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How I Live

First i thought who will i get to be friends with?Next thing i make a friend.In a little bit i start to meet some not so great people.I thought why do people want to people want to be this way?I was nasty to this girl before now I am a lot nicer to her.She has been my friend for a while now.After that I heard a new person to Boy Scouts and he is now my best friend.Whenever we got mad or angry at each other usually the next day we start to be nice again to each other.I have been his friend for a year and a half now.About half of the year later when I met him he came to my school i was very excited.So I wondered will he be in the same class with me?He told he would want to be in classes with me.He has always been in every single class with me now.About half a month of him being in school I asked him,"Are you liking this school?" he replied "It makes it better when I'm with you."He always with me and never leaves my side.We will always will be side by side.