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Disappointing Gamespot

Some of my reviews were deleted b/c apparently I was solely intending to annoy other users with them. What a bunch of ****.

Don't tell me what my intentions are *********, I've given perfectly rational reasons why I said certain games suck, perhaps reasons that were too good. Sorry if I made it seem like my opinions were fact, but if I hadn't backed them up so well maybe they wouldn't seem like it, would they?

I guess I shouldn't insult the "professional" reviewers of this site, I was totally wrong when saying they must have spent 10% of the money on GTA4's soundtrack, GTASA and Vice City's soundtracks had MUCH fewer hits, LOL. I guess I was wrong about GTA4 having half the features of San Andreas, where's the jetpack again? I guess you need cheats for dual wielding weapons, or getting half the guns you used to be able to get in San Andreas. I guess there really is interaction with the city, tell me where I can enter any of those skyscrapers for a shootout again? I guess the missions aren't repetitive and the game isn't the easiest I've ever played, they don't give you specific road directions on your missions, do they? I was wrong when I said all you had to do to kill someone in GTA4 is hold R2 to lock on and then press the fire button. That's not boring at all, and it is so very challenging, isn't it? I was lying when I said I don't remember dying a single time.

No I wasn't, GTA4 is a ******** and everyone who likes it is a simpleminded ***, have fun with your ******, simple, repetitive game and it's lacking content from the PS2 games.

Of course I'm just trying to annoy people though, none of that's true, delete this post. Better yet, give me a good reason there should be less content than in previous games, give me a reason they need to show you exactly what roads to take for every single mission, give me a good reason they should have spent half the time and money on the soundtrack, give me a reason they couldn't have a better combat/shooting system that doesn't simply involve the pressing of 2 buttons no matter what direction you're facing, give me a reason they took every gang and mafia member off the streets, why shouldn't there be rampages any more? Name one half decent thing that HAS been added. Online play? So I can run around until finding someone and try to hold r2 and press the fire button b4 they do? I'll play online games that take a bit more skill than that, thanks. And if I wanted an online racing game I have much better options also. This is a poor man's sandbox game (you can't even enter 10 buildings in the whole**** city and after you beat the game there's literally nothing to do unless you enjoy looking for seagulls), a poor man's racing game (if you don't agree you must have never played burnout), and a poor man's shooting game (unless you really enjoy the challenge of the****** lock on targeting system). Argue. You can't? The game sucks, and so does every other game I reviewed that you had to delete. **** you Gamespot. Keep accepting bribes to give****** games perfect scores from companies who fell off long ago, and delete all the bad customer reviews to make it look even better.