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lol=laugh out loud

rofl=roll on floor laughing

brb=be right back

gtg=got to go


tc=topic creator

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new union

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I am in a new union which is called the gaming union and there are 3 officers including me so please join the union and if you want you can take the officer aplication test and you could become an officer today since we need a forth.

Damn Nintendo!

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The one thing i'm mad at nintendo for is I bought cod5 for wii since it did not have an x-box and when I went to play nazi zombie's and I find out its not on the wii because its a family console. But since its a "family console" they take out nazi zombies but its ok to keep the M game with the blood and gore. So I think if they are going to allow a M game with blood and gore be realeased why not with nazi zombies.


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I will be going camping so I will be gone from saturday to thursday but I will be back on either thursday or friday.