thing is rushed. One minute Goku is at a party beating up some bullies and ten minutes later Bulma is trying to shoot him. They tried to take the first few story arcs of the original series and compress it into an hour and a half of stupid jokes, cheap special effects, crappy fight scenes, and a story so pathetically slapped together that it leaves the viewer wondering what the heck they just saw?

What really ticks me off is that this was supposed to a movie for the fans yet it doesn't even seem like they made any attempts to keep the original material. Sure the dragonballs are in there and it's the same basic plot.

But if you take away the dragonballs and replace them with some other all powerful ancient artifact and change the character names then there is no way that anyone could recognize this as Dragonball.

Fans new this was going to happen. They've been doing it to comic books for years and now they've moved on to anime. I died a little inside when I saw this movie. They managed to do what everyone knew they were going to do when they first heard this movie was going to be made.

Way to go FOX! Thanks for angering fans across the globe!

I give this movie a:



I'm sorry, I really tried to give this movie a chance because I didn't want to be one of those whiny fans that gets mad whenever something like this happens. But this movie just made me mad. Half way through I wished that I actually drank, because alcohol is the only way I could have sat through this movie without getting mad.


To think, these are the people who will be making the Cowboy Bebop movie.

Well my rant is over, I leave you this little tidbit of information:

They implied at the end of the movie that there will be a sequel. And guess what? They're already talking about a script.:x

You hear that?

That's the sound of Dragonball fans all over the world facepalming themselves.

AnimeSTL Recap! Oh The Madness! The Madness!

So hello one and all! How was your weekend? Mine went great as I'm sure you already guessed.

Why, those of you who don't talk to me on a regular basis ask? I'll tell you why.

AnimeSTL Baby!

The convention was great and I'm here to share the experience with all of you who were unfortunate enough to miss it.

So recap begin!

Friday: D-day!

Got up at six, packed my junk, and got picked up by my friends. We then proceeded to drive for about two hours from Cape Giradeau to St. Louis. Well, anyway. We apparently got out times mixed up. We arrived at the convention at about 11:00 A.M. but the opening ceremonies didn't start until 3:00. So we basically just hung out in the hotel for hours since nothing was open.

The hotel the convention was being held in was apparently holding another event. A gun show...


Yeah that's a brilliant idea, put AnimeSTL next to a bunch of inbred hicks with guns.

Anyways, the day started, got some pictures bought some stuff and went to some panels. They were great, funny, and I blew most of my spending money on that day.

It was very stressful though, we spent a better part of the day running around trying to find out where to sign up for the masquerade and where group photos were going to be held.

The day ended with me watching a really bad movie in one of the video rooms (Robotech, terrible movie. Don't watch unless you want your brain to explode.)

Fell asleep at midnight and got ready for the next day.

Saturday: The Masquerade

So we got up early and headed to the convention for day number two. If you thought Friday was crazy, then Saturday was pure madness of a level you can't imagine. The place was packed, over 2000 people showed up from what I heard. The hallways became a maze of people to try to navigate through.

So we went to a few panels and then checked in for the mandatory meeting for people participating in the masquerade. We spent two hours in line (because they got the schedule wrong) holding our props (A lot by the way) waiting for it to start. By the end of it, we just decided that our skit was going to be too much trouble and just did a walk-in.

The Masquerade was fun but we were backstage the entire time and we didn't get to see anybody else's skits. Thanks to the magic of youtube I've now been caught up on everything.

Bought some more stuff, watched some more anime, went to a Rave and that was it for Saturday/Sunday morning.

Sunday: The Closing

Sunday was my favorite day. We got there early again and went to see Travis Willingham, the voice actor of Roy Mustang from Fullmetal Alchemist.

He was really funny. And I now have a story from his panel to share with you:

The panel took place in a huge grand ballroom which was split down the middle with one of those fold out walls. The other side of the room was occupied by a group of church goers that were there for that days mass.

Well it wasn't just any Church, it was one of those churches with one of those preachers who yell "Hallelujah" every five seconds. Well once Travis got his microphone he immediately said "I have an idea."

He got up on stage, turned the speakers around so they were facing the walls and then proceeded to yell in to the microphone at the top of his lungs.

The church goers pretty much kept quiet after that.:D

Later on we went to closing ceremonies and then got Travis's and Spike Spencer's (Shinji from Evangelion) autographs.

And with that are weekend ended.


What would a con be without pictures to share?

Well here's some I thought you might enjoy:

Me in my costume.

Me in my costume.

My friends Leah and Erica.

Travis Willingham at his panel.

And now just some really cool costumes I saw there:

Two Haruhi's!!!

Unfortunately, I forgot my camera on Saturday when most of the really cool costumes were there so I missed a lot of great pictures.

Anyways, here's some of the stuff I wasted my money on.

D.gray man poster, signed by Travis Willingham (he's going to be the voice actor of Kanda).

I pimped out my laptop! (The One Piece one got screwed up when I put it on)

Shinigami-sama T-shirt. It's one size too small for me but I just had to get it!

And finally, my favorite souvenir's:

Soul Eater Figures!!! They didn't have Soul Eater or Liz, so this was all I got. I'm going to have to find those online. Still these things are so cool! I spent about $100 on them.

So that's it see you later!

I Give You, Our Script!

So remember how I said that my friends and I will be doing a skit at AnimeSTL. Well I thought I'd give you a preview.

WARNING: Do not read the following if you are pregnant or have had recent major surgery. Enjoy!:D


Olimar: Nevermind that! Now I finally have you Light Yagami. No one can deny the facts; you are a cross-dressing Kira! *Points sword at Light's throat*

Rufus: No! My Idol! Kira! I'll save you! *He launches from his chair and whips off the sheet. He is now Misa.* Odd, fitting, but odd. *Shrugs* Light, here's your boom-stick! *Throws his sword to Light*....


To be continued?

Confused, I sure as heck was. In case you're wondering, no I did not write this. My mind is not that warped. The credit goes to my friend Leah who is also the costume mistress. She's very funny, if not crazy to a point. I just provided the voice of Rufus (before he turned into Misa). They asked me to play Rufus and I was alright with that, until I found out that he turned into Misa.




At that point I almost had a seizure. Dressing up as Kyoya is bad enough, but I will not now, OR EVER, cross-play!

So I opted to play the stage ninja.

So liked the preview? I'll see if I can get someone to record it and I'll upload it sometime.

Can't wait, only about two more days to go!

Is nothing sacred anymore!?!?

Yeah I know, two blogs in such a short amount of time is rare for me. But this just had to be said!

Has anybody else noticed that America seems to be making more and more remakes of anime into films lately?

Here I have four popular anime that have either already been made into a movie, are in the process of being made, or are rumored of being made.


First we have Dragonball, a hellish movie that was so bad that most of the Japanese people who saw it thought it was supposed to be a comedy.

So this movie was crap, I expected it to be crap and yet the sheer level of crappiness shocked me anyways.

I'm not going to try to list all the things wrong with this movie because I don't have that kind of time.


I heard about this one a few months ago.

Has anybody ever heard of Astroboy?

Astroboy was one of the very first anime and it's popularity at the time is one of the reasons anime is still around today.

Well Disney is apparently remaking it. I will once again refrain from giving my opinion on this one since I'm most likely to use inappropriate language while doing so.


This has been a rumor on the internet for a while now:

A Cowboy Bebop movie.

Who doesn't remember Cowboy Bebop? It was one of my first anime and is still one of my favorites.

Well it's pretty much been confirmed that Fox will be making this movie sometime in 2011, and they've offically announced who will be playing Spike:

That's right Keanu Reeves...



I almost threw up when I read this.

I can't believe their casting a guy who only has one facial expression as Spike!

But nothing, and I mean nothing could prepare me for this next one.


So who saw the live action Death Note movies?

They were pretty good right? Well apparently America thought so as well which is why their remaking them.

Right now they're still working out the details.

But they pretty much have confirmed who will be playing Light Yagami:

Who could they possibly get to play such a dark, intelligent, psychopathic mass murderer?

Why none other then:

Zack Efron

That's right the star of High School Musical is Kira.

I died inside when I heard this and I sincerely hope that it is just a rumor.


So here we have four major anime franchises being remade into (what will and are incredibly crappy) English movies.

Which brings me back to the title of this blog.


What series will be the next victim of America's lust for crapping out terrible remakes?

Naruto? Bleach? Inuyasha? Trigun? Evangelion?

I don't think I'll be able to take much more of this.

Anime STL!!

Yes I can't wait!

In about a week I'll be going to Anime STL! My very first anime convention ever.

For those of you who are wondering, I will be cosplaying as two different characters.

The first is Kakuzu from Naruto:

a character I wanted to cosplay as for a while, he's a total badass. I know, kind of stupid cosplaying as a Naruto character but I don't care, Kakuzu is awesome.

And the second one, I'm kind of being forced into dressing up as. It's Kyoya from Ouran High School Host Club...

This guy:

...I think I'm going to die of shame from this one. Let me explain, my friend is making my Kakuzu costume for me and in exchange she drafted me into dressing up as this guy. She also got five other people to play the other host club members. Personally I think the only reason she's making me do this is because I wear glassess and have a slightly similar haircut.


Moving on, this is going to be great. If any of you plan on going then let me know, I won't meet up with you or anything there because meeting someone you talk to online in real life is just creepy. But hey, it'll be fun.

I really wanted to go last year and meet Johnny Young Bosch, the voice actor of Ichigo Kurosaki from Bleach and former black power ranger:

But unfortunately I had to work that week. But this year I have no obligations and will not miss it for anything.

So I'll be taking lots of pictures and posting them up online. But do not expect any pictures of me dressed as Kyoya because those will be put up on the internet over my dead rotting maggot infested corpse.

Well that's all. Enjoy!


Oh I almost forgot. My friends and I are doing a skit, well I'm not actually in the skit itself. I'm the stage ninja!

Basically I hand people things.

The dialogue had to be pre-recorded and submitted to them and that's what they'll be doing instead of shouting out to the audience.

My friends used my voice for one of the characters, so basically they've got me on tape saying some...well let's just say strange things.

I'll have someone record the skit and put up a link for it sometime soon.

Review Time Finally!

Hello friends, it has been quite a while. :D

*crickets chirping*

Yeah yeah I know I have no excuse aside from my utter laziness and that idiotic voodoo wizard. But hey the wizard has been taken care of and won't be causing me anymore problems. How did I get rid of him you ask? Let's just say I gave him a taste of his own medicine.:twisted: And now I have my very own zombie minion. :D

Alright, silliness aside lets get down to business. I'm a little rusty at this but I'll give it my best shot.

So ladies and gentlemen without further ado I give you...

Liar Game


You are 1 in 100,000 people who have been entered in the amazing LIAR GAME TOURNAMENT!"

This is the note attached to a package that young Nao Kanzaki receives in her mail one day along with 100,000,000 yen (roughly $1,000,000 in US). By opening the package she unknowingly becomes one of the thousands of contestants in a game that requires you to steal the money of your opponents. Quite the problem for Nao, whose famous for her honesty, so much so that she would turn in a 100 yen note (about 1 dollar) that she found on the street to the police.

The rules of the game are as follows: Once a person has opened the package containing the money given to them they are entered in the competition and are not allowed to withdraw. The object of the game is to steal the money that your opponent received so that you are the one with the larger amount of money after a period of 30 days. On the last day a representative comes to take back the money that was given to you. Any money that was stolen from your opponent is yours to keep but if your opponent managed to steal any of your then you are expected to pay it back. Meaning that if your opponent manages to steal all of your money then you shall be left with a debt of 100,000,000 yen.

Quite the incentive to win. Nao initially panics, going to everyone she knows for advice. But her friends don't take her seriously, her only family is her father who has been diagnosed with terminal cancer, and even the the lawyer she consults says that there is nothing they can do for her. Nao has no one to turn to and fears the day that she is to recieve the information on her opponent in the mail. But when she does she is instantly relieved to find out that her opponent is none other then her favorite middle school teacher.

She meets with him and they both discuss what to do. They come to the decision that they should each hang on to their money and wait for the officials to come and collect their money in 30 days and to just be done with it by then. Fearful that she might lose the money or it might be stolen in that time, her former teacher offers to put it into a safety deposit box for her. She agrees and is relieved that her crisis has been averted, until she receives another letter saying that her opponent is now in possession of her 100,000,000 yen.

That's right, the teacher she trusted tricked her into giving up her share of the money. With no other options left Nao makes a desperate decision, hiring a con-artist to get her money back for her. She gets the famous swindler Shinichi Akiyama on her side, and through some psychological warfare and clever tricks manages to get both her money and her former teachers money within the 30 days.

Nao is relieved and it seems like everything is going to be alright, until she receives yet another letter from the organization that sent her the money saying:

"Directions to the LIAR GAME, round 2" and thus begins Nao and Shinichi's unwilling participation in the Liar Game and their battle to find out the identity of the organization forcing people to play their game and trying to outwit the other contestants in a game of cunning and deception.


Woo, it feels weird writing one of these after so long. But I think it went pretty well. :D

I focused solely on the story this time around so if you want more info then here it is:

-The series currently has 42 (translated on onemanga) chapters and is running in a weekly magazine in Japan.

-It has been adapted into a live action series but as of now there is no anime (to the best of my knowledge).

-On onemanga the series is updated irregularly.

If you have any other questions about the series then either consult wikipedia, leave a comment, or send me a message.

So that's all, everything I mentioned in the review takes place in the first six chapters so I didn't spoil too much.

It was weird, this is the first series in a long time that I didn't want to stop reading. I stayed up all night reading the 42 chapters on onemanga and I am now obsessed with the series. I'm trying to track down the live action series but no luck so far. :(

So before you ask, this does not mean I'm back to the weekly reviews. I have no idea when my next one will be. It really depends on what kind of mood I'm in. This series just made me want to write about it for some reason.

Well that's all for now, I hope you all enjoy this long awaited post and I'll try not to keep you guys waiting too long for the next one. With that said I must now return to my homework!


And I just depressed myself with that...:cry: