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Growing up

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At 23 years old, I'm moving out.  Today.  Wish me luck.


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Feels like forever since I wrote something.  Hi?  How's it going?

Checking in...

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Got myself a jerb so I have way less time to do, well, anything, especially keep up on GameSpot goings-on. Gaming has taken a back seat to preparing to get an apartment with my lady friend in the coming months and I've been working on a $2.5 million project at work so I don't get a whole lot of free time these days. Hope all is well and this won't be the last you hear from me.


PS...4.5 for RE6, GS? REally? Pssh.

A Conversation Halfway Up A Mountain

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A conversation halfway up a 4500 foot mountain in northern New Hampshire on what we referred to as the "fat kid peak".

Harvard student 1: Hi, guys.
Harvard student 2: Where did you guys come from?

Me: The bottom.