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alo luv

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Kiddie games

O.K after that heavy handed blog post how about something lighter. I really hate it when people call games "kiddy". Just because it has no blood guns or swearing means it sucks? Take Super Mario Brothers for example. It is oftenly considered one of the best games of all time and everything is cute as a button. There is no swearing,no gore, no guns and very little violence(if you can even classify the content in Super Mario Bros as "violent"). Not playing games because they are "kiddy" is how a lot of people miss out on great games. For example Okami was overlooked by many "15 year old in 25 year olds body" types. It didn't have lots of any boobs or guns on the cover and thus a lot of people missed out on a visually stunning, well crafted game. Even worse is Clover was shut down shortly after the games release. Lots of awesome looking up coming games well likely go underaprreaciated like Zak and Wiki ,Blue Dragon, and Eternal Sonata just because they aren't "mature". The whole concept that games need blood or gore to be "mature" is riddled with holes. In fact games that use lots of blood and gore to get attention are about as immature as can be. Not saying Mature rated games can't be mature. Bioshock is an M rated game and looks to be the most mature game to come out in a while. But not because of the guns or disturbing imagery but because of the ethical themes it deals with. In other words games shouldn't have to resort to attention whoring tactics to get noticed, rather they should be well known for they're quality gameplay and other assets. It would be a sad day in the gaming world when the best selling games consists of garbage like 25 to Life and Crime Life:Gang Wars.

Animal Hell

For my first blog post I will be talking about something more important than video games. I was provoked to do this when someone on the forums called me something I'm not. I could feel my blood boiling when someone that has never even seen my face had accused me for something. I could feel my blood pressure rising more than his previous comments. I thought to myself "I'll show him." But thats not why I am typing this post. No, the reason why is that I want to show something that is almost completely ignored by most politicians and the mass media. I am speaking of factory farming. The executions these innocent animals are subjected to here are so abominable that prisons wouldn't even use them on high profile serial killers or terrorists. They are boiled alive, electrocuted, and even mutilated. Egg laying hens have their beaks removed and chicks from hatcheries are killed slowly by machine blades. As someone who keeps pet chickens I know they're a lot more intelligent than people think. They have there own language which consists of individual clucks and chirps each with their own unique patterns. Pigs are kept in pens just two feet wide. They live in filthy disease ridden conditions. Veal calves are chained up in cage were they can barely move around and fed an all liquid diet. What can you do to help? You can stop buying animal products that do factory farming. Most major fast food chains such as McDonald's and KFC perform factory farming. You can not buy animal products from them and instead buy only free range foods(or become a vegetarian/vegan). You can also talk to your local congressmen about laws for preventing factory farming. Sorry if you felt that I was shoving and idelogy down your throat I just felt the need to do this. Hope I had you thinking about this.


P.S:No leaving negative comments about my life style choices and this is my blog I can do what I want with it.