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Wondering ??

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Feel like loss that spark between me and my PS !!! Maybe as we grow bigger interest in games and fantasy thing get fade... However, sometimes missing all crazy stuff and games but is it worth to go on with PS4 and hoping things going to be alright in unknown future !!! As everyone notice big games get worse and break down right in front our eyes .... rating and manipulating lovely things we used to play make us sick from how things turn over.... And in the end find your self with no ideas what next game going to be or even if you do trust the rating or editors opinion to pick it up.....

Ps4 is coming soon !!!

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as we all notice rating this year unfair many games beside look at highly rating games (sound shape) for god sake man go play atari not ps3 ..... Whats wrong with 2D games got higg rating while peaple who kill them selfs to create something and in the end 5 poor rating at least respect them and stop going beside 2D games which need basic knowledge to create one ..... Anyway this not what am going to say but its another issue .... However, if any one notice the big names, big companies didnt release anything big this year and the big games coming next year ? Make me feel itchy if its truth they gonna release ps4 and yet we dont get the best of ps3 .... Its really not fair to deal with us like this sony are really make ppl hate it..... Once designer get familier to the rules vwalla new item and new whole thing and destroy the whole thing for them and for us ..... If any one agree that each ps should stay at least 7 to 10 years let your voice count....

what's going on

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Since i bough PS3 I feel like no good games come in ..... feel like sometimes wanna go back to these nice games in PS2....

Feelin like these companies dont wanna pay for game s and wanna make them like take away games. just put this on this and make this ( no problem about the stroy or graphics) just lets suck their pockets who care !!!! damn it we care ... after long day of study or work or when wanna have fun we need something worth our time that we spend infront of the damn PS3 ..... make it worth..... last year few good games this year few good games as well !!!! hope the end on this year come so fast to see what 2012 hide for us ......