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long time

ok so i havent been on this in ages. i just looked through my old posts. dam i was a werid kid a few years ago lol!!

i intend to post reviews here a little and try and get back into this thing.


number 1 out of the top ten rpgs!!!

and number one is.................................

Fallout 3!!!!!!!!

this game just has to be number one! yes i have it. yes i have completed it! and yes this game is the best!!

with over 80 quests and meny amazing things to do its really hard to beat. it offers 2 diffrent endings good and bad though i dont really see the point. this game takes it to the next level, with massive open fighting to urban fighting in destroyed D.C. you fight all sorts of things from humans to some of the weridest beast you could think off that have been created by radiation. oh did i just mention radeation yeah i did theres LOADS!!!! yet the game gives radiation ah almost good and bad sece to the game. i am finding it hard to put stuff in as there is so much!

all in all though i would give it 9.5/10

this game is a win!!

number 2 best rpgs!!!!!!! thingy!!

ok havent done this in a while partly because of computer problems and being grounded alot.

my number 2 is..................

World of Warcraft. ROFL!!!!

well i was out of rpgs and after playing a 14 day trial i guess i just picted that one.

massively online, good quests some crap ones, lots of things to do and because i cant be arsed i am just going to say it was good.


ok so my comp its up and running and i can now play games. my intrent still has a little bit of working but its fine. i am currently getting most of my favriote games on at the moment then if i want i will put my older ones on.

my msn now owrks but its the old version so i cant do enything fancey.

my steam is now working at top speed as well now.

so contact me on that.


erm.............. yeah.

ok i have officlay run out of money and RPGs so it is likely that there wont be a new RPG on my list in a while so dont msg me about it.

also my computer is under mager repairs so i cant play eny games on it yet or enything else at the min apart from web browsing. so dont invite me to games either.

i will post another blog when its repaird and fully functioning.


em........ where to begin?

WTF!!!!!!! was the first thing that came into mind when i went to the multiplayer section on Black Hawk Down game. it said 30 servers and only 2 were in the UK. the rest were in amercica, china,gerrmany,poland. i was so pissed. and u just cant win people always snipe and u get shot every 5 secounds and die!!!!! i mean i spent 30 mins setting up my acount just to get killed every 10 secfounds and having to wait 20sceounds to respaw seriously!!!

number 3 on my top 10 RPGs!!

ok number 3 ur going to kill me!!!!

my number 3 is Hellgate london calling!!

this game is amazing on a high speck comp!! even though i can play it on medium high i stil think i not getting its quality. but eny wass this game is great. rome london as a warrior or as a spell caster! or even a enginer! ur pic. ether way its the same story line just with diffrent dicullty waves. as a warrior i have completed the game in about  a week. as a spell caster i stuck about half way through. and this is after 1 month of playing as a spell caster.

the game is long and hard. theres about 100 monsters and about 80 lvls. witch takes ages to get to. my highest is about 66 on single player. witch brings me to the next part!!

multiplayer is harder. u have to start agian and finding peopleto join u in a quest is almost inpossible as they all about lvl 60!!

all in all its a great game!! eny suggestions on number 2?

number 4 on my top 10 RPGs!!!

ok so abit rushed on thinking but i have desided on this!!!

S.T.A.L.K.E.R clear sky

now this game is not a full RPG but is almost on the 100% RPG line!! it meets about 90% RPG.

ok the game is based in a post apociliptic land. u fight mosters people and jernraly be a hero like most games. its diffuclty lvl spreads from hard to harder to HARD to iposible!!

the guns are pritty point less in less ur beside the guy u are trying to kill. the shotgun a pistol are the main weapons in the first area. ( swamp land) thhe swamps u start in are very weird. with traps lieing about and mosters every were its hard to even take one step with out haveing to pull ur trigger or press quick load!! thats onther thing this game requiers alot of pressing F5 (quick save) and pressing F6 (quick load).

now thats wht makes it so atractive. the diffucty just adds to the fun and really brings out how i would cope in a world like that whts really sit donw and give up!! the game is great when u get into it! i have only got to the secound area and i am hoping to get a bit further in that.( what will be about 300 saves away. oh did i mechin that will also be ah hard grulling experiance!!!)

well thats it number 4 done and dusted!!

10. diablo


8. guild wars

7. titan quest

6. titan questexpasion

5. oblivion

woooo!!!! the half way point!! Num 5 of 10 RPGs

ok after thinking for a long time i have desided to put oblivion at number 5. i kno i kno u probly wnat it higher but i have a couple more games in my collection that beat it in serten ways!!!!

ok good points!!

the action is fast pacced and reqiers thought!! yes theres that word!! you run and kill and do quests that some time are point less and reword u with a sword oor somthing!!

BAD POINTS!!!!!!!!!!

ahhhhHHH!!!!!!!! dead brain AI! always a trogen horse. you see the game it looks great but the AI in oblivion just somtimes ok 6/10ths of the time run into walls go off the road thinking they are on it. get beaten by somthing they can deafet and jenrally make an arse of them selfs. like the other day i was being chaced by 2 gards and they got stuck in a door frame!!! yes i opend the door and closed it to sttop them a bit but they ended up getting stopped completly in there tracks!! in witch case was anying and good. the anoying thing was it was a glitch thats happend meny times before and can lead to problems later in the game!such as a time my fellow main quest person ( martin) got stuck on a rock and i had to go back 4 saves!! just to take him a difrent root!!

well there u have it oblivion is number 5. sorry i didn't put meny good points in but i got side tracked by the AI!! all and all the game is great!! i have to say it keeps u going for a long time!! there are varions guilds that u can join to pass the time.

10. diablo

9. morrowind

8. guild wars (sorry)

7. TiTan quest

6. TiTan quest expasion

MY LONG AWAITED 6 ON MY TOP 10 RPGs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

number 6!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Titan quest Immortal throne!!!

yes number 6 is the expasion to titan quest! i couldn't leave it out its just to good of an add on! its 10 hours of game play!!:D:D:D

in TQIT there are 50 new quests including 100 new weapons and over 200 new monsters. u also have the abilaty to create spells in this one. with this one you start in the finish of the first titan quest. you go through a portal andyou end up in the under world. now ok that is in lots of games! but this one brings out its true colours. u can create a new caracter and start fresh on this or u can inport ur previace chars.

there are some pritty nice boss fights in this.:twisted: yes boss fights that can somtimes they are so tuff u have to resort to going online to kill them!!

and that brings me to my next point!!! online play!! its better than ever in this one. with the miner bugs from the first one gone its almost like playing a game thats on sterodies!! it is amazing!!!


10. Diablo

9. Morrowind

8.Guild Wars (sorry)

7.Titan Quest

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