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Dark Cloud 3

Hello gamerz! I recently started this forum in hopes of learning new things about the gaming community as well as sharing my broad knowledge and love for the art. This particular blog I would like to shed light on a favorite game of mine from the past. The series was called 'Dark Cloud 1 & 2'. They was for the Playstation 2 system and quite honestly.. they were the most fun I've had in gaming to date. Now the Kingdom Hearts series was by far my favorite games for the PS2, but thinking back on it here and now, they didn't give me that fun factor and memorable moments that the Dark Cloud series did. I was wondering if any of you guys/gals have had the opportunity to play either of these great games. I ask around personally to my buddies and not a single person seems to know what I am talking about. In fact, they look at me as if I have a billion backs! (Futurama reference). PLEASE: anyone who has played these games.. let me know! Lets discuss our favorite parts of the game and if we would like a sequel and what we think should be included or excluded from this mythical DARK CLOUD 3. Thank you guys/gals! Brandine 'Bowser" Polenski