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It's Hot!

Man it's hot out right now. What's everyone doing to beat the heat? I'm on the east coast on some island called block island. It's nice and muggy and hot. Probably better then the main land though. Not a lot of gaming lately but trying out infinity blade 2 on my iPhone. it's a nice challenge. I would still like to get back to dark souls which is just starting to open up. Peace all.

Back in Action

Been gone awhile, had a kid and all. Interestd to see what E3 brings tomorrow. I've been an xbox guy for some time, but unless the xbox one shows well I think I'm heading back to the PC. I might be trying Elder scrolls online, we'll see how it goes. Back to lurking it's such good fun...

My JRPG - Billy Bobs Revenge

For the TGS Activity here is my blog: Billy Bobs Revenge

For once there will be no wimpy starting character. Billy Bob is a army ranger overseas. On a scouting mission he encounters a strange cave. While exploring the cave suddenly goes dark and he falls asleep. He awakes in the same cave; however, when he leaves the cave he is in a whole new world. Ya nothing special but you gotta get a ranger back in time some how and a hot tub has been used before...

Starting game stats:

Level 10 (Hes a ranger after all)

Ownage (aka str)- 10

Pimping skills (aka charisma) - 3 (hes a redneck after all),

Magic Skills none (hes a brute lets be honest)

Speed - 8 (The guy was defensıve end for Nebraska and hada great 40)

He wanders into what looks like an old japanese village. Surprisingly they speak English (as this game would suck with subtitles). He meets the local kung fu fıghter Pa Nage. He tells him that the village has been cursed and his presence has just solidified this. Billy Bob honestly doesnt care. But Pa Nage says that if he finds the source the local witch doctor may be able to send him home.

And thus the questing begins. He busts out some serious hand to hand skills and becomes stronger and stronger as he climbs the mountain. Pa Nage fights at hıs sıde early on to get him started. Each level gets him closer to the top. Pa Nage is amazed he can do it and leaves him after level 3. But things get harder.

In level 4 he meets the chiefs daughter Ho Tchıck. If one upgrades their pimping skills she joins him in the fight. As they climb together he upgrades his hand to hand ownage skills. He never learns magic, hes just a brute. The fınal boss turns out to be the witch doctor. He has a choice: go home or kill the witch doc and save the village. As noted he doesnt care, but he also realizes his job huffing it through desserts sucked even worse. If he has maxed his pimping skills Ho Tchick falls in love with him. So he decides to kill the witch doc and save the village. This proves challenging as remember he has no magic skills..

However, when he returns to the village Pa Nage, really was the one cursing the village. He must fight him to the death...

Whats so great about this rpg. The main character isnt some wimpy spikey haired teenager that crys every few cutscenes. He rips things apart with his hands. Furthermore, this isnt the archetypal long lost prince that comes of age, but more of an Evil Dead 2, "Hail to the King Baby" kinda rpg. This should also be played on the XBOX360 or PS3 as the casuals on the Wiicould not fathom this story, sorry Nintendo...

There we go, cheers GS

What are you looking forward to for the fall?

Well my hope is summer will last a little longer as summer came super late here in Oregon. I've got a vacation coming up and the wife and I are going to Greece to help stimulate their economy (one glass of wine at a time). The Xbox360 has been on the shelf a bit this summer but what a lot of possibilities coming down the pipeline. What are you all excited about?

GOW3 - If the gameplay is as good or better then 2, which I'm sure it will be. This will be my main fall time investment. There's something about the pace of gameplay, bouncing off cover and no look shotguns to the face that are just so enjoyable. I loved Horde mode and look forward to the up coming Beast mode. I was a veteran gear in 2 and expect to push hard to be one again.

Skyrim - RPGs have always been my true favorite genre. It's been a long time coming, which means I don't need to rush in but I'll get to this one pretty quick.

Diablo 3 - Diablo 2 was one my all time favorites. D3 has taken too long to come to fruition. I'm getting frustrated with Blizz (with a taint from Activision). Real money AHs is only good if it gives Blizz enough money to prevent hacking which hurt the old Diablo series greatly. At most we'll at least get a closed beta this year, maybe...

Battlefield 3, Assassins Creed: Revelations, Time spent on GS should be more then enough to get the evil eye from the wife, lol. Cheers.

I got the Mondays....

Except that I have the day off. Just finished a long work week and weekend on. Nice to have a Monday off but Im just worthless. I think Ill finish watching the Firth Element, play a little Assasins Creed and take a long nap....

Why is it Mondays on or off just dont feel right?

On another note I enjoyed the seeing a little more trailer action on Gears of War 3 today. Im getting super stoked about that game. Horde mode was by far the most interesting addition to FPSers in general,a great innovation. Beast mode looks interesting as a spin off to Horde mode. But honestly straight up popping heads, and close up shotgun battles is what I cant wait for, classic multiplayer.

Diablo 3 frustrations...

Well I've been taking it easy on the gaming front this summer. Its summer in Oregon the suns only here like 2 months of the year so I gotta get outside. But the fall looks stacked for some gaming action. Diablo 3 may even make it in 2011 but I doubt it. Regardless finallywe get some meaty news on the subject and Im not impressed.

My main issue is the adding of theauction houses.An ingame AH isnt a terrible idea but they made 2. One with real cash and you can buy gold as well. This is terrible. The whole fun of diablo for me was playing hardcore and getting that amazing loot grinding out those scary hell levels. Now all it will take is some cash...ya before you could go buy stuff on third party sites but that was frowned upon and outright got some people banned. Now Blizzard will cash in literally on gold farming.....grrr.

The greed of the gaming industry while not suprising is destroying the fabric of the gaming world. The frequent updates about profits for companies even on this website should be a clue to how the gaming industry is working. Its become big money and expectations have fallin in place with that.In part Wows amazing success clued Blizzardinto people willingness to pay up the cash beyond the initial money for the game.

Pocket Legends: A Review

I've been on the search for a quality mobile gaming RPG. Started by playing Pocket Legends. I was very impressed with its gameplay mechanics. It turns out to be a well polished MMO. However, it simply got boring at higher levels and after the first 20 or so hours I lost my intrest and I don't usually put games down lightly (Heck I grinded through hours in Aion and WOW). Here's my review if interested. Any thoughts on mobile RPGs people have liked would be interesting as Id like to try some new ones.


Initial E3 Thoughts...

I still hvae E3 coverage to see, its nice that everything is recorded and I can go back and watch the rest of it. As an xbox player I was most interested in the Microsoft's press conference. Unfortunately, as I to some degree predicted the Kinect once again was at the forefront. Now I dont want to get too negative on MS because to advance in general, innovation must occur. Just think if we never went beyond the A and B button on the NES; however, what it adds to the core gaming expierence has yet to be realized.

Lack of Content has been the problem and now they present quite a bit of upcoming content. But when I saw some hippyesc guy goofely trying to smash bunnies with his feet, my hopes have been declining. The Fable presentation ok we'll see.but Im still skepetical. Overall a rather hum ho conference with little to get super excited about.

As Wii goes with the U, xbox players are stuck with Im sure a larger focus to incoporate Kinect into everything. GOW3 however is probably the greatest thing on the forefrunt for a gamer to get excited about. Oh they spent like 2 minutes on it and it had buffer problems through the whole thing...Don't blame them nothing really to reveal, the game was ready months ago but marketing said wait for the "holiday" season...

Overall MS had little offer, yarerelease of a polished Halo is interesting, the mention of Halo 4 well not suprised but wont be seeing any content for awhile. As far as a new system, likely next year we'll maybe hear something, but with the Kinect in full effect and xbox on top of hardware sales, this will delay then next hardware release. My hope is Sony pushes for the PS4 sooner or later which will force MS's hand. But they're also mired in the Move....

More thoughts to come later....

E3 is SO NEAR!

With E3 coming tomorrow here are my thoughts:

Microsoft - They've done a decent job of keeping us guessing with rumors on what they're going to reveal. GOW3 will of course be mentioned but really as an after thought. The games done they just for money reasons have been putting off giving us the coveted game. We'll probably hear some about the Kinect content as that front has been crickets lately. I doubt there will be a new console mentioned as that would likely undermine the Kinect. I really hope to see some GOW:Exile or the next Halo. They're in a decent position but it will be hard to compete with Nintendo bringing on a new console.

Nintendo - Well the Wii is on the way out in general as far as sales. They're unlikely to see a rise in hardware sales. They have an interesting scenario with Zelda.If they bring Zelda to the new hardware it will likely push sales hard, but they could revive current Wii sales with one last big game. The "killer app" is really the way to sell new hardware or just have a ridiculous marketing campaing like MS did with the kinect and no apps are even necessary...

Sony - Im less of a PS guy in general, Im mainly xbox; however, it will be interesting to see what they bring to the table after the "little" debacle they've had in the last month. A next gen PS would be quite a big one and would really put pressure on MS to move up a next gen for xbox.

As far the rest, I'd love to see great coverage by GS. It's been decent in the last couple of years but with some glitches. I already like the pre E3 content and the obvious commitment to bring a quality product. The updated video player is a plus and hopefully makes it a much smoother run. Think Ill try to grab the set of emblems as well, always nice.

On a side note, I got my first mod today, lol. Luckily just a warning and no point loss. Now I truely feel like a real Gamespotter....