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Playing Valkyria Chronicles 2

by on

Some days ago I started playing Valkyria Chronicles for PSP and must admitt that I realy realy enjoy it. Gameplay is nice and story is ok. In my opinion it's a combination of a turn based strategy with RPG although its genre is described as na role-playing game but that's not much important. After spending hours of frustration trying to beat Darcsen Liberation, which was pretty tough, today finally beat it and completed April missions. Now onwards to May missions!

Gamespotters have you played this game and what are your impressions on the game?

Level boost

by on

Yesterday I had a boost from level 42 (29%) to level 45 (72%). It was a surprise for me and I thought it was another bonk or glitch but fortunately for me it wasn't :D.

Today's my birthday!

by on

A correction

When I got registered here on Gamespot I added my dob thinking it is by dd/mm/yy but I was wrong and it is showing my birthday is on August 11th, which is wrong. So my real date of birth is today, November 8th :).

Angry Birds make people angry (not really)

by on

I got all Angry Bird games for PC some couple of months ago but at the begining I played only few levels and that's it. Why I don't know, maybe it's because I was not in the mood to play them. Few days ago my three year old son and daughter (they're twins) wanted to play Angry Birds and since then we are playing a lot and sometimes getting angry because some levels are difficult to complete. What's more important is that we are having tons of fun :lol:

Pirate Facts

by on

Pirates propably didn't 'ave ye talkin' parrots.

T'day pirate flags (a fad and the scull and crossbones) still continues t'be very good sellin' items.

A common term among Pirates is Marooning. This was used by Pirates of ye past. Marooning was done when a Pirate disobeyed "codes" or rules given by the Captain' of ye ship. The disobedient Pirate would be taken to a deserted island and left alone with nothing but a loaded pistol and jug of water. Back then the odds of survival were very slim, unless Lady Luck was gracious enough to 'ave a ship pass by and take ye Pirate aboard.

Level 40 and 9th Anniversary

by on

On the 24th of September 2012 will be nine years since I became part of Gamespot. It was 2003 when I joined and in the first years I almost didn't log in at all but later on I found out about leveling, emblems and lots of other fun stuff and started logging in regularly and leveling up. Today I reached level 40 :).

This is my first anniversary blog in nine years and from now on I'm thinking of writting anniversary blogs regularly.

OnLIve experience

by on

I was checking about one game here in Gamespot and saw add that I can play trial version of that game when I install the OnLive application. So I did and played some free trial Darksiders and Bastion.

I can say that graphics were not as good as when the games are installed in your PC, this might have been due to the not good internet connection I have or capabilities of my PC but I sure enjoyed playing. There are plenty of games that you can play free trials and later one purchase them and continue where you last save it. You can also see live while other gamers play, which is quite interesting, and there are also plenty of other options. I recommend you to check it here.

Been on Leave

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I was on leave for about a month and haven't been much on GS. Occasionally I did log on just to see what's up. I have been busy renovating my house and construction works went OK (not fast enough as I wanted but it was all right though), spent a lots of time with my family, wife and kids, hanging out with my friends and stuff like this. PSP was my friend during this time and I played some Puzzle Quest, Burnout Legends and Patapon. Other than this nothing much is going on...and um, I almost forgot tomorrow I'll get back to work :D .

Until next blog be good gamers...

PS: I haven't been blogging since last December, not that I'm good at blogging, actually I'm no good at words, but I just didn't have anything to say ;)!!!

Ornament Hunt

by on

Clue 1: Van Nguyen

Clue 2: Jody Robinson

Clue 3: Guy Cocker

Clue 4: Matthew Gravish

Clue 5: Chris Watters

Clue 6: Kevin Vanord

Clue 7: Aaron Sampson

Clue 8: Alex Sassoon

Clue 9: Wernher Goff

Clue 10: Jan Heir

Clue 11: Randolph Ramsey

Clue 12: Andrew Park

Clue 13: Mark Walton

Clue 14: Justin Calvert

Clue 15: Sophia Tong

Clue 16: Kurtis Seid

Clue 17: Giancarlo Varanini

Clue 18: Justin Porter

Clue 19: Ryan MacDonald

Clue 20: Tyler Winegarner

Clue 21: Maxwell Mcgee

Clue 22: James Kozanecki

Clue 23: Frank Adams

Clue 24: Sarju Shah

Clue 25: Shaun Mcinnis

Clue 26: Ricardo Torres

Clue 27: Tom Magrino

Clue 28: Dan Chiappini

Clue 29: Homer Rabara

Clue 30: Takeshi Hiraoka

Clue 31: Tor Thorsen

Clue 32: Jim Maybury

Clue 33: Carolyn Petit

Clue 34: Tom Mcshea

Clue 35: Dan Mihoerck

Clue 36: Jane Douglas

Clue 37: Brendan Sinclair

Clue 38: Laura Parker

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