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Summer 09

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Greatest summer of my life. The first 3 weeks, I unfrotunately had summer school as I'm trying to get my GPA as high as possible before I apply for college. But even during summer school, I was hanging out with people, going to crazy parties, and really doing things I never expected I would do(good and bad). This is really my only week of real summer and it is unfortunately ending. But this one week, I probably got to have more of a summer than most kids will have their whole summer. Parties every night, traveling to concerts, beach, friends, girls, girls, and more girls. Now it's 4th of July and I'm finally going to take a break from it and relax with my family. I need it too after last night. I know some of you probably don't remember me which is mostly because I really don't have time for GS anymore. When I do, I go to my union. So for those of you who do remember me and somewhat care, this is an update on what's going on in my life.

They May Not Be As Good As They Were, But Damn Are They Good

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So last night I was fortunate enough to see the Metallica concert in Chicago. They had Machine Head and The Sword on tour with them and I have to say, while Metallica didn't play all of their great old stuff, they are still nice enough to play most of the songs everyone wants to hear. Then on top of that, Machine Head and The Sword were amazing as well. Definently a great concert and anyone who can score tickets should go.

I Get to Go to Duke UNC This Year!!!!!

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Basically, I got really lucky and my brother has a connection and he was able to get me a ticket. I also have a friend who is getting us Final Four tickets(hopefully) so I get to see 3 of the biggest games in college basketball. I got incredibly lucky.

My Birthday is on Sunday! And I have a terrible case of bronchitis. =(

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I was going to be hanging out with about 15-20 of my friends tonight at my house but I'm too damn sick. Kind of dissapointing that it had to happen right before my birthday. Looks like I'll be spending my b-day in bed. Oh well, can just invite a bunch of friends over some other time to make up for it. Plus I now have an excuse to do nothing but play video games on my birthday.

Back to 100% and ready to go again

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Well it has been awhile since I broke my leg and I'm already back to sports. Our school has intramural basketball for people who don't either have time to play on the school team or aren't good enough(or in my case we hurt before try outs and after the games had already started) and it's a school league. There's 13 teams of 8 in my division(11/12 grade guys) and our first game is in just over an hour. I'll be starting for my team as a forward and hopefully I'm going to be fine and won't have any problems with my leg. We are facing a team that isn't expected to be any good(although one of those teams that weren't expected to do anything won 98-30 last night against a few of my friend's team) but we aren't really either as really only 5 of us are any good and I'm very limited so that basically makes it a 4 1/2 person team. There's one team though that we play in 2 weeks that consists of all guys who at some point played varsity or junior varsity basketball(5 varsity and 3 jv) and their team is a tradition that they find players to fill the holes of seniors leaving and they've gone undefeated and won the last 3 intramural leagues for our school. I'll come on later tonight when I get home and post how we did. Oh, and for those who were wondering, our team's name is Breakin 'Em Down(not my idea). We are playing the Big Pink Frisbees. They got their name because they tried making it Big Pink Disks(see what they were trying to do?) and the guy in charge caught it and made them Big Pink Frisbees for trying crap like that. Sucks to be them.


We won 46-35. Appearently I was wrong when they weren't supposed to be good. I got there and everyone was talking about how they were supposed to be contenders in the league(I didn't know who was on the team as I didn't check). We played 20 minute halves and I got about 30 minutes in and was 3 for 3(6 points), 5 rebounds, 2 blocks, 4 assists, 1 turnover. Not bad at all.

I'm finally off the crutches

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It's really nice now that I don't have to walk with them and feel helpless while someone carries my books to each of my classes for me. I can also start driving again. Woo hoo!

Great Weekend

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This has been a really good weekend so far. Sadly, I had to sell my ACDC ticket but got 140 dollars more than what I paid for it so oh well. On topic though, it started with myself and 2 friends going to our school's football game in body paint. We ended up losing and getting knocked out of sectionals 10-6 but it was fun. When we got the ball back with 1:49 left only the students who actually decided to come on halloween were cheering and myself and my 2 friends started following the ball and getting everyone to get up and cheer with us. We ended up throwing an interception from the 16 yard line into the endzone with 13.5 seconds left but it was a good game and a great experience as we have become instant legends.

I then went to a friend's party and when I got there, they mentioned how they could hear everyone screaming(thanks to us and not the crappy cheerleaders) and he is a 6 minute drive from the high school so knowing we were able to get it that loud was pretty cool. We hung out for awhile then went out and started caroling at people's houses who were sleeping and sitting on their doorstep til they opened the door(we had hoodies with the hoodscovering our faces) then bolted out of there. We eventually came across a house where some parents were sitting around a fire. The dad of the family offered us some beer after talking to him so we had no clue what to say(especially since my friend's parents would have been incredibly pissed if they smelled alcohol on our breath) so we just went on. Later, we saw 3 girls in the darkness so the guys in our group chased after them and guess what? One of them's family was the family who offered us beer. We were talking to them and when asked why we chased his daughter and her friends one of my friends replied, "Well, we acted like bad men as there could easily be bad men out there and we wanted to prepare them for what might happen."

The dad instantly fell in love with us(not in a gay way) and it turns out, this was the family of one of my friends who I used to hang out with. Since I knew who they were, we had no problem accepting their invite when they challenged us to a dance off in their basement. Their basement had a freaking dance floor in it as well as 2 disco balls then a third in the bathroom. I have pics and once I can get them from my crappy phone, I'll upload them but their house was loaded and we only saw the basment. Fully loaded light up bar, foozball, ping pong, air hockey tables, a gym, and of course the dance floor. We then spent the next 15 minutes dancing then went home. They were possibly the greatest parents ever. Some other things happened after that but I won't post them here.

So today(Saturday), I had to get up at 6 to get ready for a choir trip to Ball State University which is a 4 hour bus ride. The bus left at 7:30 in the morning and we got back at 8 P.M on bus but it was actually alot of fun. I got to talk with some people in choir I haven't talked to yet(we don't get time to talk so you only talk with those you already knew) and hang out with a bunch of friends. One of the things we wanted to do was watch one of the choirs that was performing there who just so happens to be the choir that usually wins state for Indiana. We didn't get to as we were getting "constructive criticizm" after our performance while they were performing. From what we heard from other choirs, we were better. We also heard the Ball State men sing but they have a new music director and he appearently doesn't want to try hard music yet as none of it was college material. They also performed a TTBB(1st and 2nd tenor then baritone and bass which are guys parts) of a song we performed which we did SATB( Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass which is both guys and girls) and they didn't even perform it at full speed like we did. They slowed it down and this is supposed to be a college choir.

So that's all I got. The Ball State trip may not sound exciting to most of you but it was one of those you had to be there things to understand how much fun it was. Tommarrow, I have to do a paper, an essay, and a bunch of homework so there goes all the fun I get to have. I'll try and upload pics of the house as soon as I can(they aren't very good quality as my phone sucks since it was free) but that was definently the most impressive basement I've ever seen.

What's going on in my life now.

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Well, I'm waiting for the Call of Duty: World at War beta to download so I figured I'd make a blog to pass the time. Since I broke my leg, a few things have happened.

1) I got in trouble for going to a friend's house and staying the night after our school's football game because my mom told me I couldn't leave the house for a week due to my leg. So she was mad because of both but I had asked my dad if I could go and he said fine. He then told her I never talked to him. So, my mom was able to track me down and walked into my friend's basement while we were pissing his dog off. She was incredibly pissed but after I told her what happened, she wasn't mad.

If she had known about the stuff we did there though, she'd be angry.

2) Got a new girlfriend but until my mom says I can leave the house again for stuff besides school and lets people come over, I can really only talk to her at school and over the phone. She's watching me now that I pulled that stunt friday night.

3) Got into the Call of Duty World at War beta which will help me pass the time until I can hang out with people again. I think she might let me by the end of the week but because of what I did friday, maybe not.

Well, that's really all I got. I'm off to hope Call of Duty is done downloading.

Broke my leg

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Today was our school's soccerfest for all the different language classes to compete. There's so many kids in Spanish that we had to have many Spanish teams and while we were playing one of other ones, one of the 3 kids who wore cleets from all the teams, kicked as hard as he could at the ball missing it and digging his cleet into my leg. There was a loud snap and I found out that's because the kick broke my leg. It wasn't a terrible break but it still snapped. There's also a couple other holes from the cleet too that aren't too bad. Just my luck eh?

What kind of jackass would do this?(LBP related)

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"With all the positive press out there showcasing the great things that can be made using the LittleBigPlanet level editor, it was only a matter of time before someone made something not so great."

What was that thing not so great? Someone re-created 9/11 through Little Big Planet. Since when was an incredibly amount of innocent people being killed funny? I mean come on, there's a line you can cross and he definently jumped over it.