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I've lost my desire...

I don't really know what to say other than sorry for my lack of reviews or just overall activity on here these past few months. But I'm not going to come up with some lying excuses. I just simply haven't had the desire to write reviews for video games. I'm not entirely sure why. Perhaps it is because college has taught me that writing is really nothing to get too excited over. It just seems that every time I sit down to write ANYTHING for my own personal enjoyment, I write for about 5 minutes and get frustrated and just straight-up bored. I still want to review stuff, but I don't know how to keep myself enjoying it. Has anyone else ever gone through this kind of phase?

Desperate times call for ...

I just had quite an experience this past week. I don't know if anyone here follows the news/weather, but New England got demolished by a massive nor'easter on Saturday. It left approxiamately 14 inches of snow on the ground here in my town. This is not, by any means, "abnormal" or anything. With that said, however, it needs to be kept in mind the date that this occured. Up until this year, the earliest I can ever remember seeing snow on the ground was about 3 days before Thanksgiving (about 5 years ago). This happened on October 29th. Not only did it catch everybody by surprise, but it also brought out a lot of humor and showed the level of ignorance some people in this world show.

First of all, I want to mention that the news teams here in Connecticut may be the dumbest people I have ever come across. Because anyone with half a brain should be able to see the potential issues this could cause. For some reason, we have had a very slow-moving autumn. As a result, about 95% of trees in my area are still full of leaves. When you add a combination of heavy and wet snow (and an accumulating amount), along with 50 mph winds, what do you think is going to happen to trees? They are just going to punch the wind back in the face and stand their ground? Now I won't lie. The meteorologists here in CT definitely underestimated the storm. What they said was that we would probably get around 6-8 inches of snow, and see 20-25 mph winds. But not a single time did I even hear a single word mentioned about the potential danger this could cause. When I first heard the forecast, I figured it was pretty much common sense that it could be disastrous. But since no "professionals" had anything to report other than the basic figures, I didn't worry.What ended up happening was 10x worse than I could've imagined.

It was about 2 PM on Saturday when we first lost power. I wasn't concerned. Again, nothing was ever said about this kind of thing happening. So I figured it was under control, even though deep down I was really thinking "told ya so". So I just sat back, put on my headphones, and rocked out for a few hours. 7 PM came around, and the temperature in my home started to drop. We don't have a fireplace or any other source of heat, so we were forced to go to my Grandma's house for the night to stay warm. We figured she would probably still have power, and even if she didn't, she still has a fireplace. They are down in Florida during this time anyways, so it's not like they would care. We show up, and of course, there's no power. So my brother and sister and I started a fire, got a bunch of blankets, and just chilled out. At the most, I figured this would probably be the only night where this would be a problem. During all this, my mom and her friend were on vacation down in Puerto Rico, so I was stuck watching my mom's friend's dog. I don't mind this or anything, but the dog is kind of a pain. He's so nice and well-behaved, but he's a little wimp lol. If it gets a little chilly or too dark, he freaks out. So I had to go over to my mom's friend's house and bring the dog over to my grandma's to stay with us.

So I hop in my car and head out on what should've been a 10 minute drive. I got about halfway there when I saw a car stuck on the side of the road. It was about 10 PM by now, and it was well below freezing. I stopped to help of course. Because that's kind of a normal thing to do, right? I get out of my car, walk up to the woman who is nearly crying, and asked her if she was stuck. Her response was, "Yes. Thank you so much for stopping! I've been stuck here for an hour and a half, and not a single one of the 25 cars that have driven by here have even offered to help." Like seriously? A woman is stuck in the middle of an October snowstorm, with trees falling and cracking in half so often that it's like you're playing Frogger...and no one helps her? You have to be kidding me. I tried for the next half hour to dig her tires out of the snow. It was semi-successful, but not enough to get her completely out. And I'm only one teenage guy. I can only dig and push a car so much. Finally, a cop arrives and helps me out. We get her out, and she goes on her way. I proceed to picking the dog up. On the way back from their house, I watched half a tree fall in front of a guy in a pickup, and he just plowed through it like it wasn't even there. There was quite a bit of debris from this, that certainly would make the driving in the snow even harder. Of course he didn't care to stop and move the wreckage to the side of the road or anything. That would just make way too much sense. Because in a snow storm where the only lights you have left (because of power outages) are the ones on the front of your vehicle, and your visibility is about 10 feet in front of you, it's not like that poses any threat to other drivers on the road or anything :question:

Anyways, I end up getting back to my grandma's and stay the night. The next morning, my mom arrives in town and we all kind of just followed the same routine as the night before. By the end of the day, however, my family started losing their minds lol. My mom and sister were becoming extremely anxious/jittery, and my brother was just pissed off. The next morning, I wake up to my mom packing up. She tells us we are going to a motel nearby. Now, at this point, I am a bit confused. We are in a home where we are perfectly capable of surviving off the most ancient source of heat other than the sun - in fire - with plenty of food, a limited (but existent) supply of hot water, and a bunch of blankets. But no. Not good enough for her. I kind of tried arguing it, but it was obviously pointless, and we ended up moving into this motel. Our room at this place was fine. It was dirty and kind of gross, but it was warm, it had a nice hot shower to supply us, it had electricity, and it even had a TV. But my sister just complained the entire time. The first morning here was interesting. I woke up to my sister running around the room like she was possessed. Or that's what I thought. But when I told her to just shut up and go back to bed, and she told me she was already in bed, I realized we were dealing with something else. Something was scurrying around the floor (where I was sleeping, since my mom and sister hogged the only single bed in the room, and my brother ended up going back up to his college campus). I brought up the word "rat" as a possibility, and that was it. We were out of there in 10 minutes lol. Now I can understand that. No one wants to live in a rat-infested motel room if it's not necessary. So we bounced out of there.

A lot more happened after that with my family, but you get the jist. Then we finally get back to our home today, which had power finally restored. I turn on the news, and listen to people talking about the outages (because a good portion of the state was still out). The news crew interviewed a bunch of people from the streets asking about how CL-P (Connecticut Light and Power) should approach the situation. Everyone either gave smartass answers, or just were too angry to even make sense. Then one woman came on and was asked the same question. Her response was "I think they should just go from town to town in alphabetical order to make it more organized. The number of people in each town really shouldn't matter." The reporter then asked her what town she lived in. "Avon" was her response. In other words, she didn't care about anyone else but herself getting power back. Later during the news, they showed an interview with the CEO on CL-P who was being accused of being lazy throughout this whole situation. No doubt, it was taking a lot longer than anyone had thought or even would accept. But I felt bad for the guy. He was getting demolished by people with extreme interrogation! I grew sadness for the man, until one final question was asked. "There are reports that the company is behind on several bills that could be causing for these delays. Is this true?" The CEO just said, "No comment." and ended the broadcast.

My point in all of this is that it really is amaing to see the way people change in desperate situations. People who appear to be perfectly capable of surviving in the elements, people who show generosity on a constant basis, and people who just aren't selfish...begin to show the complete opposite characteristics. Everyone just turns on each other and cares about only themselves. It's unbelievable. I just felt the need to explain myself for being absent on here and Xbox Live for the past week, and I figured a little ranting wouldn't hurt my anger right now lol.

Okay, I'm really sorry everyone

I have said time and time again that I have returned to gaming, only to completely neglect the GS community. I have just had a very hectic couple of months, and to top it off, I just got fired from my brand new job. Well I kind of voluntarily got myself fired - the job I applied for and received were for being a delivery boy (pizza place), but I ended up doing everything but that. I get overwhelmed when I am balancing multiple things at once, and that's what I was doing. Cleaning the restaurant, being a waiter, answering phones, cleaning dishes, assembling boxes, keeping things organized, preparing meals, etc. And delivery "when the need may arise". And judging by the lack of business I saw, that wasn't going to be too much. I'm not one to complain at all, but my personality cannot HANDLE situations in a public restaurant balancing a billion things at once. So I told him straight up, and he wasn't having it. The end lol.

Anyways, just had to vent a little. I am currently playing a bunch of games, and should be reviewing Dead Island sometime soon if I ever end up completing it. Like xGlenn11x, I am disappointed with it. I enjoyed it pretty thoroughly at first. But there's not nearly as much gameplay variety as one may expect, and it gets old FAST. But I should finish that up soon. I am also working on Silent Hill : Homecoming so that I am prepared for the new game in the series' arrival at the end of this month. I haven't put much time into it, so I certainly have some work to do if I want to finish that soon. I may play that a bit tonight. It's a fairly long game, so I can't really wait until last minute. Anywho, yes I am alive. Yes, I am still on the site. I just haven't had the desire or time to come on here lately. In addition to the job situation, the last couple months of my life in general have been...ehh. It's all good, but sometimes I just don't have the energy.

Hope everyone is well.