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More about Home

I wasn't going to write anymore about PlayStation Home but since I live there now I thought I would and have met some very cool ppl from EU Home they do treat you better there but the US version does have more to dowith more to come. Now if you watch any daytime soaps drop them there is enough drama on Home to keep you busy for days ,,,lol later all.

Going Home?

I went Home to RE5 back lot in PlayStation 3 home. This was the first time I had gotten on Home found it was easy to set up even for me. What I was not prepared for was foul language what would get banned in a second here for the contentI saw and heard, what a bunch of tools these boys were. Back to the beginning, I did think it was cool walking around the lot kind of like a Disney theme park or something. But ladies if you go on Home be prepared to be hit on by every male that can walk,,,,,lol

Left enough hints!

I Left enough hints about KZ2 that I wanted to be playing it tonight however someone wasn't listening to me like always,,,,,lol. So I guess I will have to go out on Sat. and buy it myself. What has this world come to when I need to kill someone , only in games though I think, I am to sweet in person to do something like that mmmm.

updated list

I went through most of my games from the PS2 I have so I could update my list I wonder if all that money spent on games was worth it, about 30 games worth but about 5 years time so I guess it all evens out in the long run wish men would last that long in my life,,,,lol

Cleaning House

I have spent all week trying to make my home here at gamespot feel more like me even though it is taking forever because I am such a girl at computers my roommate's computer messes up all the time and I can't help her out. Wish I was more of a geek and not a loner. Please bear with me I am trying to look pretty,,,,, ugh what a mess.....

The last day to mess up...

Welcome to the end of the year, hope you aren't sitting around with nothing to do like little O me. A few games and a few parties but I hope next year is a better time for us all, best wishes to all and to all good night...