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Things happening lately

Hey everyone, how are you all doing lately? For me things are going regular because this summer was kind of boring and I didn't do much. And I haven't been active here much because of lack of interest. Anyway this week was good because they gave the new Avatar episodes which were good, especially The Boiling Rock. The finale is tonight so I'm quite excited as well as many of you are because everything will be revealed. Also next month school starts and it will be my last year, but I don't want summer to end because school is hard for me. Hope I can have a good time in this last days of summer.

Hope everyone has a good day.

This month

In this month many things have happened as well as in my life and gladly in this month this school year will be over for me and that's good. Also I haven't been on here in a while because this site has been changing and it's not like it used to be. I'm not leaving but I wish everything would become more entertaining here since it has had the people to do so. I only post here every now and then when there's an interesting topic or blog that is worth posting. Also I've been to other sites and they're good but they can't compare to here. And I even made my forum: http://crushingmayhem.proboards99.com so some people could post there and it could use some members, feel free to check it out.

Also it's great to be back here to post this blog to let you know I'm still here, and I recently got to 3,000 subs and that's good for me because I wanted to reach that goal for quite some time. And I've noticed that some of you have made high goals two and that's quite a milestone in my opinion. Anyway it's great to be here and hope everyone has a great day.

It has been a while/ Tagged

So hello everyone, it has been really a while since I posted my last blog. And I've noticed that many things have happened and some of it is not good. But anyway the weekends have been good since I've been going to many places. Also I recently got to Level 34: Wardrobe Malfunction and got the editorship of The Fairly Odd Parents and that's a good thing I guess...

Also I got tagged so here are 5 things about me:

1. I like animated shows.

2. I like video games.

3. I can get bored easily.

4. I like playing ping-pong.

5. I don't like to say much things about myself.

In conclusion to this, don't tag much especially in this time of the year where it does happen a lot because trouble can arrive. Also everyone have a good day.

New Year

Well it's a new year and that's good in my opinion. Also I had fun in new year eve because it was fun throwing fireworks like we do every year. That was a good thing, and I hope this year can be better than last year because things need to get better. Also sorry I haven't made that much blogs lately is that I don't have much to write about. Anyway I've been kind of losing interest in this site since everything seems so quiet lately, but I'm not leaving because of that. But I would hope that in this new year things can be better for us. Also to have more fun in this year. And school starts again soon and I hope to get good grades and all. Also did everyone had a good new years day? Because mine was good. And hope everyone has a good day.

Happy Holidays

Hey everyone, sorry that I didn't made a blog yesterday, is because I wasn't online. Also Christmas day went pretty good for me and the present were great, even though I received them some days before christmas. And I got a Wii, it's a pretty good console indeed as well as other games. Yesterday was good and we went to my grandparents house and everyone in the family went there and we had fun as well as I.

So everyone seems that they had a good christmas day. Also everyone enjoy your presents and have a good day.

One year Anniversary

Hey everyone, today is great day for me because today is my one year anniversary in this site. In this year I have met many people in this site that are good. Also I have accomplished a lot of things here, like getting over 16 editorships in tv.com. And getting to Level 32: Whammy! as well as getting 27 emblems on there too. I have gotten over 4,000 posts, 200 reviews and over 2,700 submissions also in tv.com. And evryone here has been good to me and I really apreciate that. Also the forums were good posting in the early months of this year because there were good topics to post in, in which currently the forums aren't good and are not worth posting; but at least it was fun to post here though. Everything I have done here can be apreciated because I worked hard to achieve all these goals here in which wasn't an easy task.

Also in gamespot I have achieved several things like getting over 2,900 posts in there, and reaching Level 19: Gitaroo Man and getting 8 emblems so far in there.

Everything has been somehow good this year and I hope things get better.

So I will show my accomplishments here.

My tv.com emblems and stats:




ff2007entouragefallemmytop 1,000top 500


Forum Posts: 4,550

Submissions: 2,715 (2,222 accepted) [493 denied]

Reviews: 238 (56 shows) [161 episodes] {21 people}

Level 32: Whammy! 58%

Editorships: 8 shows, 8 people, 1 trusted people.

My gamespot emblems and stats:

rmpopularpushovergamecubevote Rvote T

king tgs

Forum posts: 2,902

Tags: 1,246

Reviews: 22

Rated games: 146

Level 19: Gitaroo Man. 39.2%


Also since it's my anniversary please comment and hope that everyone has a good day.

Today// School// Rainy day

Today has been great, I guess and school went pretty well today actually. For me school is ending because then we have a break from school in the winter, so that's good news.

Also how are you guys doing today?

Today has been raining all day and that's good because the day feels cold because it has been hot the past few days. Anyway in the weekend I didn't go out in which was pretty boring like usual. Maybe tomorrow can be a good day since I can have fun playing videogames and watching TV. As well as other things.

Also today in the afternoon when I was here there was a small earthquake and some of the things that I have in my room started moving and I got kind of afraid, but after that I saw the news and the earthquake occured in another country and we felt it...weird huh? So anyway today has been good and the forums have been really boring lately, so I made this forum : http://crushingmayhem.proboards99.com/index.cgi :feel free to check it out, this doesn't mean that I'm leaving.

So I hope everyone has a good day and a good month.


Well today is Thanksgiving day and it's a great day because we get to eat turkey and have fun in this great day. This day is also a special day for many of us an it's a day that we have fun. This holiday is one of the best ones in my opinion. Also this month has been a good one and I hope next month can be better. Also have a good day everyone.

Blog 141

I've been running out of blog titles lately. Anyway yesterday I didn't do much because I was studying for a test on Monday and I wasn't online. Also my computer got an error and my dad had to repair it...So everyone here seems like they had a good time here in my time away. Also I've been spending some times in other sites as well, since the forums here haven't been worth posting like I mentioned in my return blog in which was quite a long blog that I wrote. So I've noticed some of my friends here have returned and that's good news. Also yesterday I played videogames and at night I watched TV since I was bored all day, like the usual average day... Today went pretty well since I went out and all, but I had a good time since I've been having a nice time with my family. Anyway I hope everyone has a good day.

School/ November

Hey everyone. Well my school work has been pretty easy lately and I have been getting pretty decent grades because the school work isn't hard gladly... So in the weekends I go out more than usual and I like that because being social is a good thing and posting this blog is good too. By the way this is my 140th blog and for me it doesn't seem like I have this much because some of you guys have less blogs but for me they seems like they have more in a strange way. Anyway blogs are great and all and I will post one more often. If I can think of what to write and what title should I add to it...In my free time I have played videogames when I'm done with homework. Also I expect this month of November to be a good one because Thanksgiving is getting near and that's quite a celebration that I like in this month. Anyway I hope everyone has a good day.