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Shameless Plug: Unlucky - A Film by Me!

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I feel like plugging a video I made just to do it.

Unlucky from Drew Lang on Vimeo.

"A down-on-his-luck traveling businessman just can't seem to make a sale.

Won the Audience Favorite award for University of Illinois' 48 Hour Film Contest.

Directed by Drew Lang
Starring Dylan Robinson as the businessman, Gareth Davis
Erik Busch as Annoyed Man at Door
Jeff Murphy as Rival Businessman
and Leanne Hahn as Businesswoman

Music by Drew Lang"

Feel free to critique, I don't mind; it helps me fix what needs to be fixed! I know the music is eh and the editing could be choppy at times. I'd have also done a bit of work with coloring, but I was on a timeframe with only 48 hours. :P

Haven't made a blog in a while.

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First off, here's a fine little piece of information I just glanced upon in the upper-right corner of Gamespot.


The Beatles could possibly be in Guitar Hero or Rock Band! Wippee.

Anyhoo, onto the blog-making.

So, long time, no see. Let's see all that's changed in these past months I've been gone...

I'm apparently going to be a sophomore, so whoo-hoo to that. Ahh, what else. I guess I've basically stopped playing games. I mean, I'll play them again, it's just that they're very boring to me... So until Fable or Guitar Hero IV or Gears 2 comes out, I'll probably still be game-less.

Andd, uh, hmm. Have a girlfriend... and... life is going just fine, I guess. That's pretty much all.

I probably won't make another blog for a long time again. Oh, well.


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Well, I apparently have an emblem for getting some kick-ass Scavenator times. So, glitched emblem, anyone?

The Nintendo Wii

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The Nintendo Wii seems like such a wasted piece of potential right now. The game library is composed mainly of third-party games that seem to use motion sensability in a different aspect each just to say, "Here is how the Wii is different!" Now, of course, this isn't to say it's not fun for a little bit. But the Wii has promised so much more than cheap minigames put together into a bundle. It promised of a much deeper and satisfying way of playing games. With the look at Red Steel and the views of Super Mario Galaxy, everyone thought the Wii was going to be something so different and great. We were wrong.

The Wii is very successful right now, actually. That doesn't mean it's a success in every aspect, though. It's only a success because people keep buying all the horrible ports and half-assed third-party party games that provide enough entertainment until you can rent or buy the next horrible game that's released. Nintendo's made a system with so much potential, but all the games that they've got coming out right now seem to make people wish they'd just go the way Microsoft and Sony did.

Give us some good games that use the Wii's motion sensing ability to it's full (and best) extent. If you can't, just give us the old gaming that we all love. Seriously. It seems as though people wouldn't mind having to go out and buy some new controller that will allow them to play games without motion sensing on the Wii.

That's not to say that Wii has nothing but BAD games. Look at Super Mario Galaxy and Twilight Princess and Metroid Prime: 3. Even when you look at those, though, do you need motion sensing? No. It seems like some cheap add-on to get a few "ooh"s and "ahh"s out of. That's not ALL that's bad with it, though. You go on to see the graphical losses (graphics are THAT important, though) and the lackluster online play.

In the end, the Wii is a console that has a lot going for it. But when the only truely good games coming out for it are first-party and made by Nintendo, it makes you fear what's in store for the next few years. It makes you hope that the Wii doesn't become a host of quickly thrown-together games made with the sole purpose of making more money. The Wii's gamble with motion sensing is working out for it, but it's ruining what most every other gamer wants: good games that utilize the console's characteristics.

New laptop!

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I haven't made a blog in a while. Might as well make one.

So, Christmas has come and gone; presents have been opened. With them, I get a totally new computer and Windows Vista. Also, I got some games, DVDs, books, pictures, and new headphones!

Among the DVDs are The Office Season 2, Lost Season 3 (Season 4, January 31!), Superbad, Knocked Up, and Accepted. I received only two games: The Orange Box, and Call of Duty 4. The book was just all the Beatles lyrics and artwork to go with it.

Now, onto the best present. I got an HP Pavilion dv6633us Entertainment Notebook PC with Windows Vista Home Premium, and 2 GB of RAM. Yeah, it came with stickers on it... so don't think I memorized that. :P Finally, I don't have to worry about a slow, crappy computer.

So I guess I had a good Christmas. Here's to wishing everyone a Happy New Year! Also, I made myself a signature with a pre-loaded wallpaper. Check it out (it's wheat, by the way)!

Halo 3... Awesome.

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I'm not sure what else to say. It just is. I'll be reviewing it, definitely. I got it from a Pontiac contest where you had to be the first 250 people to answer two questions. There were four rounds. That'll explain that. You wouldn't know how fast it somehow spreads that someone got Halo 3 early. Many messages.

Blowing Things Out of Proportion... Resident Evil 5.

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So, here it comes: the whole "Resident Evil is now racist, all of a sudden!" thing. Much of this controversy has been floating around for a while. Resident Evil 5. Racist or not?

To put it shortly: NO!

But here's my long version for those of you who wish to read it.

Resident Evil 5 can only be called racist on the slightest terms. Yes, you are fighting black zombies. Yes, the protagonist is a white man in military clothing. Yes, you're wiping the "scurge" of black zombies off of the face of the Earth. No, this game is not racist.

Since when has skin color mattered when it comes to zombies? There's been five games. Every single one (excluding 4) features white people. You're running around Raccoon City slaughtering white people. Couldn't I just make a bigger deal out of that? I mean, they're killing people of my own race. Since when is killing black people any different?

There wasn't an uproar in the Hispanic community when Resident Evil 4 came out only to have you capping some villagers from Spain. Why does it seem like the only people that make a huge deal out of racism are the blacks? If you think about it, they should just let everything go. They have equality. They have all the same rights as everyone else. What are they still fighting for?

What also gets me mad is a story about high schoolers making a White Pride club only to be sent to court for being racist. Why is it that we don't seem to be equal anymore? That it seems to be the blacks taking things over by having the excuse that one thing or another is racist. Blacks have power over whites when it comes to that stuff.

So when you automatically see a fictional video game portraying the killing of black people, it must be considered racism to the black community. They keep racism alive. Without it, they're just another plain old person in the world. Without it, they don't get anything other than saying they're black. They can't keep their "individuality."

Think about it: zombies, regardless of skin color, are zombies. Setting the game in Africa was to dig to the roots of zombie tales. Voodoo and other such dark arts originated in Africa. It'd be a foolish idea to totally skip Africa because of potential racism.

Now, is the game trying to be racist? We'll probably never hear a confession from Capcom. Do I absolutely believe they're trying to be the slightest bit racist? No. I just think this is another ignorant person looking only to feed off of controversy.

*Sigh* Depression's a **B-word**...

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I'm pretty depressed. Life just seems bleak. Nothing to do. Nowhere to go. No way out.

I just want school to start again... at least then I'll be with friends and I'll have stuff to do. I try to do stuff with friends, but there's absolutely nothing to do. I mean, I'm trying to get away from games, so I don't really want to have them over just to PLAY them. I guess I'll go see Rush Hour 3 with someone.

Games can't keep me busy and can't keep me happy for long. But there's nothing to do outside of the house other than go... I don't know, to the mall or something. I guess it's just the idea of being with people I know and like that keeps me happy.

Be back... later.

So, two new animes.

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Yep. Well, actually, I've liked one of them for quite a while. I'm sure some of you like at least one of these two.

First, I'll start with the old.

The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi

Good show. A nice plotline, but confusing when it comes to the actual order of appearence. It's an odd plotline, so I'm not going to really say anything because I don't feel like it...

The other anime is (which is the new one)...

Lucky Star


Yeah, this is (apparently) by the same people that made Haruhi. However, this is quite the opposite type of anime. In fact, it's centered around a girl that likes games and anime (middle-left)! There's no plotline to this; no deeper meaning; no purpose. It's just an anime that centers around the everyday life of these second-year high schoolers (yes, they're in High School... shocking, I know.). I will admit that this anime has made me laugh at times; especially the little short called Lucky Channel that is pretty much a, well, I don't know... sort of a news show, but they don't go over news or anything... they just talk about things. Anywho, it features a girl that is a type of Jekell/Hyde person and her assisstant.

So, really, that's all I have to say. Check out those shows if you want to.