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GTA 4 mods aside, we now know what the next generation will look like, and also how developers are holding back!!! But I guess its not a bad thing that they are holding back because how many people would be able to run something like this lol.

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Blood clots can form whether you move around or not, it just depends how your body handles them. Blood clots can form inside the body but regularily they are removed quite easily. This could happen to anyone even the most active of people, but if one seriously has a problem with blood clots they should look into some Anti-Coagulants such as Warfaren or Heparin.

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Yes, check your email. I already redeemed mine and they sent the email a few weeks ago. I would take the pins for the Platinum reward. The hanafuda cards are nice if your looking to make a profit imo.

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I have to completely dis agree. I think the Wii has been Nintendo's best console. Sales aside, it was revolutionary and it showed Nintendo takes risks. If you look at Sony and Microsoft, they ended out taking a piece out of Nintendo's book for motion controls. If you want to talk sales, they speak for themself. The Wii-U idea kind of scares me, but the Wii is hands down Nintendo's best console.

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I would look at it as a two way street. They can strip some of our Wii Exclusives but more will take their place. Also other consoles may lose their exclusives and make it onto the Wii.

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Hehe my cousin has 300+ steam games and counting. Thats what happens when game packs get awesome deals lol. I'd keep collecting if I were you.

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I believe its still quite alive. Even at times where you wouldnt expect anybody to be sitting at their playstation I find a game. Although at times people leave the session which gets annoying as it keeps searching for enough people.

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My first ever was Tony Hawks Pro Skater 2 lol, freakin classic lol. For PS2 it was Kingdom Hearts. PS3 was NHL 11.

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Im glad you asked the question. I was also wanting to get into the Zelda series after all the hype lately. I think I will start with a Link to the Past and see where it gets me.

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I want all the major franchises to have games on the WiiU. I hope to see a much better metroid experience and the marios' DK Zelda Pikmin and all that stuff as well. I wasn't too satisfied with Metroid other M and I think they might be able to do big things on the WiiU.