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A Guide to My Guides (Part One)

Hi everyone! I've always wanted to do this blog post, and now that my MIA-ness has caused me to be stripped of my editorships I guess there's no time like the present. I'll be breaking it up into two blogs, first my shows then my people. Without much further ado, I present the guide to my guides!


The Insider - Celebrity scoop delivered nightly, formally hosted by Pat O'Brien and Lara Spencer.

The Megan Mullally Show - Fresh off her run as Will & Grace's Karen Walker, Megan returned to television (albeit briefly) in this charming talk show.

The Oblongs - A short-lived but much-loved animated comedy, The Oblongs took family dysfunction to a new level.

The Real Ghostbusters - Who ya gonna call? The Real Ghostbusters took place where the original film left off, continuing the paranormal adventures.

The View - TV's pioneering gabfest has been a daytime television staple for 15 seasons (and countless disagreements).

The Wendy Williams Show - How YOU doin'? Radio personality Wendy Williams brings her unmistakable voice to television syndication.

thirtysomething - Love it or hate it, thirtysomething brought to light the trials and triumphs of a group of yuppie 'thirtysomethings' in the 1980s.

Trading Spaces: Family - This spin-off of the original TLC series allowed larger teams and children considered too young to originally participate.

Under One Roof - Flavor Flav starred in this offensive, forgettable fish-out-of-water sitcom

I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here! - Celebrity Survivor with lots of camp

Legally Blonde The Musical: The Search for Elle Woods - MTV launched a reality show competition to replace Laura Bell Bundy for the role of Elle Woods on Broadway's Legally Blonde - The Musical.

MADtv - FOX's answer to Saturday Night Live, MADtv brought the irreverent humor of MAD magazine to this fan-favorite sketch-comedy show.

Old Bear Stories - Based on Jane Hissey's Old Bear and Friends books, this quaint children's series followed the adventures of play room toys.

Rock Me Baby - A shock-jock and former exotic dancer discover the misadventures of child rearing in this short-lived UPN sitcom.

Space Ghost Coast to Coast - Irreverence is taken to the next level when former superhero Space Ghost settles down and hosts a talk show

The Anna Nicole Show - Former Playboy Playmate Anna Nicole's drug-filled 'fat years'

The Bad News Bears - In television's buried tradition of unsuccessfully adapting movies to television series, The Bad News Bears followed the 1976 film in a tamer sitcom format.

The Bonnie Hunt Show - Actress and comedian Bonnie Hunt brought her signature wholesome wit and candor to afternoon television.

Wicked Wicked Games - A personal favorite, Tatum O'Neal starred in this MyNetworkTV telenovela about an insane woman out for vengeance, a similar show to ABC's current hit Revenge.

And that's part one! Stay tuned for part two, it might take awhile since I was editor for a lot more people then shows but it will be coming shortly. Hope everyone's having a happy first day of Spring!

Dave :)

Happy Birthday to Me!!!

My birthday is tomorrow!!!

I prolly won't be on tomorrow, although you never know.

A friend is taking me to Atlantic City, can't wait to hit those nickle slots :D

Sorry if I haven't talked to you lately, since this new site layout popped up I've spent a record-low amount of time. My queue is packed and the only activity I've done is make sure it doesn't spill over past seven days and try to keep my currently-airing shows somewhat up-to-date, although some have fallen to the wayside.

I wrote a blog about what I thought about the new tv.com, but it got lost in the update. In short, I don't like this site at all. I don't have to decide to leave or not, I practiclly already have.

Dave :)


I wrote a very true, heartfelt blog filled with some strong feelings I have towards this site that I felt I should say but I'm taking it down after further consideration. It's really not for everyone to read I relized, only my favorite people here. If you wish to read it and were friends here, please PM me and we'll talk.

EDIT: Ah, the awkwardness comes in. People are asking me if they can read the blog, people who aren't my "favorite people". I don't deserve to breathe the same air as Einstien. Now requests will be granted for this tonight, I need to sleep.

Dave :)

Sunburn, funburn!

I had a great time in South Carolina and Florida, but unfortunatly I spent a little too long in the FL ocean with just a little too little sunscreen and the last few days back have been very painful.

It's mainly in my shoulders, with less on my nose, knees and chest. The pain and stiffness seems to be going away, but the color isn't. I feel like such an idiot, I put on a tiny amount and basiclly said "sunburn, shumnburn! It won't happen to me". It really sucks when some common sense could have prevented this, something I pride myself on having.

If I could go back now, I'd cover myself in 100 gallons of the stuff.

Okay movie review time! 6th movie of my unintentional series, today's movie is a 2005 tv movie called Amber Frey: Witness for the Prosecution! Kind of an obscure choice, but haven't all of these movies been? It's by far the most controversial, serious movie I've reviewed. I watched today on Lifetime Movie Network (LMN for those in the know) and was impressed. We all remember the Scott Peterson/Laci Peterson/Amber Frey saga as it played out in the media a few years back

I was very intersted as this story played out, did this seemingly normal man kill his beautiful wife and their unborn child? The movie was very well done and it was respectful of all the people it portrayed. I learned alot more about the scandal then I knew, and I am convinced he did kill her. The actress Janel Moloney, who some of you may know as Donna Moss from The West Wing, portrayed Amber, in stunning brillance I thought. Her physical appearence is very close to Amber's, which may have been partial reason for the casting. The man who played Scott (Nathan Anderson) looked very similar to Scott. Unforutnatly, his acting was sub-par, he kept the character believable but didn't make it very three-dementional. All together, the film was a riviting account of just what happened in this love-triangle and it handled it with the dignity and respect that is deserved for this kind of telling and I recommend it to anyone who recalls what happened.

It was based on Amber's book of the same title, something I'm going to hunt around bookstores for.

Somehow, Scott still sits on death row today, appealing his sentence for execution. That's America for ya, folks.

Okay, to change tunes somewhat awkwardly here, Olympic time!

I watched from opening ceremonies to closing and I was riveted. The opening ceremonies were amazing, by the way. The games were very enjoyable, especially following Michael Phelps and Usain Bolt.

As you can see, one's a little more humble than the other, but both athletes amazed me and everybody. From swimming to cycling to sports I've never watched before in my life, the Olympics shocked and awed me and kept me glued to my set. NBC did a good job presenting it, I don't think this is the forum to discuss China's controversy, it's about the games and putting our problems aside for two weeks.

Until next time,

David :)

Vacation, I'll I ever wanted....

Hi Y'all! (don't worry, my southern twang starts and stops with "Y'all")

I'm going on vacation! But before I can tell you about that I have a little movie review for you...

When I sat down to watch Fab Five: The Texas Cheerleader Scandal on Lifetime I didn't intend on making it a movie review (starting to see a pattern?). Today's movie is the first made-for-the-idiot-box movie I've reviewed. I have been pretty excited for this movie for a while, mainly because one of my favorite (my favorite?) actress Tatum O'Neal has a major role in it

but also because it's based on an interesting true story. As you may remember, the "Fab Five" were five high school Texas cheerleaders who took over their school through vicious and basically teen-gone-bad behaviour that makes a Lifetime movie a Lifetime movie. The lead girl's mom was the principal, the teachers complained and then the girl got special treatment. This all went on until the new cheerleading coach took a stand and took it to the local media. The girls drank on campus, disrespected teachers royally, fought and so on. The movie was very entertaining and enjoyable. It didn't hold any of those qualities that make people (including myself) roll their eyes when they hear "Lifetime movie". Unfortunately, the movie isn't rerunning in the next seven days according to Comcast but the grid doesn't go farther then a few days so keep your eye out on Lifetime or Lifetime Movie Network (yes, that's a real network!) if your interested. Check out the interview with the real coach from the scandal (she brought the Fab Five down) in an interview here.

Okay, vacation time!

I'm going on vacation, first to South Carolina from Thursday until Wednesday and from that Wednesday until the 23rd in Miami, Florida. I'm really happy to be going, especially Fl since I love it there (ocean! finally, ocean!) and I have alot of old friends down there. I just know i'm going to have a fantastic time, maybe get a nice tan :P

In Tv.com news:

I can't decide whether I should declare myself MIA or not, I know I'll be able to get to a computer at least once every seven days but I'm not sure if I shouldn't bother with it. I mean, I have never declared myself MIA before. I'm also concerned if I find myself with some downtime that I would actually LIKE to get back to the old queue. I'd love to hear your opinions.

I recently scored the editorships for Suzanne Somers (Three's Company) and Joshua Morrow (Young and the Restless). Also, it's getting difficult to be editor for The Wendy Williams Show, I can't find a list of the new episodes anywhere and the show doesn't air in my area (it's syndicated). If it airs in your area (NY, LA, Dallas or Detroit) and you would like to submit episodes or tell me who the guests are, it would be much appriciated. Until then, I'm stuck.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Dave :)

Level 58 (a poor excuse for a blog but all I want is to do another movie review)

nnI can't really think of a better title for today's blog, so I'm going with the fact that I hit the milestone of being bumped up to level 58 today, which I'm sure I'll be sitting on well through this decade. It get's so difficult around these levels to upgrade, lord knows how Mary does it....

But the REAL reason I'm blogging is to do another movie review, my fourth installment. When I sat down to watch Desperately Seeking Susanfor the first time, it didn't occur to me that I would turn it into a movie review. This is probably best, because instead of thinking about the review, I just relaxed and watched the film. Now this is the oldest (and most popular) film i've reviewed so far and chances are you've watched the 1985 film. I never got around to it, but after reading Madonna's Brother (a.k.a. Christopher Ciccone)'s tell all Life with My Sister Madonna and his account of the film, I was intrigued.

Also, it was free for rent on Encore, On Demand on Comcast :P.

Desperately Seeking Susan was a wild roller coaster of a film, a light joy that I wouldn't mind watching again in the near future. I was hoping Madonna wouldn't butcher this, she gets such a hard time for her acting I was hoping she would prove me wrong and she did. It's true what everyone says, she played herself in the movie but she played it well. A screwball comedy, DSS was a film that will continue to be enjoyable long after the 80s hairdos and clothes are considered eligible for the museum.

The Plot: A bored housewife named Roberta Glass (Rosanna Arquette) is following a romantic love-story, a couple (Susan (Madonna) and Jim (Robert Joy) who reconnect from their travels by putting out ads in the local newspaper ("Desperately Seeking Susan" is the boyfriend's calling card). Roberta goes to their meeting location in the paper to spy on the newspaper-couple and buys Susan's jacket she sells. Roberta then bumps her head, gets amnesia (don't they all?) and is mistaken for Susan through the jacket. Roberta forgets her husband (Gary Glass, played by Mark Blum) and leads on this life as Susan. Things get complicated when there's alot of mix-ups and some stolen jewelry Roberta has of Susan's that she doesn't know are very valuable.

I'm not much for the "screwball comedy" but this was a very enjoyable, breezy film with an undertone commentary of what happens when the housewife has no life.

My Call: I'd love to see it again, it was well done and it never had a boring moment. I'd give it an 8.5.

Have a good weekend, I hope you liked the movie review!

David :)


Well July left as quickly as it came and now August is here! Enjoy the summer nights!

I recently scored the editorships for talkshow The Wendy Williams Show, tv legend Don Knotts and famed musician Liberace. I've been submitting alot lately, I should be editor for Christina Applegate when my submissions get moderated tomorrow. I'm also working on a few shows that I hope to be editor for soon!

In part three of my unintentional series of movie reviews, I'm reviewing License To Wed!

I bet this movie had promise in the studio discussion, it has the schticky premise that if casted well, could be the perfect light romantic comedy. The plot is this: Sadie Jones (Mandy Moore) and Ben Murphy (John Krasinski) are getting married! Great, except they've got less romantic chemistry than Pam and Michael on The Office. Oh well. Well they decide to get married at Mandy Moore's church, which is run by Reverend Frank (Robin Williams). The couple have to go through a premarital course and get his seal of approval. The "plot" is all schtick, of course Robin Williams is a complete jerk, making them jump through hoops of epic proportions, of which Mandy Moore shrugs off and basiclly says "that's Frank!". John Krasinski gets fed up, they disengage, he wins her back. Barf. The plot was dry and oftentimes boring, it had absolute no spark whatsoever. My Call: Even multiple The Office cast member guest stars can't wake up this snoozefest!

Hope everyone has a great month, my moms birthday is the 31st so that's nice.

Question of the Blog: What's your favorite part of summer? Least favorite?

And before I go, watch this. That's one of the funniest youtube videos i've ever seen!

Gotta go, Red Eye is on Fox News Channel. Funniest. Show. Ever.

Dave :)

Step Brothers

I just got back from seeing Step Brothers, despite it's obnoxious and persistent advertising.

Seeing that everywhere you look isn't what I'd call pleasant. I didn't really want to see it after reading lackluster reviews (Rotten Tomatoes gave it an "eh" rating of 52%) but since I already saw The Dark Knight and Mamma Mia! last week so I didn't have a million options. But I was plesently surprised! While my interest ebbed and flowed throughout, but it was very funny. The ensemble saved it from just being two dorks and it was actually pretty good. I give it a 7.

In tv.com-related news, I recently scored the editorship for Legally Blonde The Musical: The Search For Elle Woods (of course, as soon as I gained the editorship the show ended it's eight-episode limited run) and TC for The Powerpuff Girls. I also seem to be firmly stuck at level 57. I'm contributing to two long-running (but limited-run) series that I hope to be editor for soon. Too bad the staff now take the weekend off.

Everything else has been going well, I'm just enjoying the summer weather. I'm also seriously considering quitting smoking. I know.

Have a good weekend!

Dave :)

Saturday night and the feeling's NOT right!

Hi all,

I'm not feeling well so I didn't do anything outside today. :?

But I stayed busy!

I watched Can't Hardly Wait, a perfect teen comedy I've seen a thousand times.

Then I watched The Brothers Solomon for the first time.

As Richard Roper and guest movie reviewer Robert Wilonsky will tell you it was a painful movie to watch. I felt daring, and it's free on Cinemax. Terrible, terrible movie. Painful to watch. In fact, it was the first movie Roper actually walked out of! Don't see it, please. The movie poster says it all.

I'm currently watching the very first episode of Saturday Night Live on NBC, hosted by George Carlin and airing in his honor. As a strong SNL fan I'm ashamed to admit i've never actually watched this episode.

I haven't spent an entire day without having any type of obligation in so long, just sleeping in and doing whatever I wanted to do, with no time restraints. Is that wrong to be happy about, on a Saturday night?

I moved from Level 56 to 57 so that's cool. No new editorships to report on but I'm working on a few shows.

How's everyone's weekend been so far?

Dave :)

George Carlin needs no help "getting smart"

It was with great sadness to hear that George Carlin passed on. Mr. Carlin was one of those people who made me reconsider my personal taboos. Nothing much more can be said then you'll be missed George.

On a lighter note, I saw Get Smart earlier this night. It was eh. It was kinda bland and really predictable but it was cute. A good movie through and through.

I bought a cd today from my favorite guilty-pleasure movie Can't Hardly Wait.

New Editorships: Rider Strong (best known as Shawn Hunter on ABC show Boy Meets World).

This blog is so 90s' I can't believe it! Speaking of decades, I really can't wait to watch I Love the New Millennium on VH1.