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Juggernaut shouldn't reduce the damage if you get hit in the head, or Juggernaut should just reduce the bonus health by a bit because It takea bit more shots to kill somebody that does have juggernaut and you do have stopping power rather than shooting a non-juggernaut player without stopping power.
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Accuracy i think is how well the weapon can place 2 shots in the same spot, like the AK 47 it takes about 0.5 secs to fire in the same spot as the first shot, the M16A4 on the other hand can easily fire bullets in the same place with a second shot.

I think thats how they point out Sniper accuracy because with bolt Action Rifles they don't move around alot so you can fire twice in the same spot easily. While Semi-Automatic sniper rifles are a bit hard to fire in the same spot twice.

The other thing that i think is a bunch of things such as a balance of how much recoil there is and when you fire your gun, how easy it is to fire straight at a distant target.

Even if I'm not right its my oppinion.