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Level: 35 (67%)
Rank: Stitches
Points: 1204280

dtujd2's Emblems

  • +1 Orator of Distinction

    Because while everybody's got an opinion, some are better than others. This illustrious soul has volunteered to grace GameSpot's pages with an unforgettable editorial. It's the very definition of selflessness. Or, in some cases, self-indulgence.

  • Virtually There: E3 2006 Sony Conference

    Virtually There: E3 2006 Sony Conference For tuning into GameSpot's live broadcast of the E3 2006 Sony press conference on Monday, May 8. Final Fantasy XIII and Gran Turismo HD announced!

  • 3rd Place Tournament Winner

    A third place champion from one of GameSpot’s Tournaments.

  • F.E.A.R. emblem

    This fast-action fan participated in Fight the F.E.A.R, a Capture the Flag tournament with 80 participants. Flag thieves playing offense needed to make sure their routes weren’t interrupted by skilled blockers on defense.

  • Ringwraith

    My Precious... This Lord of the Rings fan participated in King of the Hill, an Xbox 360 tournament with 48 participants, where strategy and backstabbing was the object of the game. You may have been the King of the Hill for a moment but the Enemy of your Enemy was more likely to team up for the purpose of defeating you.

  • Robot Jock

    Let loose the dogs of war. This Chromehounds fan participated in Dogs of War, an Xbox 360 tournament with 100 participants. Teams of 5 went head to head to see who was victorious, and who was scrap metal.

  • Stride Mission 1 Tournament

    Alright team, let's move out! This Counterstrike fan participated in the first edition of Stride gum's Ridiculously Long Lasting tournament and competed against 48 teams for bragging rights as the best Counterstrike: Source team on GameSpot. The winners from each Mission scored a trip to San Francisco for the exclusive GameSpot After Hours gaming event to compete for the $1,000 grand prize.

  • Call of Duty 2 Xbox Tournament

    This soldier fought with pride and justice in Summer Assault, a 48 player team-based tournament on the Xbox 360. Every round put two teams against each other in a do-or-die battle, so participating meant you had to struggle to survive.

  • Titan Defender

    Who knew the future was so chilly? This user helped heat things up by partipating in GameSpot's Battlefield 2142 tournament. Thanks to these participants, the titans will clash for a long time to come.

  • Kombat Veteran

    "SHANG TSUNG KILLED MY BROTHER!" This user not only participated in GameSpot's Fatal Face-Off Mortal Kombat: Armageddon tournament, but also understands the brilliance of the above quote. You can look into his soul... but you don't own it.

  • Virtually There: PlayStation 3 Launch

    Virtually There: PlayStation 3 Launch For tuning in to GameSpot's live broadcast of the PlayStation 3 launch on the eve of November 17, 2006, the day on which the PS3 officially hit store shelves in North America. Did you see the lines for that thing?!

  • Student of Sareth

    All hail the necromancers. Whether scourging the land with their putrid evil or defending against the march of the damned, these users proved their worth in GameSpot's Medieval Massacre tournament. The fate of the world hung in the balance as swords crossed, spells flew, and the undead clashed with humankind.

  • Venomous Fangs

    The Snake's finally come out of his hole. This player slithered his way through GameSpot's Snake Wars tournament for Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops, for a shot at $1000 worth of prizes. A strong man doesn't need to read the future--he makes his own.

  • Enemy Combatant

    Your enemy is well trained, well equipped and battle hardened. He will fight savagely. This fine soldier fought valiantly in Normandy Breakout, GameSpot's Call of Duty 3 tournament for the Xbox 360. Hell was on him, yet our citizens can now rejoice that a momentous victory was made.

  • Execution Style

    We're not here to sell cookies. This talented player participated in Capital Punishment, GameSpot's Gears of War tournament. Rev up your chainsaw and arm your boomshot, because you wouldn't want to meet this user in a dark sewer.

  • Kane Lives!

    Missile squad, ready for action. This user boldly (and baldly) participated in Tiberium Troopers, GameSpot's Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars tournament. Now come, my son. Let us bask in this glorious new world that Tiberium has brought us...

  • Execution Style II

    We're not here to sell lemonade. This talented player participated in Capital Punishment II, GameSpot's second Gears of War tournament. Rev up your chainsaw and arm your boomshot, because you wouldn't want to meet this user in a dark alley.

  • Vegas Lives

    Don't draw out of luck. We gave this emblem to the participants of Stride's Saving Vegas Mission 1 tournament, which was a Rainbow Six: Vegas tournament on the Xbox 360.

  • Vegas Lives Again

    There is no such thing as luck. We gave this emblem to the participants of Stride's Saving Vegas Mission 2 tournament, which was a Rainbow Six: Vegas tournament on the Xbox 360.

  • Fires of Liberation

    Jump in the cockpit, don your goggles, and get ready to take to the skies! This pilot participated in GameSpot's Fly for Freedom Tournament, where 196 players commanded aerial, naval, and ground combat units to find the top Ace Combat 6 player in North America.

  • Readers' Choice 2007 Chooser

    Official Participant in 2007 Readers' Choice Awards. In a year that could only be rivaled by 1998, this user made their voice heard in GameSpot's 12th-annual Readers' Choice Awards. . . Now known as "Best of."

  • Destructive Bomberman

    Destructive Bomberman Skills - This Bomberman Live player detonated, defenestrated, and otherwise demolished other players in GameSpot's Bombs Away Tournament.

  • Motorsports Junkie

    A craving for speed! This enthusiastic Forza Motorsports 2 driver played against 191 others in GameSpot's Driven to Win tournament.

  • Remarkable Member

    GameSpot stamped me as remarkable! GameSpot members who frequently contribute to the site are remarkable! Those featured in the member spotlight are hand picked. Hats off to borninvincible for creating the emblem.

  • Readers' Choice 2009 Chooser

    Participant in 2009 Readers' Choice Awards. "Sure, that game is good... FOR BABIES!" "That game sucks! It doesn't even have online capture the flag!" "Barbie Horse Adventure: Riding Camp just lost so much of the magic that made Barbie Horse Adventure great." And so on. These intrepid readers braved the chaos of the Readers' Choice process and let their opinions be heard above the cacophony of argumentative commenters. Congratulations, voters!

  • TOTS Hashclown

    Gotcha! These brave viewers watched and discussed the April Fools' Day 2010 episode of Today on the Spot. Were they fooled? Did they really think GameSpot had moved into THE THIRD DIMENSION?! Hard to say. But we thank them for their viewership anyway! As a reward, here is a picture of a moderately creepy clown, who is edible. Meet Mr. Hashclown!

  • E3 2012 Literature Enthusiast - Day 2

    Taking a break from watching YouTube videos of kittens playing with a ball of yarn, this viewer made the excellent decision to read the fine E3 coverage on GameSpot's official E3 site on day two of E3.

  • Robocorn

    Hey look, it's a totally original dude wearing armor. With a huge gun and a helmet (a visor?). And he's riding a unicorn. This user was granted this magical emblem for not having any of their user profile images hosted on untrusted websites during The Great Purge of March 2013.