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Another E3 blog

I came back for the best coverage of E3, apart from actually being there. :) I know. No one even noticed I was gone. ;) I'll be hit or miss for a while though. I'm leaving for Japan Saturday! YAY! :D I'll be gone for two whole weeks. I'm excited! It's my third time there. But sadly when I return, I'll be heading back to the hospital. Yes, I said back. I had some health problems in April that put me in the hospital for 4 days and again once in May. I have to go back in July for major surgery. Hopefully, I'll stay out of the hospital once I recover from that. Eeks! I won't even get to play my PS3. :( It'll be all handhelds for me if I even feel like it. Ah well, right now I'm focusing on E3 and Japan. Coolness!

*waves hi to everyone*

Taking a break

I'm taking a major break away from Gamespot. With all the recent problems I've had posting, I almost forgot to even check in here. So I thought this would be a perfect time for me to announce a break. We'll see if I come back. There are also several little things that annoy me such as the constant flood in my inbox of lack of union activity by all. I understand that the fun of being in a union is reading new posts. And it's very upsetting to not get any but seriously. People have lives. If GS has the union levels moving, I would so be onboard with getting people motivated. But when I feel like I'm the only one posting in some places, it really feels futile everywhere. So I'm walking away for a bit. Time will tell if I stay away. I can still be found on my PS3 and PS3trophies for those who want to chat about whatever.

Now for some good news because I don't want this to be a downer of a blog. Here's some more reasons why I decided to step away for a bit. I just got promoted at work. YAY! But that means I have a lot more responsibility and less time to hop on forums and chat. While I was on breaks at work, that's when I normally logged in here for a few. I got a new boyfriend. YAY! It's brand new so I hope I'm not jinxing it by saying anything. I usually don't say anything until it becomes serious but I figured what the hey. If it doesn't work out, ah well. There's more fish in the sea. And I'm gearing up for my month long trip to Japan. WOO HOO! We've been planning it for a while. I'm so excited to be going back. It's my 3rd time. YAY! When I get back, I'm getting a puppy. SCARY! It's almost the one year anniversary of losing my dog so I decided it's time to jump back on that bandwagon. Of course, he'll have to wait until I get back from my trip.

In my spare time, spare? I'm refreshing my Spanish and taking Japanese lessons. Yes, let me warn you all. It is rough switching back and forth between two languages not to mention my native tongue of English. I have accidentally spoken Spanish when I meant to say something in Japanese. D'oh! And my best friend just loaned me Assassin's Creed Brotherhood. YAY! So I'll be seeing what the fuss is all about myself.

I'll end this blog with I'll see ya later! :)

Crisis Core bites the dust!

Well, I finally got around to defeating Crisis Core on my PSP. I enjoyed the game. I loved the art. I loved the graphics. I loved the story. I didn't like the gameplay. I really hated the so called stragedy guide. Overall, CC earns a solid 8 out of 10 from me.

I can rant for days on how much I hated the leveling system. A random chance wheel is not my idea of how to level. Apparently, it's not really random but that doesn't matter. I'm a firm believer in by using items frequently you get said items leveled up. I managed somehow to make it to level 52. The final bosses were level 53, 50 and 46 respectively. Yeah, they all went down easy. I never really learned how to fuse materia. It was all so confusing. I fused a few things and decided to just forget it after that. The missions were never ending. I don't like doing sidequests and half of this game felt like sidequests. But it was the only way to really level. I completed 42% before I had enough of them.

So basically, while I thought the game was great, it could have been awesome by fixing the leveling system and the dreaded missions. Why couldn't they work some of those missions into the main story? The main story itself was short. Oh well, you can't please everyone. I would say on to playing Final Fanatsy 7 now but there are a couple of other games that I want to finally finish first. That's what this year is supposed to be about . . . finishing games that I've already started. I have a handful of them. :roll:

Union Awards!

Many of you weren't around back then, but at one time gamespot used to create every year an awards show for all the unions on Gamespot, in order to recognize outstanding unions. Sadly, the last one was in 2007 and since then there hasn't been a new one.

It's time for a renaissance however! The Union Awards are back, although we need help from everybody to make this as successful as previous years. Here is the link to the thread where this is being worked upon, we're looking for volunteers and people to help spread this throughout all the unions in gamespot. We want to make this as unbiased as possible and have as many people as possible from the community involved in this project. Let's raise awareness for unions and honor those who've been successful!

Help us bring back the Union Awards by copying this and posting this in your blogs and unions!

My Blaster Ran Really Really Hot!

YAY! I'm so happy. After several days & hours of playing My Blaster Runs Hot, I finally got my trophy. That was not an easy trophy to get. First of all, I hated that mini game. I also hated the fact that my guide didn't help me at all. It's a useless guide. Don't buy it unless you're a collector like me and just have to have it. I think the hardest part of that mini game is that it's so different from the rest of the Ratchet & Clank game. It's totally old-school. Not that's there's anything wrong with old-school, it's just not Ratchet & Clank. I got so sick of hearing Quark asking about his abs or the other guy asking about a pub. The only thing I actually enjoyed hearing was "Consider yourself alive." That usually was said about the time I lost a life. Guess I got too cocky. LOL

The second thing I hated about going after this trophy was for all the work I did I got a bronze trophy. BRONZE?! Are you serious? Have I mentioned it's not an easy trophy to get? But I have my trophy and that's all that really matters. I never have to play that game again. Now, all I have to do is finish up the challenge mode and find the remaining gold bolts. I'm down to 5 of them. Then, the platinum is mine. It'll be my second. YAY! I'm so happy! :)

Sly Cooper 3

So I was playing Sly Cooper 3 last night and got stuck. I love this game and rarely need any help but I kept dying in the pirate ship fights and couldn't figure out what to do. I was actually yelling at the tv, "If only Sly could fix the boat, I'd be okay!" Yeah, I got heated at the game for the first time ever.

I hopped online and searched for a guide. The first one I clicked on gave me exactly what I needed. Very clearly the author wrote that if you hit the square button, Sly will fix your boat. GRRR!!! Why didn't the game tell me that?!?! It's okay. I got past that hurdle. I still love the game but I have to add one more tiny thing. I really appreciate people who take the time and write very detailed online guides so when people like me need just a little push we have them. BUT . . . the commentary is sometimes annoying. I wound up screaming at the computer. The author wrote something like the sea battles with the pirates are the coolest fights ever in the Sly Cooper games. You can just imagine the colorful language coming out of my mouth when I read that because this was the only place I needed help. I'm calm about it now and can laugh but really? Did you need to add that?

I'm halfway through the game. I love it as I do all the Sly Cooper games but 3 does feel long. I totally miss searching for the message bottles too. I wish 3 had those. Oh well!

Prince of Persia

I just saw the movie Prince of Persia: Sands of Time yesterday. OMG! It was so awesome! I loved it! My only problem with the movie was the stupid kid sitting a couple of seats over from me playing on his cell phone. I actually got up and asked him to stop text messaging. I thought that's what he was doing. But when I got over to him, I realize he was surfing the web. Why would you spend money to see a movie and then surf? Let's not even touch the fact that you're not supposed to have your phones out during a movie according to the theatre's rules. It's impolite and rude to everyone else who spent money. I wanted to smack the kid and tell him to leave if he was bored but I controlled myself even though I got the look of "how dare you" from him. Whatever! The kid put it away for a few minutes and then brought it back out again "better" hidden. Hey, as long as your sorry blue light doesn't distract me anymore, you can waste your money.

Whew! Rant! I just get so annoyed by rude people anymore. This society has really turned into the "all about me" generation. No wonder I love to stay home and play my single player games. And speaking about that, the movie made me so badly want to play Prince of Persia again. Since I'd already finished Sands of Time, I put in my 2008 Prince of Persia PS3 game and played. Yeah, it doesn't have a subtitle so it's hard to distinguish. I had so much fun. I plan to play some more today. I finally got a few more trophies too. YAY!

My little doggie

Just letting everyone know that I had to rush my dog to the emergency vet Sunday morning. It turns out he has pnemonia. He's in intensive care but is recovering. Hopefully, hecan come home by the end of the week. Since he's 15 years old, I was fearing the worst was happening. Thankfully, that's not the case this time.

I'm trying to live normally but I'm finding myself very scatter-brained. So basically, if you don't see me online much, now you know why. I have been playing my console games a lot though. It's helping me not think about what could have been. It also helps make me not think about how empty my house is without him there.

I visited him in the hospital today. He does look so much better. It did wonders for my heart. :)

Eternal Sonata

Okay, I first have to start with I love Eternal Sonata. I think the music is beautiful. I think the art is beautiful. And so far I think the story is wonderful. I believe this will be the game that will enable me to play Final Fantasy games. Yes, I know the Final Fantasy stories since I have a lot of friends who play those games. However, I've never played one before. Well, okay, so I played 2 hours of FFX before I was ready to throw the controller out the window. I love RPGs but I don't care for turnplay. Many years later, I'm starting to get the patience for turnplay RPGs. I know they won't be my favorites but I'll be able to play more RPGs and that's really what it's all about. Hack and slash games to me require more skill to play and take less time. I'm not all about the stragedy. I just want to play.

But what I find extremely humorous is the trophy system for Eternal Sonata. There is none. Maybe it's because it came out before Playstation starting doing trophies. I don't know. I haven't gone and checked that yet. However, wouldn't it be easy for Playstation to make trophies for it since there is already an award system for those who play it on the Xbox360? I believe they're called achievements.

Ah well, if that's what I'm most upset about, then you can tell I really like the game. :)

Anyone play online games?

Tonight, I was playing an online game with some of my friends. We're all on Gaia together and were playing zOMG. We've all defeated the game but we're questing after badges. You have to get 5,000 kills of each animated in order to get all of the badges so it takes a while. But it got me thinking about other online games. I've played a little Fusion Fall. It was fun but my computer at the time couldn't keep up with it. I have a new computer now so maybe I should try it again.

Anyone have any online games they recommend? I've heard of Flyff but I've never played and don't know anyone who has. Of course I've heard of WoW too. I've never played that one either.

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