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TV Show Review: Avatar: The Last Airbender

After careful consideration and a day or so to cool off from the ending, I have decided on a score for the series.

Avatar: The Last Air Bender: 10/10

Avatar: The Last Airbender centers around a young boy named Aang, a Buddhist child from a tribe of people that can control Air, called Air Benders. However, this boy is unique. He is the Avatar; A special individual who can master ALL four elements (Air, Fire, Earth, Water). The Avatar is meant to be the savior of the people, and the one to set the world back into balance. It is said that the Avatar will destroy the Firelord, the leader of the evil Fire Nation that declared war on the other three Nations. However, when he is needed most, he disappears. He shows up 100 years later, found in Ice by two Water Tribe citizens named Sokka and Katara. Katara is a Water Bender, the last of them in the Southern Water Tribe. Sokka is her foolish wise-cracking brother. Aang must learn the other three elements since he had only mastered the element of Air. An idea is brought up to go to the North Pole where the Northern Water Tribe resides in order to learn powerful Water Bending. Katara, not having a Water Bending teacher, shares this interest. With mutual interest at heart, the three set off to the North Pole.

This show is as close to perfection as possible. It has everything you could hope for and more, each element pulled off with finesse. It has a love story that is not annoyingly frequent, t...he characters and their development are simply amazing. The characters are likeable and there isn't a single character that is overwhelmingly annoying. Each character is diverse, each suffering through unique struggles that move the story along on the personal level. Most characters are easy to relate to and the humor is simply fantastic, never suffering from unintentionally cheesy attempts at being ... See Morefunny. The balance between humor, drama, love, and action is flawless, which is a thing not many shows can hope for. The story moves along at an excellent and interesting pace, which is another thing shows normally suffer. The world is original as well as it's history, and the whole package is incredibly interesting. Unlike most shows, you aren't overwhelmed with needless history to their world's (something shows like Naruto and Bleach suffer from). The powers aren't original on the surface, but the concept is. Each power is used logically and complexly, while at the same time being understandable. The use of each element goes beyond magic seen in other medias; it is almost a science. Condensing fire to lightening, freezing water to ice, using water in blood to control people. making stairs and traps out of earth, and gliding with wind are just few examples of how the "Bending" is used.

Perhaps the most impressive aspect of the characters and story is that of Zuko, a banished Prince looking to regain his honor. To me, this character pulled the show together. His interactions with the main character, his dilemma with his father and his situation with his uncle and sister are all touching, epic, and seemingly perfect aspects of a good story. He is the driving force behind most of the series' strongest moments.

The story takes itself seriously, but not too seriously, which is normally a fault in shows, but this show pulls it off perfectly. The animation ****offers plenty of humor as well, which is part of why the humor works out so intelligently. The character of Sokka is also a character of note, being the meat of the humor along with MoMo and Appa.

This show even managed to slip in human to pet bonding, providing a specifically emotional episode entitled "Appa's Day". This show is highly recommended to anyone looking for a good show. Regardless that it is aimed towards the younger audience, it holds themes and story arcs that most kids will not understand. It has underlying themes that everyone can appreciate.

Go in expecting to laugh, cry, shout, and be on the edge of your seat. Avatar: The Last Airbender is fighting with Full Metal Alchemist as my favorite anime and is waging war against "24" as my favorite show of all time. BUT, Jack Bauer is winning. Lol.

The show is available on Netflix Streaming, all three seasons in excellent quality.

Close, but no cigar (AMV news)

So I have been working on a Full Metal Alchemist amv and ultimately decided against releasing it. If I can get these downloads complete for Metal Gear Solid cutscenes, I am going to do one of that. I have a song im confident with, and I know the series like the back of my hand. But no one is seeding...

The song is "God'll Cut You Down" by Johnny Cash. Heard it for the first time in the Splinter Cell Conviction trailer. I have other songs on the back burner if im not satisfied with that one.

Stepping it Up: Heavy Rain, God of War, Final Fantasy XIII, and more!

Ok. So, as you may or may not have realized, my last video was last month. What happened was my computer was messing up, so I cleaned my hard drive...losing Sony Vegas. Now that I have played and completed Heavy Rain, I have absorbed the story, the feel, and most importantly the atmosphere. I am going to begin looking for songs to use tonight, as well as looking for clips from the game. Now that it is out, I should be able to find better, more meanignful clips. But, do be warned, this video is going to take me a while. I'm not going to wing it like I have done up until now. I'm going to choose a song and plan. I'm going to be making a signature title that I shall be attatching at the beginning of every video. Probably along the lines of "InnerMusic Productions" or "Dunnuck Productions". My video will take a while to make because I want it to be above good. More complex than anything you have seen me do. It is at that point, once I achieve that goal, that I will return to my roots: Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts. I will do myself justice. I am also working on a book. So check that out on my facebook if you want, I'm not going to put it here, though. Too many people can see it lol. search "Jordan Dunnuck", you will find me.

Anyways, life has been good. Senior year is almost over, and then I will be on to bigger and better things (Continuing my book series, if I get published, making more videos, composing music, filming short videos and actual music videos, ect.) And I assure you, people who follow me and enjoy what I do, you will NOT be forgotten. Been here a long time. Don't plan on leaving any time soon.

Here are some match ups im thinking of for music:

Scream, Aim, Fire by Bullet for My Valentine, God of War III

My Immortal by Evanescence, Final Fantasy X (yes a remake)

Owari to Mirai by Girugamesh, to the anime Naruto (ugh, what can I say, it is the most popular amv source...gotta get me out there)

Owari to Mirai by Girugamesh, to the anime BECK

Serah's Theme, by *whoever made the music for FFXIII*, Final Fantasy XIII

Lithium by Evanescence, Final Fantasy XIIII

Hey people!

Whats uuup? I been working with multiple programs from making songs to making videos. Just given ya an update!

So, I am Entering an AMV Contest

Im entering it at an anime convention called Katsucon. Deadline is the 22nd of this month. I'm gunna do it. Question is, on what? And what song? I been scrolling through songs tonight, still cant find one that feels right. Game will probably be mass effect 2 or something.

Too many, too fast

Too many gams are coming out. Way to many. I mean, come on. I just bougt bayonetta. Mass Effect 2 still comes out this month, and MAG.

Next month holds my second most anticipated game of all time (being second only to Metal Gear Solid 4), Heavy Rain, then there is Dante's Inferno and Bioshock 2, Singularity, and Splintercell Conviction

In March we have Final Fantasy XIII, Battlefierld: Bad Company 2, the expansion for Dragon Age Origins, the new shin megami tensei game, just cause 2, and God of War III

I'm going to need to reactivate my gamefly account

Second AMV Uploading Now

Yeup, another AMV. I'm on my role. This one is for Heavy Rain. I call it Heavy Rain Stories. Enjoy. The next, which I have started, is for God of War III.

Song: Coward

The lowest piece of trash
A bloodied, beaten individual
Deformed views of the world with skeptical
Thoughts, the only person to keep him company
Is the shadow looming over his personaity

No, I can't let go
Of anything anymore
I'm caught on the edge
Of everything that you
Whispered to me, the lies I see
Are tearing their way through me
Through me I see a coward

Absorbed in a defensive state
Thinking that he can't change fate
It's a crazy world, with a crazy circle
He's suffocated until his face was purple
Truth is there is no one there
He drowned himsef and thought no one cared
No one questioned how he may fair
He fought these demons and no one shared
This burden he had
Oh, it's to bad
Because inside, he was more than mad

No, I can't let go
Of anything anymore
I'm caught on the edge
Of everything that you
Whispered to me, the lies I see
Are tearing their way through me
Through me I see a coward

2009 Game of the Year Preview (I)

Assassin's Creed 2

Assassin's Creed 2 is a game with a lot of fun to be had. With different collectibles, some of which actually pay off in the end, and fun gameplay, the game is definatly in the top 10 for my picks. However, the game does suffer from being a bit repetative, and the area seems a bit lacking e like a killing spree when trying to get from place to place quickly. The story, while intruiging, also falls a bit short.

Dragon Age: Origins (Xbox 360)

A game thats in the top 10 on my list. Dragon Age: Origins offers hours of entertaining gameplay. The characters are great and character development and chemistry is amazing. The number of routes the story can take is also incentive to replay the game, which many people already have. However, the games graphics are underwhelming and there are a bit of gameplay flaws that are refined and just overall not present in the PC version of the game. The DLC for the game is also great, and Shale is an excellent addition to the party. While I could keep going on the posiive things about the game, I am not going to. Some of the game's parts can be a bit annoying and overly difficult. The main enjoyment in the game is taking time for characters and exploring the world and doing side quests, which not everyone will enjoy.