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@battleborn27: i'll probably still buy, but I'll surely miss him. I'm sure he's there. He's been in what, four MK games so far?

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@greatdimentio: That would be a riot. I'm hoping for Kamek (from the Yoshi's Island games) personally.

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Really digging the new interface. I haven't been on the site in a long time, but I definitely like its new look.

That said, I was wondering if someone could tell me the names of the fonts being used for the bold headers and the regular text.

THANKS in advance!

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If I remember right, the online aspect of the game is now gone. I was wondering if someone could tell me if it's possible to still play the Speed Weekend. I remember that the game always asked you to connect online before starting any events. It'd be a real shame if you can't even try to beat your own best times in that DLC game mode now that the online MP is gone.

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When you think you've lost them, the game suddenly spawns them behind you and they'll go whizzing by. It's quite absurd really.Frag_Maniac
This happened A LOT with the very first MW racer. I had no idea what was going on. It didn't make any sense. What I can't understand is why the MW racers don't have their own marker for the on-screen map so you can see their location if they're close by or on the big map in the pause screen.
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What happens if you finish a MW race and win it, but then you lose track of the car before you've taken it down? How do you find it again so you can acquire it for future use?

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My prior experience with NFS is 2010's HP. That game's a gem in my opinion. This game has yet to come anywhere close to HP in the time I've played it so far. The soundtrack is inferior, the handling seems lackluster in comparison, the overall design isn't as slick, the visuals aren't as sharp... Blegh. Still fun to play, but not as great as it could have been.
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I'm curious to see what 3DS versions of multiplatform games can be like. I always became saddened when checking out DS versions of games. Those screens are definitely not from the 3DS version, but it could still look pretty sweet.

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Can 3DS owners buy and download DLC yet? I haven't really heard anything about it except that I know Japan already can (no surprise there).

I'm just worried NA gamers won't have access to the boatloads of Theatrhythm DLC. The game doesn't come out until the beginning of July, so maybe by then they'll have it set up and ready to go (if it's not already)?

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I was so worried that it was going to become a Japanese exclusive. Now, I can't contain my excitement.

I hope we get the DLC tracks, too. I want some Cosmo Canyon!