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Well We Finally Got Another One

Robert and I finally got our second PS3 and it is the slim. I don't know what other people are talking about, but I do not see anything wrong with the way it looks. I actually like the way it looks! It is not like it is a piece of furniture or something where looks matter. It is a gaming system and if it does the job it's suppose to who cares what it looks like.

I also like the on and off buttons they are easier to operate then the touch one as far as I'm concerned. Now we don't have to take our PS3 from the bedroom to the living room or visa versa to watch our movies cause after awhile it can get kind of aggravating. Also now if I want to play any of my games I can do it anytime.

Also there is so much you can do with the PS3 it is mindboggling. I haven't tried the online gaming yet, but I probably will eventually. I did go to Playstation Home and what I can see so far it looks pretty cool. Kind of like the Sims.

Can't wait to get some more RPGs as they are my favorite type of gaming.I have been playing Burnout Paradise and I have to start over, but thats ok cause now I can take my time and pay attention to what I am doing! I also have Folklore which I will have to start over also, but I don't mind.

I am so glad the price of the PS3 came down so I could get one, because I cannot see spending 400 to 600 hundred on a gaming system. I really like the new PS3 Slim and would recommend it to anyone looking for a game system and a Blu-Ray DVD player in one. It really is cost effective. Bottom line I love the Slim and can't wait to try all it has to offer. :)