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Spring Releases

Spring is here and Q2 releases are to be coming soon. With school ending in May for most gamers, we can look forward to a great set of games to be released for our summer-gaming pleasure. A few games that have been and will be released that I'm keeping my eye on are:

Resonance of Fate: The RPG by Tri-Ace, whom created Radiata Stories, with more up-to-date gun-slinging gameplay.

Metro 2033: The next Fallout 3 in many people's opinions, this one could become a cult FPS

Fragile Dreams: A new Wii release that seems to be Resident Evil without Zombies... cool... perhaps?

Monster Hunter Tri: I'm super psyched about this one. Many people are already calling it "THE" RPG for the Wii. Gather with a group of friends to battle huge monsters while collecting items and building your character... sounds too good to be true... let's hope they did it right

Sakura So Long my Love: 1920's and you are killing monsters in mech's with friends... sounds amusing

Definative Wii Games

I'm still waiting for the definative Wii RPG, Fighter, and Racing gamesto come out. I've been quite disppointed with Nintendo's releases. Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All-Starscould easily be the fighting game that sets the Wii straight, unless PowerStone somehow makes it to the Wii. As far as RPGs go, there doesn't appear to be a great deal of RPGs with the right stuff becoming available. The right stuff is the stuff that gave FF VII its prestige, Zelda its glory, and Chrono Trigger its OMFG! The racing on the Wii is dominated by Mario Kart, which is a great game, but way too easy for the Gran Turismo series fan. I'd like to see the definative racing game, with real cars, that doesn't squirt ink on you while driving.

I Heart Items! A look at RPGs

Ever since Diablo, one of the key factors I look for in a game is the randomness of the items (swords, shields, armor, guns, etc...). When I look at the many RPG's I've played, I've noticed that with the exclusion of some older SNES RPGs, the ones that allow for mass amounts of items are the ones I enjoy the most. This includes Diablo, Diablo 2, WOW, Guild Wars, Borderlands, and Fallout 3. And out of the non-RPG games, I play Gran Turismo 4 with hundreds and hundreds of cars. The games that allow for item customization and massive item listsare the top of my list. Funny eh?

I didn't really recognize this until I took a look at Oblivion. Asone of the top-rankedRPGs, many gamers consider it a must have. I got bored after 4 or 5 hours, and especially bored once I realized you can mass duplicate items viaclicking arrows and the item you want duped in the right order. Not to mention the traditional sword/shield type RPG should NEVER be made in 1st person.

With the more common use of first-person point-of-view in RPGs, the limit needs to be set as to which ones should actually be utilizing it. A first-person RPG should not be the sword wielding type. Attacking up close can be done in third-person much more effectively with a better view on surroundings. If the RPG is the gun-wielding type, such as Fallout 3, than first-person is the only way to go, unless it is turn-based, which doesn't seem to exist much any more.

Some otherRPG pet-peevesI have against Oblivion is the under-powered spells and items. I shouldn't have to shoot 5 or 6 fireballs at one of the lowest level enemies in the game to kill it, just to be out of mana when I'm surrounded by another 4 or 5 enemies. And half of the fireballs don't hit because of the delay of casting in first-person. If you are going to throw multiple enemies that don't die easilyat me, at least give me burst damage or some Area-of-effect spells/equipment that do something effective. (Now, I'm venting)

Diablo III, Where Art Thou?

I'm a little disappoined that it's almost December and there is still no announcement as to the release date of Diablo 3. I'm to the point in which once I finish my current Borderlands bonanza, that Torchlight may be my next PC game purchase. Where are you Diablo 3?!!!

Perhaps I spoke too soon

Dragon Age was released today on the 360, PS3, and PC. Gamespot gave it a 9.5 for PC, which is one of the highest ranked PC RPGs ever, only surpassed by the Original Diablo with a 9.6. Perhaps I will have to give this one a shot after all.

Reproduced medieval RPGs for PC

I'm sick and tired of seeing RPGs coming out for the PC with absolutely nothing new to bring to the table. Dragon Age: Origins appears to be just that. It may have a 9.0 rating, but how many games can you play with the same concept? All these new RPGs have nothing original such as item creation or spell creation. They all use the same boring concept of races and classes and thus end up being boring themselves. WOW was new and exciting at one point, as was Diablo. These games are innovative and brought new ideas to the RPG world on PC. Dragon Age doesn't look anything more than 3D version of Baldur's gate or another Oblivion... possibly a better Silverfall. Come up with some new ideas people... The only RPG on my radar is Diablo 3, because I fell in love with the randomness of environment and items, EVERY time you play it.

Dreamcast Games

I've been checking all of my local game shops for good Dreamcast games, there don't seem to be many and when I do find a good one, they are almost $40. Are there hidden Dreamcast gems I'm missing?