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New blog??? I think so

Its been awhile since i've posted a blog..or hell even been active on this site. I do browse the forums at gamefaqs(shared with GS) whenever I get a chance. All in all though I haven't been active at all. I haven't written a review lately..or done anything. So, I thought I would make a blog letting everyone know (or who cares) what ive been up to.

Lately ive been preoccupied with my job. I currently work at a Steel Stamping plant. I am the operator of a 2,000 ton press. We primarily manufacture parts for Semi trucks. These parts range from Fenders, corssmembers and grill surrounds. Our main customer is Freightliner we also stamp parts for Thomas Built Bus and the like. Its a decent job, oily..greasy. I am a temp..not hired in and have been working there as such for almost 2 years. We work at least 5 days a week 12 hour shifts. Overtime is offered as well when its there.

Im been off work for a week or two now because I have a torn muscle in my left arm. The result of a car crash which ended in my 97 blazer being totalled. Sucks for me ebcause no money is coming in right now and im unable to lift anything at all. When your job requires lifting of at least 40 pounds...its kinda hard justifying returning when I cannot even lift a chair with my arm. Sucks really. Apart from that heres what ive been playing.

Falllout New Vegas: Brilliant game, love it. Some inor bugs stand in the way but they are not game breaking

Neverdead: Surprised how fun this game is. Unique concept and I enjoy it a lot

Sniper Elite V2: Just picked this one up haven't opened it but I am finishing the original and I have played the demo. First impressions, Great game

Battlefield 3: My angst for COD is fullfilled with battlefield. This game proves why I love this franchise so much..and why COD is so boring IMO

FEAR 3: Very good next installment i nthe franchise that improves and expands on everything brought to the table. Ill still miss the gloomyness and mystery of the first one..but this one is no chump in the scary department.

Thats about all ive been doing ill post another blog soon highlighting what im looking forward to into the next year, and hopes for e3

Six Days in Fallujah NEEDS to be released!

I have been follwing this game since its anoucement. It seems interesting and with a slew of arcade games it would be nice to have something realistic and tactical to play. Aside from the game aspect. This needs to be released as a story product. To showcase one of the most fierce battles in the war on terror. Obviously since people have nothing better to do they attack this game. Which is odd. They mention that its disrespectfull and the story shouldn't be told as a interactive product. One with gameovers, and restarts as their sons, daughters, relatives, friends did not have this during the conflict.

A thing people do not get is..it is..a game. A interactive experience. Wit ha game you have restarts, gameovers etc. Thats just how it works. Another thing is..why attack this game? When there is games based off, World War II, Desert Storm, Vietnam, etc. which were all more bloodier conflicts than the taking over of Fallujah. Why attack this? I can understand why..but its not justified. Your son. Dasughter Relative, friends. They all did something. They served their country, to not only better themselves but to help their country as awhole. To make sure I can wake up every morning and be free. For this I give them great resepct.

Lets also not forget Atomi games is not glorifying the war. Their team is filled with ex soldiers. They also have Marines (who approved the product) over seeing the project. Making sure its was realistic as it can be. Which is exciting. Atomic is not glorifiying it..making it a cod experience. They are making it a serious game with a serious tone. The yare not making a political Satire. One that question if we should of been there. They are developing a game..with a purpose. A purpose to showcase the War In Fallujah and the tragedies our soldiers faced. Yes it is a game..but its one that is taken..and should be taken seriously.

Rebellion Developments....exhibitors at E3

Rebellion Developments logo

As I expect most, if not all of you, to know..E3 is next Monday. I am for one very excited. Not only for all the new games, announcements and more media for currently developed games. I am more excited because one of my fav. developers is a exhibitors there. This excites me for a couple reasons. Rebellion has had a record of delivering fun games. They have also had a record in the past couple years for not delivering like they once had. I have played Shellshock 2..enjoyed it. Have yet to play Rogue Warrior..but I know its not going to be great. I recently just picked up AVP and its easily Rebellion best developed game since the first AVP and sniper elite. Like most the game isn't without its flaws..but its positives out weigh the negatives.

My point of making this blog is to express..what does Rebellion have in development. Breaking down what the company has done in the past. They release a couple games a year. Some of these games being licensed games for other contractors/publishers. Some based on their own IP. As of now the only game announced for Rebellion into 2010 is Sniper Elite Wii. What else do they have? AVP was just released and for the rest of the year we have no idea what they have planned. My guesses can only be this. Sniper elite 2, Rogue Trooper 2 or a new ip will be announced/shown. It only makes sense. Why would Rebellion be at E3 when they have barely anything to showcase? Sure they have Sniper Elite wii..but beyond that what else? This is why I believe they will announce new title(s).

Out of all these I am most excited for another Sniper Elite. The first, while I have yet to finish, is a great sniping game that really brought out the realistic accuracy of being a sniper is all about. Taking note for wind, gravity and heart rate that's awesome. With also the announcement of Sniper Elite wii..it only makes sense that they are testing the waters for a sequel. Lets be honest though..while Sniper Elite has a good following and is hard to find..it didn't sell too many copies. Which is again why the test of the waters theory makes sense! Also with the release of Sniper Ghost Warrior later this month from City Ineractive..it only brings out the comp fire and lights a fire under Rebellions a$$ to excel.

Beyond Sniper Elite Rebellion has a chance to bring back Rogue Trooper. Which was a good little budget game released at the start of the next gen era. It was highly overlooked and is highly underrated. Its a great little title. I would love to see the Blue Soldier to return sometime on next gen consoles. Rebellion have also shown interest in association with Sega and fox to do a sequel to AVP. This however, won't see the light of day for another couple years.

Rebellion owns a comic book and a book imprint and a couple studios. So we may see some ip's from that as well. I know some people have been screaming for a Evil Genious 2 (picked up ip when they bought a studio)

All in all E3 is going to be exciting and when Shane from Invisible Walls says this is going to be the best e3 yet..I believe him. I can't wait!

COD in vietnam = horrible!

Im one of those select few gamers who couldn't give a crap about cod. I thjink its meant for people without a challenge and such. Its my opinion you don't have to agree. I also think its become this bs medium that journalist and reviewers based their opinion on. If anything is different its crapped on. If its closely related it comes off as a rip off. Its stupid.

Now COD:black ops is coming. Rumoursh ave been circulating since last year about it being set close to vietnam and such. I was hoping it wouldn't be. Upon seeing the trailer and reading details..it appears my fears have happened. COD is gonna be set in close around the cold war and Vietnam. This is a horrible thing for me to hear. As I love the vietnam conflict. Not in a way of the casualties, but the many battles our troops have done. The things they went through. I respect all branches of the military but the men who fought in vietnam hold a special place in my heart. MY uncle was a marine during the vietnam conflict. While he doesn't talk much about it, I know our troops seen hard times.

Now hearing a COD game is gonna be based here. I fear that it will be some bs hollywood blockbuster type game. Which imo is not what a Vietnam game should be. It should show the great battles, show the torment our troops faced. Have missions in tunnels..have missions alone in the jungle away from your team. IT NEEDS to be very atmosphereic for me to care. A good story needs to be told here. Also, say what you want about Shellshock 2 but..it brought what a vietnam game needs..atmosphere.I understand this will be bought by cod fans...not me.

Now, if It is I will eat my words. However, a intelligient and well told story won't be in place in a cod game. A good telling story is more sutied for the brothers in arms series (which I love) which actually shows the great abttles, the conflicts the torment and has characters you can actually care about. It comes off as the way of a novel and makes you care. Care for these characters. COD won't have this.. If it does ill eat my words but I won;t hold my breath.

I don't mean to come off as a jerk, however, having the bs medium that is cod brings our industry down. Especially when you have Bobby Crotchlick heading Activison. COD fanboys you can hate me but the simple fact is..COD is garbage in my eyes.

My view on sniping and sniping in gaming.

I can't belive its been almost 3 years since I wrote a blog but I wanted to express my view on the topic of sniping. I have always been interested in the topic of sniping. Ever since the revolutionary war when sniping was first brought up its been a art for mever since. Nothing is as intense as putting the crosshairs on your target and having to choose to end their life or not. Making the sniper play the grim reaper of some sorts. Its always been a interest to me. I have read quite a few books on sniping (including im now readinga bio on the great Carlos Hathcock) and seen many programs on the art. I love it. I love the art of it. Now this brings up my question..where is it in gaming? Sniping has since become a whos who world in video games. Its nothing like it is in real life. Of course its a video game, but wheres the challenge? Sure it takes skill to perform a perfect headshot..but wheres the incusion of wind gravity and such? Making it a challenge and performing it as a team act and respecting its form?

Sniping has since become a arcade experience that people I think have forgotten its true art form. Don't get me wrong Ilove to snipe in games. Its just people don't use snipers effectively and usefullin the game world. You can have a team of snipers but you have to cordinate not pouch in the same spot expected to share kills. You have to work as a team.Send your assault team in cover from the flank with your snipers. However, NOBODY does this! Everybody charges in and just takes pop shots like its a god @#$% shooting gallery. Its since become such afrustration that there is games where nobody plays as a sniper because they are sick of it. This saddensme.

This is why games like Sniper Elite shine. It brings you into the feeling of every shot counts. Every bullet makes its mark and this one shot could cause history. Its a challenge to perform these shots and it feels great achieving them. This is what I think sniping is missing.

Now we do have some hardcore sniping games coming up. In June the release of Sniper: Ghost Warrior is upon us. This is a budget title. Howeve,r by the looks of it it seems so much more than that. Sure the animations could be improved and whatnot but so what. This game promises realistic sniping with the use of wind, gravity and bullet trajectory. There is no regen health you have to use health packs (YES!). Also in this game is assault type missions simular to the typical run n' gun fps of today. Which si fine. The sniper missions prove to use a emphasis on stealth and evasion which is nice. The game is in development by City Interactive which has a track record for not so great games. Lets hope this changes that. Sniper: Ghost Warrior is coming out on Xbox 360, pc and I HOPE TO GOD ps3.

Also coming out for wii users is a updated remake of Sniper Elite wii. This is a port of the ps2, xbox and px original. This will include some updated visuals and new levels. Rebellion did a fine job porting over Rogue Trooper and im sure they will do the same here. Coming out q2 2010.

My next bit of news or shall I say wishlist is Sniper Elite 2. We all know Rebellion is working on it. With the release of Sniper Elite wii its only proof that there is interest. Most likely sniper elite wii is a way of testing the waters and gaining a new audience. I look foward to hearing more of this in development title later this year. E3 would be a great time to announce it. Rebellion develops 5 titles at any given time. We know of 1 Sniper Elite wii. What are these other 4 titles? Is it Rogue Trooper 2, Sniper Elite 2 or perhaps a new ip? Only time will tell.

I also want to apologize for coming off as some sort of commerical...